Beyond “The Lie NASA Told”: More Stunning Research [audio]

A reader (thanks, Spock!) shared this in the comments and of course I HAD to check it out.

Alexandra Meadors at Galactic Connection and her hubby, Steve, did some admirable sleuthing and shared some downright shocking stuff in a radio show on June 10th.

Unfortunately, it’s cut off after 2 hours or so in the middle of some riveting revelations. Hopefully we can find the rest.

If you haven’t seen the video, “The Lie NASA Told”, we have been duped, my friends. We are living a lie. Nearly everything we know to be true in our world is an outright lie and fabrication. You can watch it from this earlier post.

The planets are on masts. The Earth is flat. There’s a clear dome over it. What? Seriously—you need to listen.

In fact, Alexandra and Steve were so amazed at the information they dug up, that they have decided to make a series out of this and do more shows on the topic, so stay tuned.

Thank you so much, both of you, for digging deeper. I agree, this is one of the most daring and important areas we are currently dealing with. To say it’s shattering paradigms is an understatement.

And if you’re curious, my friends, you may want to check out which they mention on the show. Very interesting. When I saw Sheriff Joe’s picture up there… well… you know I had to look.

Here’s the link to what they call, “The Lie NASA Told, Revisited”.



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17 thoughts on “Beyond “The Lie NASA Told”: More Stunning Research [audio]

  1. Spock says:

    The “Yellow Rose archives” are a real treasure trove !!!

    she also writes :

    “For most people, the move is made to the renewed Earth. The NET is about to come down. This is going to shock the world. Few understand that the ‘blue sky’ is a hologram, and that they have been kept as P.O.W.’s. The news articles stating that there are riots, and murders & that the ptb in places said there was going to be an impact…are lying. Their purpose is to create fear, which is the negative polarity. This is used as a means to make people ‘stick’ rather than move. It is a system of energy, you move in the blink of an eye.”

    The “plasma screen” of our “earth” is a hologram, i really wonder what lies behind it 😉

  2. Lenore says:

    I surrender!!!! Ok Jensen…..big finish for you, I get it….but you’re way too invested in hand slapping in print.
    And Spock, thank you for the entry above…
    When we all became aware of the Nasa lies video I was right there watching in three times in a row. Then I went looking for the source of all this but couldn’t find a thing on her YT channel. Where to look? I search engined the heck out of her title, her video name…..nada…Maybe she was too busy to link herself to her past entries and alias’s ….I don’t know…I only know at the time, she mentioned in the video we were enthralled with, that she made a few videos and released them under these titles…..and she gave the titles…but they were not on her YT channel or found with any search engine…probably cause they had “different” address names to them as we see above. But who knew that….cause she didn’t mention it… and I did write her, twice….but maybe she was too busy(I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt) I’m only going on my personal experience….

    When I first came on this info I said where do I sign up? It wasn’t a knock I was hearing it was a pounding on the door….
    But then nothing else came forward until Meadors interviewed her husband, and this started all over again.

    I say yes…..let it all be exactly that….
    At first it sounds a bit like a very complex video game….then she used the phrase “All Father” saying it was Egyptian and she almost lost me there again, cause I”m Norwegian, and every Scandinavian knows, the All Father is ODIN and always has been. (I’m sure she can explain that one too)
    But I read on….then it occurred to me I was wandering down L. Ron Hubbard’s Hall of Records cause it was sounding familiar to what he really was like and what he believed. For those that don’t know, look him up.
    But there’s just too much wonderfulness to it all. it’s that happy ending humans keep putting in their movies….Reading Jensen’s post made complete sense again.
    Pity….I was so enjoying the idea of the Star Wars Bar scene…. getting to know visitors from around the galactic planes…… 🙂 Now we know they’re all dummies on a race track.

