Cracks in the Matrix… or… the Hologram is Crumbling [video]

Okay, as always, we get a broad spectrum of comments when we discuss “The Lie NASA Told; The Ultimate Demise of the New World Order” and any dialogue or videos on the topic of what is real and true.

It IS frustrating for those of us who are either very open-minded and/or have been around long enough to have that inner knowing we trust to tell us what is real and what is fabricated—-when we encounter skeptical people.

There is nothing wrong with being skeptical, but I think on topics such as these, wherein people are suggesting we are living a lie so large that it’s shocking and almost impossible to believe their claims, it takes a great deal of research to enable us to come to an understanding that when “they” say we are living in a holographic world, they mean it—quite literally.

This is really tough to wrap our heads around. It’s a complete departure from everything we’ve ever been told, and what we believe we’ve been seeing and experiencing all our lives. It can make us feel very small, and very foolish to admit that we’ve been deceived to this extent.

However, we are each on our own path of discovery, enlightenment, spirituality, truth-seeking, and are in the process of setting new parameters for our reality.

It serves no purpose to ridicule others when we don’t agree with their views. I, myself, have been constantly shifting what I conceive as my reality for almost ten years, and I am not even close to understanding the truth of our 3D life here because I keep learning new things that cause me to think, “Holy crap! So that explains… “.

To see the planets on masts and Earth being flat, etc. doesn’t scare me. It’s so enthralling I just can’t get enough. I want to know more! Maybe it’s true. I’d love to know.

A reader named Jensen shared some information in support of YellowRoseforTexas and her mind-bending revelations in her video, “The Lie NASA Told” and also corroborating Alexandra Meadors and her husband Steve for the additional information they shared along those lines—and more.

I hope Jensen won’t mind if I include their comment below, because I think it will encourage us all to remain open-minded, expansive, ravenously curious and willing to revise our beliefs.

To cling to the old paradigms and what we THINK we see or experience is to stick our head in the sand. Too many people are suffocating down there when the wondrous facts and images we have at our disposal are gusts of fresh air.

It’s time to oxygenate the brain and breathe deeply to inhale these exciting possibilities. We just MAY want to CHANGE our beliefs.

An example:

In “The Lie NASA Told”, YellowRose suggests we are not permitted to see what space truly looks like. We’ve been told that what we see when we look up into the night sky is like a curtain, or veil, or backdrop you might see in a theatrical production to help patrons believe they are on location, when in fact, they stand on a drab old stage.

IF you take Jensen’s advice and watch one of the videos showing “Jupiter freaking out”, it makes it much easier to suppose that perhaps indeed we are seeing an illusion in our skies; a holographic representation meant to keep us believing what they’ve always told us and to prevent us from waking up and asking questions. And just what are they trying to hide?

I think we all know that a physical planet cannot behave in this manner—unless the image or representation of Jupiter was the victim of a technical glitch—a crack in the matrix—and that the holographic Universe we inhabit is crumbling.

We’re not saying every bit of what YellowRose relates is true, just that there’s a whole lot we haven’t been told, and even more that’s been covered up and lied about.

The truth will come out soon, but if we keep pushing it away when we’re given solid clues as to who we are and what has happened to our race over the millennia, it’s going to hurt a lot more when we finally learn the real story.

As far as Earth being flat, that’s a good one. How many times do we learn that the early civilizations knew who they were, whence they came, communed with the star gods, had electricity, were telepathic, etc. etc.?

Is it such a stretch, then, to learn that the story about Christopher Columbus (and we already know what a load of hooey it was about CC discovering America) setting out to prove that the Earth was NOT flat was one more ploy by the powers that were to change history, physics, science, cosmology, shape our false reality and conceal our origins? We’re so gullible!

Here’s a good video sharing some clear images of “Jupiter Freaking Out”. (Great description) It’s certainly food for thought.

We don’t HAVE to decide today what it real and true. We can keep searching and sleep on it. In the mean time, let’s not shoot all the messengers. We may need them.   ~ BP


Jensen’s comment:

“Spock–great observations; Re: fisheye lenses, That RedBull high altitude skydive video shows a great fisheye lens when he steps outside the capsule–looks like he’s about to jump onto a big shooter marble, but the brief camera shot from inside, looking out the door–flat as a pancake.

The rest of you, when referring to YellowRose, are babbling opinions (yesterday’s toilet paper) after doing almost no real investigation into her information. Get offended, or do the work and read on.

Your beliefs, and mine, are WORTHLESS! You either beLIEve something or you KNOW it. Figure out what IS or you will KNOW nothing. It takes work and time, and truth is far, far, far stranger than fiction.

Lenore–”Who ever Yellow Rose for Texas is, she covered her tracks well, “for some reason…. I also checked…”

You checked what? Go here:, type “divine couple part 2″ in the search bar and start reading the 200 plus pages of posts by her and her responses to others from 2010-11 (OldSoul is her forum name there). Covered her tracks, my *ss. She’s not hiding, at her own peril, I might add, and she’ll talk to you directly–right now–if you post a question on one of the recent videos. She’s very humble about her information and admits she doesn’t know everything, unlike COBRA (great snake name, eh? they just hide right in your face) who is the unerring authority of all valid information in the universe. Experience tells me that anyone who “knows’ everything is always full of s**t.

Think of all the BS that you’ve had to dispell–that you were taught all your life–to understand that the world is not what you think it is. Do you think that just maybe, the cabal, in operation for untold thousands of years, just might have fed you a line of BS about much of the New Age, GFL, channeled spiritual dogma you’ve latched onto as well? NASA was clearly founded by what we call NAZI’s; so was the CIA. GO here:
and read about where the whole NAZI thing came from, ended up, and the Bush involvement. Astounding research that ties all the way to the exploitation of Tesla himself, by the Bush family.

NASA was never anything but lies! Search youtube for the moon hologram videos, and jupiter “freaking out”, and the sun is in the wrong place, and on and on!

Ever been to space? Then how do you know what the earth or anything else really looks like? Oh, those fantastic NASA cartoons and the little tidbits of crappy NASA footage, much of which is already proven fraudulent. Oh yeah, and your government supplied public education and every other parrot around you. Stop and THINK! You think the earth is round because cabal agents and agencies have told you it is!

GO here:
and read about the thousand of experiments over decades that demonstrate the earth is flat. Do a couple yourself and you won’t “see” the curvature anymore. BeLIEf can make you see, or not see, anything. Remember how the natives couldn’t see the ships when Columbus landed?

