New Versions for the Hearing Challenged! —‘The Lie NASA Told’ & ‘The Destruction of the Papal Key’ [videos]


thanks to Kauilapele for these images


Since the Internet is in a kerfuffle over these videos from theYellowRoseforTexas but her audio on the versions I posted a few months ago was too low for many to hear, you’ll be thrilled to learn that a kind soul going by the name of TheMarkoftheDog has released tweaked versions of these two gobsmacking videos so we can all hear what YellowRose is saying.

Thank you so much Markof the Dog. We appreciate you.  And thank you, too, YellowRose for bringing this material to us.

We look forward to hearing your comments on this mind-blowing information.  ~ BP

The Destruction of the Papal Key – Improved Audio Version

Published on 10 May 2014

originally posted by YellowRoseforTexas. i improved the audio for those that need it. Images from Soho showing the Destruction of the Escape Route of the Enemy of Mankind.

Go to the original video post to leave comments for YellowRoseforTexas about the info in the video.

Also see ‘The Lie NASA Told: The Imminent Demise of the New World Order’ improved audio version


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13 thoughts on “New Versions for the Hearing Challenged! —‘The Lie NASA Told’ & ‘The Destruction of the Papal Key’ [videos]

  1. Diane says:

    “Starship” earth is right. We are not on a planet. We are on a ship having out of body experiences but were interrupted by those whose desire it is to capture as many souls as possible. This happened about 100 years ago. Now some will be moved to finish their game of life by moving their soul energy signature and others will just go back to their true selves. Those who have chosen evil will have another outcome and I don’t wven want to know what it is.

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    This is one worth sharing. I suggest the older posting as well that this one is in response to. It makes one think.
    Be Blessed

  3. christianb says:

    Don’t get fooled by the ads on the first site.

  4. nadia says:

    Would be really wonderful thank

  5. nadia says:

    would any good soul make a transcript or a summary?I have problems with the connection and I am
    not mother tongue,so with Johann we are two who can’t see videos or listen to audio.

    • If someone would strip the audio from the video to save me some time, I might be able to run the audio through my transcription program, then edit and post it.

      If so, just post the link to the audio here, or let me know and I’ll give you an email to send the mp3 to.

  6. Spock says:

    Spread this far and wide – i found more videos from “Yellow Rose” that bring a lot of insight to our actual process here on earth !

    Much more can be understood when viewing this three presenations from her :

    Please watch them in this above order (each clip is about 15 min. long)

    Have a nice weekend 🙂

  7. Spock says:

    Just another “yellow rose” info from the archives i want to share …

    “The sad thing is, is that the snake families put up SO MUCH disinformation, and it goes, as far as I can tell, back to the 1st century bc.
    I know there are alot that still disbelieve that another race, let alone a group of races, could have done this to us, but it is the truth.
    And this is why there is such a discrepency in the ‘old legends’ of people flying or levitating, or ‘magic’ and the tales that man was never powerful, or that man is bad. Man is not bad, what you see in the Human species right now was the brain being tampered with.

    This system translates all the way down, via the spiral, to every level. And the thing that most miss is the simplicity. We are taught here, by the snake family influence, that creating energy and generators is hard. And so they teach you circuit designs that are difficult. To confuse.

    Art Bell did an interview, I found it on his ‘archived’ section…with David Wilcox. And I was surprised when he mentioned that they knew that U238 (bomb material) could be cooked up in the kitchen. I thought only the alchemist knew that. And then he mentioned that the scientist had done it with sound. Ever heard of the news that said they found they could set seawater on fire with sound? These things are true, and they said on the interview that the reason this was not disclosed to the public was for safety reasons …terrorists and so forth.
    There was also another couple of scientists that discovered a platonic created Light and generated power.
    These scientists were killed. One, I can’t remember his name…was only 33 years old. They tracked him down at his mothers house, caught him in the backyard and BLUDGEONED him to death. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen anyone done that way, but this is a very violent and savage way to die. Shooting them would have been ‘kind’ you see, and they wanted it clear that if anyone talked about these things, they would be killed.
    those days are close to being over. I mean to push them over the edge by telling you everything I can remember from twenty years ago. I hope that some of you will try these things on your own.

    NEVER go by the ‘education systems’ text books. They have all been tampered with.
    Go to Keely’s works and you will find the same DIAL in a different form and you will find the Atom is a different structure than given to you today. In researching pictures to demostrate with, I found not one of them correct, even today. You will have to ‘rediscover’ them on your own.

    Read more:

    Have a nice day –

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha ha. Good one. That’s so funny…Love your work! Namaste

  9. Apparently, that video gave you a taste of what videos are like for me and other people with hearing problems.

    Cleaning up the sound, and probably amplifying it is a big help to most of your subscribers, but doesn’t change anything for people like me.

    Just be aware that if you post a video, you haven’t communicated with all your subscribers. In fact, when I see “(video)” in a title, I just trash the email without even bothering to open it, to save frustration.

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