    That aside….it’s a wait an see game….I had a long history in spiritual studies and my finishing school in spirit was, The Source Family, many years ago. I was a side line player in it, invisible, but never the less it had the greatest impact on my consciousness…
    If you want to know who we were, go to Netflix and watch the documentary, The Source Family…..we knew long ago it was about “The Father” but he did use the YOD HEH VAH HEH chant. I’m still wondering was a that a mistake and connecting him the EL. He believe that was god’s name. The Jew’s call it “the name that shall not be uttered” but Father felt it was time to call the Father and said it was the name of God….wonder what YRFT would think about that ……
    But even the leader, Father, it occurred to me last night, was derailed and tricked in the astral/etheric towards the end, with that type of meddling mentioned above….
    What remarkable times we’re in… Every day back to ground zero on what we know….”the great onion peel”………

    PS…please let’s have fun with this….think happy thoughts….and jokes if you can… :))

  3. Trespass Unwanted says:

    She posts as Yellowrosetx51 on beforeitsnews and she posted that someone told her she should not have released that much info and thus the vacancy of the youtube channel.

    I’ve read her postings and as much as I know I know nothing, I do rely on how it resonates, (the vibrational distortion, if any, that I have inside from reading her posts).

    To each their own journey, to know or not to know…that is our free will right.

    She drew to her link the people that wanted to know, and those that don’t have every right to discard until or whenever/ if ever they discover something that brings them back to that information.

    That’s how universe works.

    As for this couple’s fixation. I’m enjoying it. If it weren’t for that video by YellowRoseforTexas they would not have done their own seeking about horizons, and the NASA video showing their ‘images’ of the earth, and all the other things they learned when they were purchasing a telescope.

    Things that YellowRose told them, opened them up to more information that has always been there, they just never seeked it out and never found it.

    Much love.

  4. Spock says:

    Step by step we now put some puzzle pieces together !
    With the very interesting findings of @Jensen and his link, i was able to get more information from “Oldsoul”, that could very well be “Yellow Rose for Texas” with another name in a different forum…
    After searching a bit i found these explanations from her that brings some more light into the darkness :

    On June 22, 2011, she writes :

    “I was contacted by mail by visewesi, who is reading this thread and asked if I could tell what was going on, and who is who in all of this…lol. The thread is a discussion forum*grin* and there has been alot of discussion! I don’t know if I can recap..but if you are reading this is for you:)


    A long time ago a war broke out when SET invaded Eden. And this is what we called the “War in Heaven”. Earth ‘Fell’ in battle, and then ‘Fell’ in vibrational frequency to a more primitive state of mind that was at 7.8 Mhz. The lowered frequency split Earth into two separated places, and this world was dropped below the plane of Creation. Above, they were openly present and raping, killing and eating people. Below we live in an illusion that these are ‘myths’ and that all the destruction of the world and humanity is ‘mans fault’. They wanted to play ‘god’, and that is the name they gave us through their created religions…’god’.
    Set is a leviathan class serpent, his mate is Tiamatt. This is the World that Tiamatt and Set created, not Eden. This is the World of Matter, which is named after Tiamatt. According to the Greeks, there were 3 sons…and Set divided this world between them, and the Greeks called them Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. They controlled everything, and so what we have are books, and histories that have been written from these people, and not our Father. The Father of Mankind is Adam, and our Mother is Eve. However what has been left out is that they are called the ‘Divine Couple’. The function, power, and purpose…what is a ‘divine couple’ has been removed from books. The Divine couple gave birth… the Creation and all species within. This is the real ‘God’ who is your Father, Adam. That is why in egypt he was called the ‘All Father’, and why Eve is known even today as the Mother of the Creation.
    Set’s people are patriarchal, and they really are what we would call a ‘lower’ class (mental/emotionally) in the respect of their need for hierarchy and their lack of respect of females. Even their own females. The Greeks never mentioned that Hades had a twin Sister. You know of her though, in this 4th World she is called ‘Lilith’. Set and Tiamatt are the Parents of the Branch of Reptiles, but not all reptiles…just one small branch that call themselves “The Snake Families”. And this is who invaded from Orion. In each new World we are given a new name, and if needed a new body/vehicle. When the breakdown of terms are sorted out, you find that this is what a “Nephilheim” is. Someone with a ‘new body’, not the ‘offspring’ of the ‘gods’, but these people playing god and returning to seize control after entering a new world. Everyone else had returned to the veil except them, and so they had complete advantage. In the first world he was called SET, then “Apsu”, then “Anu”, both which describe him in terms of ‘abyss’ of oceans and the aetheric in between spaces of the Creation. In this 4th World he is called An of Nibiru.
    They placed us in a Zodiac Time system. The exits were timable and regular. And they controlled and then locked the door to exit. They made this place their ‘zoo’. Reptiles eat mammals and we are a food source for them. They needed more spirits to animate the bodies they created…this ‘vehicle’ is not the one we were born with, that is called the “incorruptible body” and this is where the legends of ‘giants’ came from. We are born with literal powers and size, and what they did was human experiments to make us a dwarf species, and stripped down the dna to two strands to remove our powers. Literally, an amoeba has more dna! We are the only species done this way, everyone else (man)in the Creation has powers and size. Set wanted more ‘manlike’ species lines, and he enlisted his offspring the El to do this. The “El” are the ‘elohiem’ and they are the dna of amphibious frog, master geneticists, and they used their dna to cross the species lines of Man with various animals, and Sets children. This earned the El the name “Whore” and this was done in Babylon during the reign of the slave queen Selene. El was her ‘god’ and this is the source of ‘Il, Al, El” in latin as terms for ‘god’…they simply removed which god deity, the Eloheim. Today they are called ‘greys’.