The Alexandra and Steven audio was fantastic. I hesitated to listen because I thought it would be a pro-Cobra, YellowRose bashing session, but they brought out even more information.

Enough ranting from me. YellowRose’s information is epic. Do the work and the puzzle pieces will fit together much better.”

About Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I'm a Canadian freelance writer living near Phoenix, Arizona specializing in the 2012 phenomenon, spirituality, and wellness & nutrition. Over the past 8 years I've learned what our spiritual upgrade is REALLY all about and have access to insider information not shared in the mainstream media. I aim to dispel the myths and disinformation around The Shift and Ascension and help bring the world Truth. It is time. Welcome... and I hope this blog makes a difference in your spiritual liberation. ~ Molly A. Chapman

63 thoughts on “Cracks in the Matrix… or… the Hologram is Crumbling [video]

  1. Question to Leahanna:

    What is the viability of using already-prepared resin-on-a-stick instead of purchasing whole resin and going to the trouble of lighting it on burning charcoal? Essentially, I’m wondering if the former will produce the same effect as the latter but without all the muss and fuss. I intend on doing some energetic clearing of individual rooms in my home, for example, and my outdoor space is not much larger than most of my indoor rooms. What’s your opinion on doing it one way or the other? In terms of end-results, and assuming the incense sticks are good-quality, would I be getting the same results?


    Hi Demitra,

    The difference is small, but important. The sticks, cones and coils are combustible, whereas the natural pellets are not…merely smoke, melt and release the necessary acid. So the listed have another ingredient to hold them onto the stick. Yes, they smoke after…and do work; however, I’ve had to use 3 times as many without the same affect.

    The secret is the completely acidic properties in the natural pellets from the trees, and that does break down a bit with mixed with other ingredients. Also, since the resin becomes sticky and shrinks during the process of heating, also gives it that same affect on the particles within the air currents. As you’re aware, I’m sure, that there are billions of light weight, dust particles that fly though the wind currants. As they blow around, it covers a larger area, which is what keeps it there for so long, until they then fall as rain. But when using it, they will have to push other clouds into the area to deplete what’s up there. I’ve watched the clouds they blow in as well, and many dissipate as they move in because it’s up there so long.

    However, that same affect is not so with the incense sticks because the ‘natural stickiness’ is all but gone, and the only thing left is the fragrance. Many of the sticks are made with the oils, and the oils are diluted just to leave enough of the fragrance to pass; unless you get the expensive ones, like the real deal; and even with that it does go rancid after a time.

    SO, I hope that rather ‘long winded’ explanation helps you make a decision.

    Many blessings, hugs, and light to you.

  2. Dan W says:

    Please, accept my apologies people, I didn’t post those links about Cobra to stir up any trouble, in fact I emailed those to BP for her benefit, I had NO idea that they would be posted on the blog, that wasn’t my intent. I just wanted “her” to see that like all the other gurus out there, that maybe we are being led down the wrong path. Personally, I’m just so confused with what to believe anymore, It’s just all getting so overwhelming. Peace everyone!

    • Dan W… in truth, I have not yet had time to visit those links you sent, and possibly didn’t want to.

      It was not your comment that was so bad, Dan. There were others I deleted because they were outright malicious; often sarcastic and arrogant. Not the kind of people I want hanging around my blog.

      I don’t want to get embroiled in the negative energies out there that are trying to destroy people who make a difference on the Light Forces Front. Everyone who is on our side is attacked in one way or another—either them or their families friends, reputations.

      I prefer to spend my time doing positive research. If Cobra turns out to be a negative force, which I highly doubt because he hasn’t done anything negative at all, then so be it. Many we believe are positive, are not, and vice-versa. I don’t feel I need to do a background check and finger print and retina scans on everyone I choose to take information from. I’m not afraid of being wrong. It doesn’t matter to me. For now, I’m going with whoever feels good to me and shares info that feels right to me. Anyone who wants to engage in Cobra-bashing can start their own blog if they feel it’s so important to expose his supposed evil ways.

      If you DO find information casting doubt on Cobra’s integrity—how to you know the source is reliable? How do we know ANYONE is on the side of the Light or not? As I’ve said, I’m quite certain we well all be surprised in the end as to who is on whose team. My mind is open and I’m just watching all this stuff go by, trusting those I feel are trustworthy, until I don’t.

      In future, my friends, if you don’t want a comment posted, if it’s only for my eyes, please state that in your first few words of the comment so I don’t have to try to figure out if it’s meant to be shared or not. I try to post your comments as quickly as possible, and don’t have time to visit all the links before I do so. Most of you share fabulous stuff and I want it to get out to the others ASAP. Thanks so much.

    • Demitra M. N. says:
      June 27, 2014 at 10:38 AM

      Leahanna says: “I’ve also made ‘chem busters’ and got inundated by the military, black helicopters that ‘murdered it’ with their microwave drums.”

      **Do you mean to say that I shouldn’t bother because the tower busters effects can be tracked and then nixed? Wow, can they really do that?

      My answer to that was totally wiped off from my phone. I hate using cells just for that reason. Probably confiscated by the PTB. ANYWAY, to answer your question Demitra, is this.

      I live in an apartment on the 3rd floor. It was during the time that you tube was inundated with videos about chembusters. Yes, they can do that with microwaves. This is why I will never use a microwave oven. When they use it, the microwaves totally ‘scramble the particles within’ just as the oven does. And, in doing that the object, (or food) neither has the capability to put those molecules back to their original form. Just as with the food, it renders it without any nutrients. Someone had previously stated on the tube that they could be recharged, and I tried that with sea salt and vibrational music, but it just didn’t work anymore.

      My only other alternative was to research the vulnerabilities of what they use against us. I knew exactly what was in it, so I went online to find the science. You can have BP forward me an email with yours for the solutions. Hopefully these two links will give you a hint..and it’s a huge hint. Just do it outside…and use a BBQ if you have to. Blessings to you all. And ‘yes’ this does work. I just keep running out and it gets a bit expensive for me; but another hint is that it is ‘resin’.

  3. Demitra M. N. says:

    Leahanna says: “I’ve also made ‘chem busters’ and got inundated by the military, black helicopters that ‘murdered it’ with their microwave drums.”

    **Do you mean to say that I shouldn’t bother because the tower busters effects can be tracked and then nixed? Wow, can they really do that?

