Intriguing Crop Circle at Besford, near Pershore, Worcestershire, UK from June 14th

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I had to share this one. I haven’t looked at anyone else’s interpretations at all—but I see a pentaGON and a pentaGRAM, with  a TARGET on them! Just sayin’…

And what came to me next was… American military insignias include the star and circles, and of course, Navy Intelligence is in the Pentagon, and precisely where the cruise missile hit on 911 where they were doing the major investigation about the 3.5 Trillion and that was one reason the cabal created 911—to prevent it coming out, wasn’t it. Uh-huh.

(BTW, if you read the page at the link above, you’ll see some juicy correspondence about that 911 hit on the Pentagon, between people who know what’s REALLY going on in the White House.)

A reader says the link above isn’t working, but I suspect it was a spam comment. Here’s the link itself.;wap2

Of course, other countries use different coloured circles on their aircraft, so there’s that element, too, and Indonesia uses the pentagram.  Here’s a link to those.  ~ BP



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5 thoughts on “Intriguing Crop Circle at Besford, near Pershore, Worcestershire, UK from June 14th

  1. Athena says:

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    I found this on Startship Earth: The Big Picture. I like her interpretation. Thanks BP

  2. spacenergymass says:

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    The original adoption of this method of numbering the years was very clearly an attempt to deliberately mislead. The nascent church, in a spirit of propagandist fervour, wished to imply that the times before the coming of Christianity were long ages of error, that the pre-Christian world was at best misguided, at worst actually evil. Even now that the church has lost much of its political and cultural power in Britain, our numbering of the years insidiously perpetuates its disregarding of the greater part of our past. A powerful but subtle deception endures.
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  3. Jensen says:

    Remember the “Lie NASA told” video a couple months ago? That “target” is just like the seal of the “One,” our Father, that Yellowrose talks about. The same image was flashing on the entire screen of the NASA Ahead COR2 camera of the sun last week–for the better part of a day–and has since been erased. I watched it live.
    If you go here: and search for the Divine Couple, or Oldsoul, there are huge amounts of information she posted in the forum from a few years back. After studying all this stuff for so many years, I’ve gotta say, her information trumps EVERYTHING and everyone. We’re in a cage–we don’t even see the planets and stars the way they actually are. Look up the Moon Hologram vids on youtube, or Jupiter freaks “out.”
    When the quantum physicists are telling us that everything is a hologram–duh! We are not in the real creation, we are in an artificial environment where we have been energetically and physically harvested. Everything–all the channeling, the GFL, Ascended Masters, new age bullshit has been just one more piece of bait for the trap. There are bits of truth in those sources, but they’re slathered in a thick, gooey coat of lies. But just like Rose’s video said, it appears their time is just about over.

  4. Just wanted to say I love this blog. I always learn something. I appreciate the directness, the intelligence, all enveloped in love and a sincere desire to help all of Earth’s creation.

  5. Dan W says:

    I hope you’re right, either way that new crop circle should send chills down their corrupt spines. Too bad there’s not a way to send that to “ALL” government employees. Hopefully we’re one step closer.

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