    Their sumerian names were Enlil (Zeus), Enki (Poseidon) and they created most of the present ‘e.t.’s’ that people are having contact with. GFL, Nordic’s etc. Azazel (El) became, Baphomet, Massawa, Massa, and this was who created the Royals and Covens. When the Covens went into ‘hiding’ they created the churchs and religions by renaming things yet again. All religions from Wicca to Catholic teach what was called ‘snake worship’ there is no real truth to be found in the bible or other such works, they created the bible by taking some of the truth and mixing in a whole lot of ‘other’ into it. Selene and Sin(Lilith and Hades) who were the Nephilheim of Inanna and Utu (Ilu became Isu), became ‘Magda-lene’ and ‘Jesus’.

    So father, who called himself ‘ONE’ in the Beginning, called to the creation for all to help. He is an Oversoul which is intelligent Energy, (and like all oversouls he also has an incarnate). And he flooded the zodiac system with souls to be born here. The door had to be unlocked from the INSIDE. We had to wake up in time, and then preform the tasks in time within the incarnated space of time allotted us. When the vehicle sleeps, the spirit which is pure energy, does not require sleep. At that time we left our bodies, by the millions, and fought in the spirit armies with our father. This was remembered by ‘dreams’ recorded on the avatar/vehicle’s brain, but were memories of the fighting.

    There is a barrier between this World and the Creation above us. Matter is not allowed to breach that barrier…Matter is a shell which binds the atom, which is intelligent, and doesn’t allow it to move freely or respond to our thoughts. That is part of how they removed our powers. Lilith created the “Shining Ones” and seeded the human race in an attempt to raise matter to the vibrational frequency to breach the barrier when we left here, it would carry the seeds up…like a host body to a parasite. They could see ahead, knew they would loose the War against the Father of Creation, and so this was their way of ensuring their continuance as a species…they thought. The seeds would then be acclimatized to the higher frequency and then they would hatch and take over the vehicle…the soul within would be ‘consumed’. A polite way to say they eat you! All the ‘ascension’ is Lilith’s rise of Matter, and this is why they had ‘halo’s’ and emitted ‘light’. Even the Koran mentions be warned of the “Light skinned” people, and this is taught as ‘they were talking about Caucasians’. We were an advanced race. The Muslims had words for ‘Caucasian’, and what they were referring to was the Shining Ones who emitted light from their skin.

    What has been removed is the mentioning of the Gathering. And this is when Eve enters.
    “Ev Ent”
    What will happen is that Father is going to make contact with the populations, all at one time. They are above us right now. In the Vedic it mentions that “Intelligent Light” comes from the Sun, and makes contact with the minds of Men, and that all at once the Matter and body are altered. And this was ‘evolution’. What Lilith had done was alter the Sun to send Heat at that time, and we fried instead of altered to the next step of evolution. That will not happen any more. The war is over, and Father won. We are now back under his Law, and he is the one called the Great Law Giver.
    It is the Law, that “All Men go Up”. Having delayed, and kept us, they cannot stop that law. However, many took vows of service to Set under various names. And this was the ‘war for the souls of mankind’. There is another law, that was removed. “All debt must be paid” to move forward. Many are choosing money and profit over the human being, or human rights…no kindness, they want their money! Selene who was Lilith created Money and Banking. So when they use her particular methods called ‘debt slavery’, ‘company store system’, when they level taxes and steal our labor and food, when they wont preform ordinary medical care because they want their profit, that is choosing Lilith and you then owe a debt to Lilith. Every death caused by this, is a debt owed to Lilith, and the deaths are counted by the Covens as ‘human sacrifice’ to their ‘god’. So there was a great deal of wrangling and haggling for the souls who are trapped here. And many, including Mars, had to give up the people that they had tricked into serving them….Father made a new law that states ‘no vows given blindly will bind you’ to SET’s family. That includes the “Jesus” believers as well.