    • When I made my chem-buster, there were hundreds of videos on YouTube with instructions. Since that time they caught on to what everyone was doing to prevent them and the anti chem-buster went on the hunt. My only suggestion is that if you live close to a place where their planes take off from and you decide to put it somewhere be certain that you locate it like under a tree. Mine was exposed on my balcony. I live in an apartment and we cannot put it on the property. I I’ve within a vicious triangle of an ang. Base and 2 other main airports they use. The only other method that really works is burning Frakincense. Every time I have the extra funds I get it. When that substance is used they have no way to stop the effects of it because it’s natural. As I watched the affected spray it literally melted the components of the cloud and it folded into itself and disappeared before my eyes and their radar. They couldn’t spray here for 2 months in about a 2 mile radius because whatever substances are in the incense it sticks in the air that long. I knew they sprayed that stream in front of here on purpose and could not figure out why it wouldn’t stick. So for 3 months they did send in a plane or 2 but nothing would stick. It wasn’t till I ran out of $ and had to stop buying it were they able to spray. Vinegar is another one. If you surround your props with big open bowls of it and leave it outside the acidic acid fumes rise and disrupt the particles and melt the aluminum. Then the other particles disburse and dissolve. Just did a bit of my own research as well to find weaknesses.

      • Pamela says:

        Can you provide a little more information on burning the Frankincense? I’m trying to visualize how burning incense can present a challenge to spraying…how much to burn, in what manner, inside or outside. Very intriguing idea. The vinegar is a cheap alternative, however, we have 6 acres with field and forest. Any suggestions as to placement of bowls within large open areas? I will continue to search for more info. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for sharing! Also, lots of roundup ready BT crops in our area…corn, soybeans and cotton! I think I need a magic wand!
        BE in Peace,

      • No problem. Boy, acreage…good question regarding the bowls; however, to cover that much, depending on which way the wind blows, I’d go with the incense.

        First, both of the above have/are resin. (Defined by Wiki is: Resin in the most specific use of the term is a hydrocarbon secretion of many plants, particularly coniferous trees. Resins are valued for their chemical properties and associated uses, such as the production of varnishes, adhesives and food glazing agents. They are also prized as an important source of raw materials for organic synthesis, and as constituents of incense and perfume. Plant resins have a very long history that was documented in ancient Greece by Theophrastus, in ancient Rome by Pliny the Elder, and especially in the resins known as frankincense and myrrh, prized in ancient Egypt.[1] These were highly prized substances, and required as incense in some religious rites. Amber is a hard fossilized resin from ancient trees.)

        The resin properties affect the open space the same way that other fragrant resins do, including the excreted resin from the pine trees. Amber resin is too hard to be burned. But not the Frankincense or Myrrh. These two agents contain, also, acidic properties, which affect the area when burned, and it will stay at the elevated level and get drawn higher into the stratosphere, and troposphere but not into the atmosphere. The acid properties contained in both of these are ‘natural’ to the earth, but have the capabilities of disrupting chemicals action and reaction. Sadly for ‘the cabal’ – their scientists cannot change the formula of the chemical components otherwise they will not stick together. The major two being Barium, (the same radioactive substance used in x-rays) and Aluminum that is used for reflection; and the Beryllium they use, which creates the many different colors like a rainbow have no defense against it except to ‘melt’ and/or disperse away from the chemicals around it.

        I’ve sat here and laughed at how they kept flying by at very low altitudes make one HUGE chem, very thick with just ‘one plane’. I knew they were testing the area to find out ‘why’ their toy clouds disappeared from radar. 🙂 I was using my ‘defensive toys’ to ward them off.

        I was using the charcoal from the small coals that are self-igniting; like those used in churches. They’re available on Amazon, too. However, I had to stay in my bedroom with the door closed as not to disturb the ole’ fart I’m staying with. I would lite it, then put the fan by the window to blow it outside; and as I say, from indoors it’s very difficult to do. But, you can use either an ‘old charcoal BBQ’, or you can get the cheapo’s at Walmart for $10; OR even a ‘cut down coffee can’ would do.
        For the fastest and longest burning coal for that I would highly recommend the Match Lite, that already has the fluid soaked in. Let the coals get white hot, then fan off the excess ashes. (A small pile of 4 or 5 will be enough.) Then with a long spoon, just gather one of the two incenses in it, and tap it onto the white hot coals. Then ‘STAND BACK.’ You’ll be able to smell it from a distance, but up too close it will burn your throat and eyes. Remember, these resins are acidic. So, you can imagine the job they do on the chems, if they burn the eyes and throat that much when standing too close. It will ‘not’ however, ruin the air quality in any way because when those trees burn, they let off that same acid.

        I would also suggest doing this later in the evening, when folks are inside and have nothing to complain about. They may not like it. That’s why I always did that in the 5 pm (fall) to midnight time (spring and summer). Hope this helps you. 🙂 Blessings..and it will most definitely work; but make your best attempts when the ‘skies are mostly clear’ and they’re not spraying. That way when they try, it will dissipate as they fly away from it. 😀

      • Pamela says:

        Thank you so much for a detailed, quick response!

      • You’re so welcome. 🙂

      • Demitra M. N. says:

        Wow, Leahanna! thanks so much for all the info you’ve provided here. On the chem-busters, to be sure, but especially your response to Pamela regarding the use of Frankincense and the ‘wherefore and the why’ of it. Extremely informative and most useful to me. Much appreciation!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. I certainly believe that the planets maybe hollow. I recall when NASA sent up the bomb to the moon, supposedly looking for water. They stated that the ‘ping’ noise lasted for 45 minutes. To me that sounds like a hollow interior. Some really interesting insights here.

  5. Demitra M. N. says:

    Spock says: “Might it be possible, that our other planets in this “sun-system” are nothing else than battleships from the dark forces, to guard our “prison-planet”, so that it couldn’t get liberated?”

    **Hi Spock.. This could very well be. It certainly makes a lot of sense to me especially since the flat/concave earth theory expressly describes the orbiting celestial bodies are not nearly as large nor as far away from us as NASA has told us they are. Perhaps too these orbiting bodies serve more than one function? As military they keep this fortress locked up so that no Being or Ship ‘ineligible’ enters or escapes, and astrologically as a time-clock keeping the rhythm of the holographic reality in place. It’s interesting to consider the many variations of “what if?”


