Red Cross Clams Up About Missing $300 Million Post Hurricane Sandy [video]

I’ve cautioned people about hopping on the Red Cross bandwagon when sending assistance to victims of these so-called “natural” disasters—or ANY appeal of any kind, be it the Salvation Army, Breast Cancer Foundation, all of it. Many of them are fronts for theft, plain and simple.

The Red Cross executives get most of what is donated and if we really want our resources to go to victims, we have to find charities and organized groups such as churches, who actually provide aid directly rather than lining the pockets of the charity administration, et al.

Oh, the Red Cross, FEMA… all the cabal’s organizations put on a great show so the lamestream media has those wonderful, heart-warming pictures to show us on TV to illustrate just how much help is on site, but they don’t actually DO much of anything.

The purpose of these tragedies is to wreak as much destruction and misery on The People and their environs as possible.

Just as happened in Haiti during the colossal earthquake of 2010, and at the time of the 911 domestic terror attack and other calamities, Hurricane Sandy was, among other things, a prime opportunity to stuff the cabal coffers with taxpayers’ generous donations—and they don’t feel they owe us any explanations.

From BrasscheckTV… everything you never wanted to know about the American Red Cross…  ~ BP

The Red Cross Screws Donors and Victims Again

Red Cross clams up about missing $300 million

I call it ‘missing’ because I was there after Hurricane Sandy.

I didn’t see anything but Red Cross photo ops—and neither did any one of the dozens of people I talked to all over the disaster zone.

Now is asking them how they spent the $300 million they raised to ‘help’ after Hurricane Sandy and the Red Cross “prefers not to say.”

Published June 27, 2014





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6 thoughts on “Red Cross Clams Up About Missing $300 Million Post Hurricane Sandy [video]

  1. I can tell you. I was there with the Red Cross as a disaster volunteer. We worked our butts big time. The R.C. had to pay expensive hotel fees and expensive food cost because it was NYC. We worked and worked hard and the Red Cross had to lay out a lot for it all. It was not photo ops for sure. It was the hardest disaster relief assignment I had ever gone on.

  2. What they probably did was give the good blood to cabal members for their hateful rituals, and use the infected blood on the injured. Who else would clamp up about how they spent the donations? Not one single charity has ever given disclosure information. But I think it’s time all citizens of every nation start demanding it.

  3. pippakin says:

    Reblogged this on Thinking Out Loud and commented:
    This is a subject I have touched upon from a different aspect. I wrote a post about our reaction to disaster and extreme poverty and the charities we donate to in the hope of being of help. We all want to help but I think we need to think very carefully about who we trust to ensure the help we pay for is provided. I’m not sure that much help is given and I’m not sure that the big charities use the enormous donations they are receive in the best way to help anyone but themselves. I’m adding a link to my previous post because I want to make clear that I don’t think American charities are the only ones with questions to answer. Its a world wide problem.
    Its a growing problem and one that must be addressed.

  4. Feat Denez says:

    Here in France, we had the president of the ARC ‘Association against Cancer’ mr crosmarie which to divert funds that people offered! there are many others. all rotten. thank’s. denez666

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