    We have all received the subconscious knock. Most remember it as dreams. And we as a majority choose as a people, our father and Mother above our service to the realm of Matter. We don’t want to leave anyone behind, trapped, because the method of the World of Matter is to have a cataclysm and then renewal. We wanted even the slowest to have time to catch on and catch up. So we dragged it out. Finally, Mother made a new Law. I cant quite get the whole of that one though, yet. All I can tell, is that because some of her children wanted to remain in the realm of Matter, that she doesn’t want them to go through what had been planned. What they had planned was that those left behind, which are mostly SET’s people in Human forms, were to be burned as the shell of Matter is destroyed when the spirit leaves…and all were to go UP, and leave here. That is every bird, every man, the spirit of Earth…all were to go Up. I think that part of that was the need to see vindication for all the harm, sort of a ‘spite’ thing. But also to let go, you have to have some relief of those feelings of ‘and he got away with it’. But Eve gave birth to all, including the reptile race. And so she is going to claim ‘her share of blame’ for this war, and this is to offset some of this. I do not believe that they (SET’s people) will be successful in pulling off the ‘revelations’ ending they wanted, although it is known they will try right up to the end.

    And that is not the whole story but a brief short of this thread:) Hoped that helped!

    We can imagine what (might has been) going on here – and this invasion at one point of our history and the erasing of all data from that period and the immense brainwashing and manipulation in favor of the invaders sounds very, very plausible, doesn’t it ?! The more i dive into this, the clearer it gets. Let’s keep going on and find out more 🙂

  5. Jensen says:

    Spock–great observations; Re: fisheye lenses, That RedBull high altitude skydive video shows a great fisheye lens when he steps outside the capsule–looks like he’s about to jump onto a big shooter marble, but the brief camera shot from inside, looking out the door–flat as a pancake.
    The rest of you, when referring to YellowRose, are babbling opinions (yesterday’s toilet paper) after doing almost no real investigation into her information. Get offended, or do the work and read on.

    Your beliefs, and mine, are WORTHLESS! You either beLIEve something or you KNOW it. Figure out what IS or you will KNOW nothing. It takes work and time, and truth is far, far, far stranger than fiction.

    Lenore–“Who ever Yellow Rose for Texas is, she covered her tracks well, “for some reason….I also checked…”

    You checked what? Go here:, type “divine couple part 2” in the search bar and start reading the 200 plus pages of posts by her and her responses to others from 2010-11 (OldSoul is her forum name there). Covered her tracks, my *ss. She’s not hiding, at her own peril, I might add, and she’ll talk to you directly–right now–if you post a question on one of the recent videos. She’s very humble about her information and admits she doesn’t know everything, unlike COBRA (great snake name, eh? they just hide right in your face) who is the unerring authority of all valid information in the universe. Experience tells me that anyone who “knows’ everything is always full of s**t.

    Think of all the BS that you’ve had to dispell–that you were taught all your life–to understand that the world is not what you think it is. Do you think that just maybe, the cabal, in operation for untold thousands of years, just might have fed you a line of BS about much of the New Age, GFL, channeled spiritual dogma you’ve latched onto as well? NASA was clearly founded by what we call NAZI’s; so was the CIA. GO here:
    and read about where the whole NAZI thing came from, ended up, and the Bush involvement. Astounding research that ties all the way to the exploitation of Tesla himself, by the Bush family.

    NASA was never anything but lies! Search youtube for the moon hologram videos, and jupiter “freaking out”, and the sun is in the wrong place, and on and on!