    Harrylarry says: “All Celestial bodies created by the negative power or its agents are in reality cubes (to better entrap true light beings (souls). Due to the spin they appear to have a roundish, elongated body, hollow inside. Of course, cubes have flat surfaces, but not in the sense what the majority of citizens understand under “flat earth”.”

    **Hi Harry.. This is a very interesting concept you put forth. What site would you suggest I go to, or what book could I read, to learn more about these Reality Cubes you are describing? Thanks!


    Bridget says: “How does this information relate to inner earth and the claim all planets/moons/stars are hollow? are these all hollow discs? I want to know so much answeres hope one day I’ll get them.”

    **Hi Bridget.. If I could venture a guess, I’d say that perhaps all the celestial bodies we see are hollow in the same way that a spaceship is hollow and people travel/live in them, and that if Earth is in fact a flat/concave petri-dish of sorts (with dome and all) then Agartha is merely subterranean (as in, underground within the crust of Earth). Or maybe Agartha is one of the other dimensional levels on the World Tree that many cultures around the world teach in their myths. Again, interesting to consider the possibilities if things are not at all what we’ve been told they are.

    • David says:

      All good revolutions begin with just one person asking the opening questions. Others follow with the same and/or similar questions. This is encouraged by the powers that be. It makes the job of rounding them up and sequestering them very easy. This is where great care must be taken. In truth, our prison cell door has always been unlocked and all we had to do is push it open. It was just the common concept that we share that made it appear as a shut door and therefore it must be locked. The prison door being “open” is just dropping this commonly held concept and shifting into exploration mode. That is how revolutions start – exploration of common concepts. That includes our common languages which we use to “think” and form our common concepts. The languages have been given to us by the powers that be. Can we think anything without them? Perhaps the natives in the rain jungle can teach us a pure language where they do not have a word for “time”. So the first step is the do an inventory of just what common concepts keep us together like a herd in this prison. Can we do this without paranoia? Remember, they want us to attempt a revolt so that they can improve the prison and the quality of the controlled herd. Please that all the goats to the butcher.

  6. LMSK says:

    Thanks for your reply to my above comment. Im new to this blog and have spent hours devoted to listening to, and reading Cobra materials. Other people I respect seem to like Cobra. I like having hope and finding out about this sham of so called “reality” that we are prisoners of…for now.

  7. When the little boxes show up, just roll the cursor over it, and X it off the screen.

  8. LMSK says:

    I’m getting confused… Why so negative about Cobra?

    • LMSK, some people—be they trolls or very mistrustful people—have to stir up trouble. I have said before, and I’ll say it again: THIS IS A PRO-COBRA BLOG—until such time as I have any reason to doubt his intentions and authenticity, and I will be deleting any more comments with negative connotations toward Cobra and his work.

    • I’zzz like Cobra. 🙂 I’ve also made ‘chem busters’ and got inundated by the military, black helicopters that ‘murdered it’ with their microwave drums. 😦 I tried the ‘recharge’ but wasn’t lucky with it.) But, hey…I’ve got just one short interview with Gregg Braden that I think is very appropriate for now. How we can actually recreate this matrix they’ve got us stuck in. Great information here, and if we use our imaginations, we can fix it. ❤ ❤

  9. Pamela says:

    To clarify my first post on this topic: I copied and pasted the NRSV Genesis creation verses ONLY because I had never seen the word DOME used in any translation I have read. I thought it was interesting first of all, because it came into my awareness unexpectedly, and secondly, why would the writers of this version use that terminology. So Anonymous1313, I agree with your statement that…
    “we know that they have changed the wording around a lot and we truly won’t know any truth until this is over as the akashic records has all the accurate info since the beginning of time” BUT, I was a bit wounded (temporarily…already over it) with this characterization of my intention… “, I’ll wait to find all the truth and not leave it to people who think they have all the truth because even that has been distorted”. It seems my ending of “Say whaaat?” didn’t fully express my reason for posting. I’ll work on that < (gentle attempt at humor ; ).

    Along the same lines of wondering about the curious use of language/concepts, I thought of the TV series “Under the Dome”. I have not watched the show, but when it returned this season I started wondering what it was about…still have not watched it. Now after all this dome stuff I decided to learn a little about the series, because as we know the “powers that be/were” assert that we have given permission/consent to their agenda, because what they are planning/doing is knowable, and since we did not object we have acquiesced. The following is some general information about the show:

    + We’re NOT a post-apocalyptic show
    “If this dome landed today in LA, it wouldn’t be post-apocalyptic,” explained Bender. Dome is much more about ongoing chaos, they added, and among the biggest players in that unrest will be Norris’ Big Jim, a car dealership owner who seizes a chance to take control of his small town after it’s sealed off. “The Dome allows certain types of people — Big Jim being one of them — the opportunity to become a bit of a dictator and exercise his power because they are cut-off from anyone who would check that power,” he said.
    + There will be science behind it all
    “We really want to follow the rules and make it as real as we can,” Baer said, talking about how the team consulted real-life scientists about the dome to find a grounding element to its mythology (what can pass through, its size). When King [author Stephen King] was presented with the findings, however, he offered some wise feedback. “He paused and said, ‘You know, you can just make s–t up, too,’” Vaughan said to laughs from the crowd.

    It is just so weird (or is it?) that since the discussion began after viewing “The Lie NASA Told” so much information has come forth about earth being covered by a dome. I am enjoying the conversation and the sharing from people who have already been studying/researching this possibility. There are more questions than answers, but let’s keep learning and sharing.

    BE in Peace!

  10. Rich Buckley says:

    Demitra/Starship, Thanks for the links. I will read it with great interest. Did you have the intuitive sense, as I did, while reading the Daniel papers that Daniel is an awakened positive light being probably working in some aspect of (credit Dr. Richard Boylan) our breakaway civilization?

    • Demitra M. N. says:

      Rich, when I read anything that inspires me, so that I am smiling with my whole being from top to bottom, I do indeed feel that the being speaking into my mind is an awakened positive light being. In fact, this is the very gauge I use for discerning the truths that resonate with the vision I have of the world I want to live in. 🙂

  11. Demitra M. N. says:

    Leahanna, “The Enlightenment:…” was/is a very inspiring little gem of a book. Thank you for sharing it with us here!

    Enlightenment seemed to be the theme for me yesterday as I came upon another memorable passage from another source (“The Earth-Star Service Manual” by Anonymous) just prior to reading your suggested “…A Handbook on Illusion”, and it goes like this:
    “Enlightenment” is like finding the loose string on the outer surface of a ball of string, then unwinding this self-same string — moment by moment, day by day — throughtout infinity — which means to say that to know that enlightenment can not be ‘attained’ but only ‘demonstrated’ is to be enlightened about enlightenment itself — and that the actual dynamic process of the demonstration of the “complete” enlightment of a person is not an “all at once” manifestation but gradually takes place as a person teaches itself to help its “neighbors” in a humane creative way, not a selfish way, on a daily basis.

    “The Earth-Star Service Manual” by Anonymous is not anything at all like D. Alan Holmes’ book and not quite as fitting to the topic of this page either but it is rather unique unto itself. If interested, it can be downloaded here.

    p.s. I downloaded from this file from this very same source myself and encountered no virus issues.

    • I think I’d really like to read that. 🙂 Yes, The Enlightenment is very special to me, and there are days when I don’t think about it; but other days it comes to me on a constant, to get me to change my attitude, and try to change what I see.

      This morning was a great example; although, I’m uncertain ‘if’ or not I had anything to do with this change. When I got up, I looked at the clear blue sky and was excited because there were ‘finally no clouds’ after being inundated with rain for the last 2 days. I wanted to hurry to check my email, then get out for a walk and bask in that sun. Suddenly, even without any breeze, here came clouds from every direction and it set my mood to bad. There wasn’t anything I could do to change it as they came in from two direction, South and West. Here, it’s near impossible to get sunshine without clouds. I’ve been trying to change the way this matrix works, but they’ve used this area for heavy experiments since O’slopper gave them the word it was okay, back in ‘o8. If ‘anyone’ has any ideas of how to ‘uncreate’ what they’ve done, I’m all ears.

      • Demitra M. N. says:

        Leahanna, I can certainly empathize as I am also very much trapped within the same unholy spider’s web.

        All I can offer is that which I am looking into myself these days and that is ,Orgone. I can’t say that it can change the weather but many people swear that they clear the surrounding environment of unwanted energies. Perhaps in doing that, even if it isn’t a very sunny day, you won’t be feeling quite so blue since you won’t be having your energies sapped.

        Perhaps we can regain our cosmic powers one small “certainty” after another. Could Orgone be one of those steps? I dunno…but it can’t hurt to try. 🙂

        I haven’t decided yet whether the ‘mess’ of making these things myself is worth the trouble. I found someone online who will sell me a dozen of them, plus a pyramid shaped one, for $78. Not bad compared to the asking prices of other vendors.

        Orgone Info:

        DIY Orgone Blasters:

        The 12 Tower Busters +1 I’m considering purchasing:

  12. Demitra M. N. says:

    The best source I know of to answer many of the questions Anonymous1313 put forth in regards to the orbiting planets as well as the Sun and Moon, not to mention meteors and unusual matter that falls from the sky, is Steven Christ.

    In two of his youtube videos (links below) he covers the finer details of how the flat/concave earth works. Admittedly, he doesn’t cover the material at a fast enough paced click as I would have preferred but still, he does manage to paint a clearer picture of how a flat/concave earth would operate.

    I’m not saying that I personally have concluded that everything he is saying is 100% accurate since my own grasp of the sciences is not quite up to par, but I’m keeping an open mind to the possibility. He seems to know his sciences and his explanations are made clear via his drawings. The conclusions he offers are curious, if nothing else.

    Part 1: (52mins)
    Part 2: (24mins)

  13. Rich Buckley says:

    What if we had the stellar evolution charts backwards? Instead of our star phasing into a red giant, then collapsing into a dark mass without supernova, what if instead we start as a red giant and evolve in quantum jump phases to a white hot star? Could cosmologists have it that wrong? The notion that things are NOT what we think they are in cosmology, seems always proving to be true. I was most taken by the anonymous author of this paper. If anyone knows the name of this author please post it on site. I would very much like to read more of his/her work. Here’s their short easy to read paper:

    • Demitra M. N. says:

      Rich, I remember reading the Daniel Papers when they were circulating in late 2012. They were quite a sensation within the awakened community. I expect Starship Earth: BP had blogged about it at the time as well. I was able to find the second paper published the following day, but not sure if there were anymore aside from these two. There might have been a third but I’m not sure; can’t find anything else.

  14. Demitra M. N. says:

    Thanks to Leahanna for the book suggestion, and to BP for finding ebook link. Have downloaded it and will read soon. Appreciation!

  15. Demitra M. N. says:

    Oh, by the way, in terms of a flat earth theory, although we would not be orbiting as such, we are not stationary either. In fact, the earth’s gravity is said to be a result of the Earth’s continually increasing upward motion. At least that is how I am understanding it.

  16. Demitra M. N. says:

    Anonymous1313, yes, I am aware of the interchangability of the words ‘planet’ and ‘wanderer’. However, in light of a flat earth theory, wherein earth is flat, and not spinning or spherical, under that condition Earth would not be considered a planet at all, hence the term wanderer in the sense of an orbiting celestial body would be a misnomer.

    But that does not preclude the other celestial bodies we see out there from being spherical themselves. In fact, IF the flat (or concave) earth theory is correct then perhaps we see the spherical nature of the other celestial bodies as they orbit our heavens and imagine we too must be the same. Those orbiting in the heavens over the flat land can rightly be called planets, as in, those that wander over the plane. Again, only if the flat/concave earth theory is correct.

  17. Spock says:

    I’m finding out more by the hour now…:-)

    In another info from the “yellow rose archive” she gives he following hint :

    “The reality (something science cannot see) is the Sun is a large planet in Holographic Universe Two, In order to combat the explosive pressure coming out of Holographic Universe One, any craft would need to be extra-ordinarily large and powerful to visit (this is not a “gravity slingshot” equation).”

    Remember the youtube clips where massive objects come and go from and into our sun ? Seems to get more and more interesting…

  18. Demitra M. N. says:

    Molly, I posted a response yesterday afternoon at 1:26PM with some links in it that others may find helpful, but you didn’t publish it. I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t so I suspect a glitch in the system or the email. Do you need for me to resubmit it to you? If you didn’t want to publish it for some personal reason, that’s okay, I’ll understand.