    Ever been to space? Then how do you know what the earth or anything else really looks like? Oh, those fantastic NASA cartoons and the little tidbits of crappy NASA footage, much of which is already proven fraudulent. Oh yeah, and your government supplied public education and every other parrot around you. Stop and THINK! You think the earth is round because cabal agents and agencies have told you it is!
    GO here:
    and read about the thousand of experiments over decades that demonstrate the earth is flat. Do a couple yourself and you won’t “see” the curvature anymore. BeLIEf can make you see, or not see, anything. Remember how the natives couldn’t see the ships when Columbus landed?

    The Alexandra and Steven audio was fantastic. I hesitated to listen because I thought it would be a pro-Cobra, YellowRose bashing session, but they brought out even more information.

    Enough ranting from me. YellowRose’s information is epic. Do the work and the puzzle pieces will fit together much better.

  6. Spock says:

    Well, what have we learned in the last 20 years ? All our believe systems are shattering !
    I have learned the following – and that was really a hard lesson to learn:

    Religion ? There is only religion to control the masses and handle them as sheeple with the big “shepherd” in front (the false “god” -the demiurg- handling our “destiny”). “The lord is my shepherd” …as written in psalm 23 and “You shall have no other gods before me” as written in the “second Commandment”, are the foundations of this totally limiting and restrictive believe system…

    Angles ? There are no angles – those beings are archons or interdimensionals, and the archangles are the “top archons” in this hierarchy overlooking those that get too near to the openings of this matrix, so they can forestall their “escaping”. What we sometimes see as angles might as well be our higher self or some real positive light beings, that also do exist in the higher realms ! In the low astral planes there are numerous beings that pose as “angles” and “gods” to deceive us and to benefit of our energy.

    Politics and politicians ? Those figures are nothing but puppets of their interdimensional overlords and do all to please them and fill their own pockets – 99% of them don’t really care about us !

    The church and the pope ? The centre of child trafficking, child abuse and the centre of dark satanic rituals and human sacrifice for the benefit of those interdimensional “overlords” feeding them with our fear based thoughts and energy.

    The royals of this world ? Sick, misguided and greedy people, that keep their “incestuous” bloodlines intact at all costs and go hand in hand with the church and the politicians (under guidance of their interdimensional overlords) to control and suppress the masses. And as we see now (thanks to Greg Hallett) in the british monarchy, are impostors for the real monarchs that live in hiding somewhere aside from public view…

    All our positive and natural structures (the family as the base of our foundation here in life and our jobs and our pensions as the continuous source of our income) are getting destroyed to make us dependants of this broken and absurd circumstances that dictate our lifes !

    So, when we realize this gigantic scam and find out that our whole existance is an outright lie, i would not wonder if this lie might also include those fundamental things as our “planet” earth and beyond…

    John Lennons famous lyrics are :

    “Imagine there’s no Heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No Hell below us
    Above us only sky”

    So, what if this “earth” is nothing but an artificial prison with an artificial structure, surrounded by an artificial, spherical matrix that displays the “planet” as it seems to be ?
    Who knows ! But after all those lies NASA told us (is there any doubt that they did ???) i would not decline this possibility until we have definitive proof that it isn’t so…
    Pictures with a fish eye lense can produce spherical things out of flat surroundings – and as Giuliana Conforto has hinted with her findings of a plasma screen that can display anything to us – even the sun at daylight and the stars at night, holograms can also produce Ufos or beings – whatever. The technology of this universal tricksters is far beyond our imagination, so don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, ok ?
    Stay and keep open minded in all directions – time will tell us what the real truth is !

  7. Lenore says:

    I think time will tell on all of this….and it’s true what “anonymous” said…Who ever Yellow Rose for Texas is, she covered her tracks well, “for some reason”….I also checked…
    Look it’s a great story….a fun ride….the Magic Mountain Viper!
    But I think we need to consider consistency….

    For my money Cobra’s been consistent, for several years now….
    Since I became aware of him, heard what he had to say, met him and his woman…they are who they say they are….They actually can easily be found and invite people to where ever they are to do light activations with them….Y R for T is a spook of some kind…..good… bad…who knows….