  19. Spock says:

    @Bridget – i had also this question on my mind. After looking at “yellow roses” videos i came to the conclusion, that our solar system is possibly something completeley different than a “typical” sun system would be. After what she presented to us and what Eric Dollart in her “Nasa lied” Video is trying to explain, is that our sun is no star ! It might be a gigantic stargate, or a white whole – but it behaves totally different as it should be when considering it to be a star (otherwise our knowledge and teachings about stars could be totally wrong) !
    Might it be possible, that our other planets in this “sun-system” are nothing else than battleships from the dark forces, to guard our “prison-planet”, so that it couldn’t get liberated?
    The question if other planets are hollow or not, cannot clearly be answered yet because of those anomalies of our whole “sun-system” …
    We have not much more other reference points yet, do we ?

    • Thank you, Spock, for pointing out that of course, our little sector of space is not typical of the entire cosmos, and what goes on here is not necessarily reflected in the rest of the cosmos. Very important realization.

  20. Demitra M. N. says:

    Anonymous1313, the best source I know of to answer many of the questions you put forth is Steven Christ. In his two youtube videos below he covers all the fine details of how the flat/concave earth works.

    I’m not saying that I personally have concluded that everything he is saying is 100% accurate, but I’m keeping an open mind to the possibility. He knows his science and his explanations are clear. His conclusions are curious, if nothing else.

    Part 1: (52mins)
    Part 2: (24mins)

  21. Amanda says:

    BP~ what is your opinion on astrology now since this information came forth? Just curious because astrology has seemed to be very accurate but this would blow the lid off astrology as we now it completely! Very interesting and mind blowing videos…

    • Amanda, I’m not decided on anything since this new info came out. I’m still mulling it over. Much of what YellowRose shared feels right, but I have plenty of questions I’m contemplating. I don’t feel driven to come to any conclusions just yet. I’d love to hear more from Alexandra and Steven.

      I fully accept that we are living in a fake reality… so… just how much of it is fake? Actors, holograms, creator gods who don’t know who they are… intriguing, to say the least.

      What if there are far more “actors” than we previously believed? threw a few curve balls in there for me.

      I was under the impression that the planets, cosmos, etc. were purposefully created, but that doesn’t mean they have to look the way we’ve been told they look. Earth, as we see her, is a beautiful jewel in the cosmos, there’s no arguing that. We heard that there is at least one dome on the moon, so it doesn’t seem far-fetched to consider that Earth may have one as well. The dome, or arch, is the strongest architectural shape there is, so it makes sense.

      I still think we put too much stock in our traditional power of reason and understanding of physics to accept what COULD be the truth. I believe reality is completely different from the ideas and images we hold.

      For now I’m still in the information-gathering stage, and enjoying every minute of it! However, I stick to my strongest belief: ANYTHING is possible—except what NASA shows us—LOL.

  22. anonymous1313 says:

    If the world is flat and so are all the other planets then why does the picture of the planet Mars, in Billy Meiers pictures he took when he was with the Pleiadians, round? And I believe he took pictures of other planets too and they were round.

    Why is it that sometimes at night when I am speaking to my Galactic Family and I asked them to shine more brightly for me they do? They wouldn’t if it was a hologram now would they?

    Also, why can’t it just be that the cabal and their criminal aliens have put a astigmatism on all the planets so we can’t see their true colors or if there is truly life on them like here? And what if the freak out on Jupiter was caused from all the frequencies coming in from the cosmos, so the distortion field would be disturbed. Wouldn’t that seem more logical, it certainly does to me.

    So, is the moon flat too, but hanging like a picture in our sky? But what about the dark side of the moon, is there a dark side? Is our sun flat too and also hanging like a picture in our sky? What about the planet that came really close to Earth and we saw a roundness to it would it not have been just a slit and not round, and if it were flat why did it even come close to Earth or even disappear?

    Demitra M. N. here’s another meaning of the word plane/planet: The Latin equivalent of the English word ‘planet’ is the following: planeta. The ancient Romans in turn took their word from the ancient, classical Greek ‘planes’, which means ‘wanderer’. So, wouldn’t that mean our PLANET is a wander in space and not stationary (flat)?

    So, do you think the flat Earth is propped up on a table and the moon, stars and sun are pictures hanging on a wall, so that they don’t move? How do you suppose we have day and night? So, what moves the sun and moon so we do have day and night? What about the changing seasons, if it was flat wouldn’t it just be one temperature all the time and no seasons? What about comets and meteors, are they flat too?

    As for the bible interpretation, we know that they have changed the wording around a lot and we truly won’t know any truth until this is over as the akashic records has all the accurate info since the beginning of time. So, I’ll wait to find all the truth and not leave it to people who think they have all the truth because even that has been distorted.

    I’m not trying to be condescending to my brothers and sisters, and I apologize if you think so, I’m just giving you food for thought. Please think about it. Also, one last question, couldn’t YRofT be part of the cabal to make us start thinking in terms of this way (a new version of a false flag), so they keep us busy again while they do their thing?

    Peace, love and light

  23. TY – And enlightening it will be. 🙂

  24. David says:

    I know this may have been stated before, but you must overstand our collective self-invention. It seems like we have reached a mid-point where everything begins to flip from “proven” to unproven and from commonly acceptable to up for questioning. That is because we are waking up and everything is being done to keep us asleep and in the coma-trance of fear.

    It is our urge to learn more about ourselves, our creation, our true nature that is producing the little glimpses out of the prison we share.

    As the experience of waking up spreads, we will soon reach a critical escape energy and more barriers of “proven” will fall. It is our consciousness that has so much power to create together.

    Then true freedom will begin to present itself. From being held prisoner, we will no longer require the rules and norms of our prison. No more languages that teach us to think and create our prison. No more artificial environment. No more trances to lead us into aging and disease. No more copying the behavior of past generations, religions, educations, parents, and the nature of this place we now call home.

    Can any of us imagine true freedom? It goes far beyond this condition we now share. That is our collective destination. That is why we are awakening in such large numbers. That is why the powers that be are resorting to unthinkable acts or “false flags” like so many dogs trained to round up the sheep.

    Be very happy that this is happening. We have been waiting so long for this transformation to free us from the trance formation.

    • David – You gave me massive ‘hairs standing on end.’ Yep, in alignment! ❤

    • David, I’ve spent considerable time imagining what it will be like when we are unencumbered by dense bodies, the matrix, self-loathing and other negative emotions, able to manifest what we desire from the ethers, never needing to fear another man, living in harmony, love and joy, with the time to enjoy what we love rather than toiling for the next dollar, traveling the Earth and the cosmos, seeing colours and light and hearing sounds never before experienced, and growing a soul, among other things. Mind-blowing possibilities when we will have the freedom to be who we really are.

  25. @ Demitra M.N. – Wow, what interesting information. I’d not seen this before, but found it enlightening. Truly food for thought, and it absolutely makes one wonder which is the actual truth, or distortion, that we’ve been made to believe. But, the more that’s out here as possibilities, the more we have to evaluate, enabling us to make a more conscious decision.
    @ BP – I do hope there is somehow a way that these folks can read the book I sent you. It ‘is so in line’ with everything here. My hair is standing on end right now just mentioning it; and that only happens if there are connections. 🙂
    I do thank everyone for their comments, too. To see and read everything helps us make decisions we so desperately need to make. ❤

  26. Demitra M. N. says:

    Here’s a blogger who is seeing a similar connection between the Norse 9 Realms and the Flat/Concave Earth Theory:

    Here’s an enlargement of the flat earth image she uses. Notice it is round and concave and features the “four corners of the earth” as well. Based on this image, it is quite possible for people to travel around the earth and imagine they are circling a globe but they would have only circled around the world on a flat plane(t):

  27. Pamela says:

    Just found this account in Genesis (NRSV) 6 And God said, “Let there be a dome in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.” 7 So God made the dome and separated the waters that were under the dome from the waters that were above the dome. And it was so. 8 God called the dome Sky. And there was evening and there was morning, the second day. 9 And God said, “Let the waters under the sky be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear.” And it was so. 10 God called the dry land Earth, and the waters that were gathered together he called Seas. And God saw that it was good. 11 Then God said, “Let the earth put forth vegetation: plants yielding seed, and fruit trees of every kind on earth that bear fruit with the seed in it.” And it was so. 12 The earth brought forth vegetation: plants yielding seed of every kind, and trees of every kind bearing fruit with the seed in it. And God saw that it was good. 13 And there was evening and there was morning, the third day. 14 And God said, “Let there be lights in the dome of the sky to separate the day from the night; and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years, 15 and let them be lights in the dome of the sky to give light upon the earth.” And it was so. 16 God made the two great lights—the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night—and the stars. 17 God set them in the dome of the sky to give light upon the earth, 18 to rule over the day and over the night, and to separate the light from the darkness. And God saw that it was good.

    Say WHAAAT?!

  28. Pamela says:

    I have only watched the video once intending it to watch again and again until grasping what is being presented. After my first viewing, pausing, reading, I felt “heavy” then angry… wondering is anything real and to what extent these dark ones have gone and continue to go keeping us pacified and controlled literally from the beginning of time. For some time now I have felt “they” are hiding something from us in the sky (geoengineering). My second reaction was is astrology real? How can it be when all the information from which it is derived is false? Here again. ancient “planting” of information to mislead through the ages. I do feel drawn to this information and want to learn more. Question: Do you get from this video that the dome is to isolate us, thereby not allowing other travelers to enter? If that is the case then the only ETs who could gain entry would be ones that serve the creators of the dome who control us. Does not sound promising that positive, loving galactic family could be in our skies (hiding from our view) waiting for us to be ready for contact?!? Seems I read, listen to information recently saying the only entry/portal into our world was through a stargate under the Vatican which is guarded by reptilians(?)…the East Gate maybe? Soooo many questions! I look at everything differently now.

  29. Demitra M. N. says:

    Well, like I always say about just about any subject I’m looking into, I am no expert on this. I am just highly curious and like a child I am assuming I know nothing definitively, so keeping an open-mind to all possibilities.

    The truth is that most people out there cannot be experts on this subject either because like me, only a handful maybe can claim they’ve stood away from the planet and seen it with their own eyes and even that’s not a certainty. Those who claim they have, like BP points out, seem to be embroiled in highly secretive governmental projects so I doubt we ought to being taking their word for it.

    By the way, it is a curiosity that the word ‘planet’ seems to come from the root word “plane” which means level/flat. Anyway..

    If this IS a literal holographic experience we are living here, then I expect there would be all manner of force-fields around the periphery, for example, so the idea that boats would be falling off edges and planes getting lost in space is rather unlikely, the fact that they are not is not proof positive that the planet is a globe. Again, transportation vehicles would be circling around the land mass, yes, but that does not make the landmass definitively spherical.

    I was looking more into the Earth-is-a-globe/concave/flat and found myself reading the Norse myths and studying their World Tree images late last night. I tell ya, these myths along with the many other myths from other cultures around the world all seem to be describing something similar about the nature of our environment. I know that most people relegate myth to the back burner of fantasy and made-up stories but I believe that there is some serious literalism being conveyed in all that symbolism. I believe the ancients knew a lot more than we moderns are fully cognizant of.

    Check out some of the colourful images of the Norse World Tree here:

    I wonder if the “mast” is the tree itself.

  30. Bridget says:

    How does this information relate to inner earth and the claim all planets/moons/stars are hollow? are these all hollow discs? I want to know so much answeres hope one day I’ll get them.

  31. Well, I did see the video before, and yes…I believe this. Why? Because I’ve watched other things such as ‘What the bleep do we know. Down the Rabbit Hole.’ There’s a ‘hint’ in that, called Flat Land; supposedly a 2 D world. The only movement is forward, backward, right or left. Our only movement up in via aircraft; otherwise this would be the ‘flat-land.’

    Before we were born on this Earth, we know exactly where we came from. We also were powerful enough to create planets or destroy them. We whisked throughout the Universe like children playing a game. We loved, but in a totally different way, by the use of energy. But through the birthing process we’ve forgotten absolutely everything; especially who and what we really are; and now, mere souls of light having a human experience, which has been totally corrupted. This was the opportune time for the oppressors to feed us false information, and we now know it as belief. We see something the way we’re taught to see it; by repetition, over and over again.

    The Universe consists of ‘waves and particles’ – protons, neutrons, electrons and atoms…you know the drill. We perceive that which in line with what we’re taught from day one…we form a belief system because that’s the way it was set up – on purpose. The Illuminati knows this, and have spent thousands of years plotting to hide the truth, since the days the ET’s fought over this planet.

    It’s just as the little visionaries, and the way the Catholic church hid the truth about what they were told by those who appeared before them. There was even speculation that these visions were actually the ET’s, and the church disguised it all as patrons, such as the mother of the Christ, Mary. They handed down ‘the 10 commandments’ but do we really know if it was from God’s mouth to the ears of Moses, or was he creating that which did not really exist. As we look at that adventure, Moses stood before a burning bush, yet it was not consumed. By definition, Fire ‘is’ Energy. God did not have a face, just energy. Beliefs passed down through thousands of years, we’d taken their word for it, and kept passing it on. The pictures, the movies, the bibles with other pictures. Repetition, repetition, repetition.