    I acknowledge: WE DON’T KNOW THE NATURE OF REALITY HERE…That’s a given, seeing all learning and social systems are Babylonian Tom Foolery….
    I don’t think anyone is disputing that….still for my money, I’ll be way more convinced when one of those L shaped crafts behind the moon actually land….
    The occupants get out and and show me exactly what we’re dealing with here….
    Please, let them telepathically show me or tell me, our complete galactic existence. Where we are in consciousness, and where we need to be. Cause if they can navigate an inner stellar massive light ship, they certainly have a much better perspective on what we’ve been dealing with…..until then….
    🙂 all in good fun

  8. James says:

    As Lenore pointed out, Cobra went up in an airplane high enough to see the Earth and it isn’t flat. He took a picture with his own camera and you can see for yourself that the horizon isn’t flat:
    Unless you believe that Cobra is a part of this NASA conspiracy also- which I think is crossing over from conspiracy to paranoia.
    Again, there isn’t a good reason for NASA to perpetuate this hoax. Just knowing something that we don’t doesn’t give them “power” over us. Lots of people know things I don’t (especially math), that doesn’t give them power over me.

    • James, knowing math or not does not create an alternative reality or belief systems. It’s not the same thing. We don’t know what reality is because we have been lied to and accepted a false reality because we were dumbed down, sedated and distracted. Sheep. Reality is nothing like what we’ve been told it is, but you can accept or deny it. It’s your choice.

  9. Anonymous says:

    in ref to “the lie nasa told” i hv tried to look up who “the yellow rose for texas” is…with no results…. i am interested in knowing where she got her information from. as for alexandra’s interview of hubby…. i found it
    scattered and truly hard to believe… flat earth? i need more info from more credable sources and some kind of proof. i live on the coast of ca. and i can see the curvature of the earth ….

  10. vendo4151 says:

    The medieval church salutes you. … But I see a tear in Aristotle’s eye, …. lol

  11. James says:

    I don’t know why these two have become so fascinated by this video that really has scant evidence to support it. What would be the motivation for NASA to trick the whole world into believing a flat earth is really round? To go against religion? That doesn’t seem like a very good motivation. Now, money is a motivation; going against religion is an ideology that doesn’t usually runs out of steam in the long run.

    • James… They tell us the exact opposite of what is true to manipulate and control. We aren’t effective if we’re dealing with a false truth. It’s counterproductive. They know the truth so that gives them the upper hand, while Humanity is at a distinct disadvantage.

      This is why all the actors and disinfo; to control our thinking and hence, our actions and results.

  12. Lenore says:

    I saw that Alexandra did this and haven’t listened yet, even though it’s been sent to me.
    I’ve also had the dome info sent to me, from a different source, some spacy guy who goes on and on.

    But how do we know? And if it’s true….is Cobra lying…? Completely?
    After he went up in a private space ship, wouldn’t he have seen the dome and the alleged “FLAT EARTH AND MORE” ?????…..

    These are the days of miracles and wonders…It’s just a long distance call, WITH STATIC (changing the words a bit, Mr. Simon).

    So every single picture of the earth shot from space is doctored…there’s no sphere??? Doesn’t any of this make real sense…we’ve had access to private telescopic posts like John Lenard Walson for years….these guys operate on an astronomical level….Flat really….dome…..Walson never found that, and he was hunted and hassled by the “guys” completely for his footage…
    But what he did find was a “shit load” of different space ships and satellites in various locations …The whole thing is bothering me, I’ll go and listen to this new conclusion….I bought into it at first when the video made a big splash…but then the vacancy of her YT site where that video came from sent a red flag to me. And I will also remind you, as I said before, many videos she ID’s in that video, she said she made, were non existent. No one could find them anywhere.

    It’s what’s within ones self that’s important vs the details of the outer terrain, at least for me. We will have plenty of time to get to the bottom of all this, when numerous races land their ships…..and land they will once this mayhem is under control…

    I am mystified, that Alexandra has positioned herself as the mouth piece of Cobra, yet Cobra was clear as a bell about this info and it’s source, being disinfo….So someone please….show me something that will change my mind, that isn’t words twisting in the wind…..

    • Lenore, it isn’t Cobra’s job to set the history books straight and tell us the truth about everything. He releases the info the Resistance Movement clears him to release.

      Those of us with enquiring minds and the credentials to seek the truth share it as we see fit. Non-believers and followers who need someone to tell them what the truth is will have to catch up later. The rest of us will do the research and decide on our own truth.

  13. says:

    The word of god tells us the world hangs on nothing. Consider what the Creator says.

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