    Yes, I do believe in God, and the stark energy of a male image. However, as we’ve been finding out slowly as more and more information is leaked, God just IS – God IS the Universe, the ALL; the ONE. He’s light and dark, as in the I-Ching and it was that darkness he sent on the Earth, and I believe is soon to take it back. BUT, as far as the Earth being flat…well, yes; I can believe that because what we are seeing is the hologram they want us to see. If not, then ‘why suddenly even Google Sky is displaying Poles holding up the Sun as well as the other planets? I think folks should consider that. It’s on the one book the astronaut wrote; can’t recall who, but the cover depicted the planets on poles.

    If anyone has ever listened to Gregg Braden they can pick up more and more hints. And as they uncover more of the truth, it will be hinted at by many…but the final decisions will be with us. Do we have to believe it for it to be true? Ahhhh, that would be Nope!

  32. Harrylarry says:

    All Celestial bodies created by the negative power or its agents are in reality cubes (to better entrap true light beings (souls). Due to the spin they appear to have a roundish, elongated body, hollow inside. Of course, cubes have flat surfaces, but not in the sense what the majority of citizens understand under “flat earth”.

  33. Nancy C/Seattle says:

    Has there been some sort of break between Alexandra Meadors and Cobra? I wondered why Rob Potter did the May interview and I was surprised at Jensen’s distinctly hostile comments. For myself, I’m still in information gathering mode. Alexandra suggests watching the video more than once which I plan to do before viewing Steve Meador’s video. .

    In my opinion, the second paragraph of Jensen’s comment is a real divisive stopper. **The rest of you, when referring to YellowRose, are babbling opinions (yesterday’s toilet paper) after doing almost no real investigation into her information. Get offended, or do the work and read on.**

    Translation: “My statements are a result of truth and research. Any opposing statements are just opinions/toilet paper”.

  34. Rich Buckley says:

    Starship, in my opinion NASA boldly, regularly, and dependably lies in keeping with their old Brookings Report. The only reason I am free to tell you my story is because we never reported our encounter for debriefing. It’s in debriefing that you get channeled into life altering interrogations.

    I was one of the hundreds of military pilots that have encountered UFO’s while flying. The saucer my RIO and I measured in 1965 was about 3,000 feet in diameter ….

    ….(largest balloons then were under 500 feet in diameter) and perched at 125,000 feet over the Kagoshima Volcano . The year following our encounter, an entire B-52 flight on a bombing mission heading into Vietnam flew above and much closer to a UFO similar to the craft we encountered, an encounter which to this day is reported to be the best documented UFO encounter on record with multiple observations, radar readings and highly reliable sources which described the craft through extensive witness interrogation as a night time UFO encounter of a 2500 feet in diameter craft, with a 28-story see-through observation deck on top and “beings” visible inside walking around and peering back at the B-52’s that circled the giant craft three times. When the giant craft left the area, it transformed the sky behind it briefly into a clear blue daylight sky with white puffy clouds visible and then dimmed back into normal darkened night sky:

    A summary list of our own Black-Ops craft is linked here.

    Old think-tank studies conducted in the 60’s (Brookings) report that you are not ready to deal with the truth. Hog-wash, I personally believe it is exactly you, our youth, that have the resilience to accept new information and adapt, it’s us old-timers that fall apart when our reality is disturbed, not our kids. I believe our very survival depends on introducing you to the vast topics of withheld information and let you young people teach us old-timers how to move forward. Furthermore, Dr Michael Sallas’s new book published 2013, “Galactic Diplomacy” footnote 447 clearly documents the debunking strategy set up under the Psychological Strategy Board originally under the CIA in the early 1950’s leading from the (a) primary conclusion stemming from the limited perceptions of the Cold War that ET civilizations seem to be most organized under something “most similar” to Communism. (b) Of the multitude of ET races on Earth there are some Reptoid races that literally see humans as food to be consumed. Thus a formal government sponsored debunking and ridicule national security initiative against Contactees was implemented with elements still in play here in late 2013. What government does not understand or recognize still are the effects of expanding collective consciousness and spiritual awakening on global society.

    • Thank you everyone for your comments, ideas and resources. Absolutely the most fascinating time in history to be alive, is it not?

      It is interesting to watch the thought processes and emotions of our fellow travelers as we cruise around these topics. In the end, we may find out we’re ALL wrong—but it’s still fun.

      The information war is one of the toughest to surmount, but we’re still active on the front lines and I know we will all doggedly pursue Truth—no matter how painful it is.

      Thanks everyone for taking this journey with me, from the sublime to the ridiculous. It’s all good.

  35. James says:

    I don’t think one should be “open-minded” about things that are obviously false. Look, I live in Taiwan and almost every summer I fly back to America. During the flight, I can see out the window that we are flying over the ocean for HOURS- flying East from Taiwan to America. After about 9-10 hours, the plane arrives in LA, California (flying over ocean the entire time). Now, if the Earth was flat, according to this map: I would eventually be flying over a huge ice wall and right off of the flat Earth and into space. Obviously, that doesn’t happen. The Earth is not flat!

  36. Rich Buckley says:

    Every military pilot that’s been at 65,000 to 85,000 feet reports the same thing. The horizon is curved. Above that level you’re approaching space. I was never above 85,000 feet but the horizon was curved.

    • I have a question. If there is nothing to hide… Then why have so many US astronauts been killed? (Ie. Challenger, Columbia) Why did one commit suicide? Why did one become a recluse? Why are so many people murdered when they try to share the truth about… It’s far bigger than the alien question in my view. There’s far more to it than that.

      What they are hiding is HUGE. Monumental. Life-changing and Earth-shattering. It would mean the end of the Illuminati’s world. They scramble their jets after ET craft, they spray the skies with metals to make it difficult for the Galactics to land… Why don’t they want the Galactics here? Because they will tell us the truth about EVERYTHING. Their gig will be up. There is a grain of truth in every rumour, and I believe that that when the truth is known, that it will leave us—even the awakened ones—breathless. Go ahead and disbelieve all you want. What we are seeing is not real as we will soon learn. I no longer believe my eyes.

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