Message to the US Military [video]

Mark Passio communicated this missive directly to the US Military. It’s a strong message and the images in his video drive home his point like a dart to the heart.

I agree it’s time many of us looked at the same old things very differently, through a new lens, to sharpen the details and bring the REAL subject into focus so we can then ascertain exactly what it is staring us in the face, what we need to do differently—and then DO that.

LIFE is different now. These are desperate times, and we must see our world for what it IS, rather than what the establishment TELLS us it is. There’s a dramatic and vile difference.

Belief systems and a lifetime of conditioning are powerful constraints to free will and critical thinking. We must get beyond those blinders.

Members of the military are relentlessly indoctrinated into the mores and discipline of the ranks; encouraged NOT to think, or question—simply follow orders. They are military first, individuals second—if at all.

As human beings we must gather knowledge, recognize truth, and act upon our innate knowing of what is right, ethical, and appropriate under these newly-revealed circumstances in our world.

At what point does it become acceptable to take innocent human lives? Civilians… women… children… babies?

Oh, there’s a war going on alright; a war for our MINDS.  At what point does war free us to murder human beings?

It MUST dawn on our men and women in uniform that something is desperately wrong with our world.

Our true and rightful duty is first to self, and then to Humanity. Blindly following the orders of a corrupt body like the federal government’s military industrial complex who only hold contempt for us is a betrayal of self and Humanity.

I hope a significant number of the military will take Mark’s message to heart… and soul—and ACT accordingly.  Even a dog will refuse to obey its master and jump off a cliff.  ~ BP

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14 thoughts on “Message to the US Military [video]

  1. Thank you for posting this important information.

    In an earlier post you point out that humans are ‘hard-wired’ to ignore information that is not a part of our belief system. Our lower brain literally filters it out. [See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil].

    I suggest this tract of humans next step is ‘self mastery’, where individuals consciously mature the fight or flight lower brain response [acknowledge adversity], and ‘master our emotions’ [cooperate to peacefully end lawlessness], which open access to critical thinking in the neo-cortex upper brain [best possible SOULutions], and evolve our body-mind-spirit to the next highest expression of Consciousness in form. In other words ‘ascend’ from lower to higher vibratory frequency of Light within that gives us breath, awareness, and freewill, to change trajectory from chaos to coherence, and re-build this Earth Garden.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I understood his comments; however, I think that by now people need to understand how angry the American people are with all of this. It’s not the fault of the men that are in the military. They’ve been microchipped, experimented on with vaccines, and by last report more men/women died from committing suicide than in battle. Many others died from the vaccines.

    The military people are being taken advantage of, and are treated like crap, and have been completely brainwashed into believe WE are the new targets and terrorists. This is ‘so’ wrong.

    However, as I said, I totally understand the angry undertones. I’m still trying to get over it all myself, but at the same time I’ve been asking Creator to ‘open their eyes to the truth.’ They do need to know about how we feel, and ‘remember their Oath to the U.S. Constitution…not that butt head that calls himself prez.

  3. Mike says:

    I’m in the same boat as Laura. Trying to tell a population that they aren’t dogs by calling them retarded is a surefire way to lose an audience. Everyone will always judge you on 4 things: your demeanor, how you act, what you say and how you say it. With that in mind it might be more prudent to treat the audience with respect if you believe they deserve it. On top of that, if your message is of “love” I believe it is more effective to explain your definition of love, given that everyone’s definitions differ.

  4. Laura says:

    As prior military, I listened with an open mind, hoping this was something to share. I did listen to the entire ‘rant’ and was disheartened not by the message, but by the delivery, done in obvious anger and the recommendations of attacking and abandoning those not ‘open’ to the ‘truth.’
    One cannot open another’s mind using hostility. It breeds resentment and often resistance against the very message.
    I don’t have all the answers. I do know if ‘power over’ another worked, in a positive way, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in. People have to choose. Unfortunately, we and the earth pay for the choices too many allow others to make, thinking we have no voice.
    Will take time and an enormous change of energies to impact humans right now, and it is obvious humans alone cannot do it. Not alone.

  5. Rich Buckley says:

    The culture of the country and the culture of the military changes quickly based upon leadership attitudes and values actively expressed and practiced.. So yes, I do believe new-age language introduced into the ranks from an awakened commanding general (for example), starts a brush fire of change all the way through the organization. It works both ways, good and bad. You introduce the good, the true, the pure, in love, compassion, forgiveness and wisdom, and you create some of the most effective armies humankind is capable of producing and they in turn eventually harmonize with and change everything surrounding them including civilian spouses, unrelated civilians, and elected officials. The white hat good guys in the military can be promoted and are being promoted and they can do a lot to change the culture which in turn influences even the office of POTUS.

    So yes, I really do believe in what I write.

    There are over a million active duty personnel, all it takes is one or two to reach key persons of leadership roles to change the entire culture. It could even start with a President who becomes awakened while in office.

    Mark’s well intended rant, isn’t going to bring about peaceful change.

  6. gary says:

    The Ascension now taking place is of the utmost necessity to help those who have limited or little awareness of how this Cosmos works, for we ARE all connected, and we cannot harm anyone or anything without having that harm impact us.. It is my prayer that the Event will have an awakening through the higher levels of consciousness, sweeping over all of humanity, causing most of those who formerly were unaware of the Oneness of all life, to remember and realize that separation is the illusion, carefully instilled in this reality…We are connected to all, even the Cabal, the Illuminati- all the forces that go against the inherent goodness of humankind. Love is the bridge, the connecting piece that allows for our Transition to who we are.
    I personally think that the power of, behind and included with Love, mirrors the Cosmos, and cannot, at this time, be fully recognized or known.

  7. Rich Buckley says:

    I respond to love, compassion, forgiveness and I am “a military type.” So yes, I do believe what I have written is the deeper truth of wisdom.

    • Rich, it’s wonderful that you respond to that, but do you believe every soul in the US Military would respond the same way? I don’t believe they’re all “there” yet. Each one is on an individual journey, and at various stages. If everyone heard our messages of love, I don’t think we would be in this situation in the USA. I think overall there would be many more awakened ones. People are simply too distracted.

      Just curious. Have you reached out to friends/acquaintances at whatever level in the military with your message of love weighed down with urgency? If so, how did they respond—or did they?

      I don’t see how we can reach everyone in the military with a genteel approach when we can’t even get people to sign petitions and to want to learn more about how they’re being poisoned and all the rest. At some point we have to get out the hammer for some people.

  8. Rich Buckley says:

    Love is all you need. Mark’s emotion is the path of the violent anarchist (as contrasted with the noble non-violent anarchist) who is fed up with the new age tenants of love, compassion and forgiveness and his heart fills with an emotional hate that causes him to want to strike out.

    Alternatively, change towards peace is found elsewhere from Mark’s rant. Once the afterlife is perceived by the individual as real and a continuation of consciousness in an ongoing school of soul-learning, in some sort of personal level experience, the soul begins to awaken and then real change occurs.

    Love, compassion*, and wisdom.**

    *Compassion: “Once the delusion of an objectively existing world is seen through and overcome, we are much more capable of generating great compassion for all beings, as there is a deeper sense of the interconnectedness of all of life.”…

    ** “wisdom’s meaning”: When what you feel in your heart is joined by your reasoning both in service to yourself and aligns in service to others whom you serve openly, truthfully and transparently in their best interests,… compassionately felt within yourself in joy.

    • Rich, do you think that military-types are going to respond to a message delivered in a new-age love to all, we are one kind of plea? I don’t. They won’t respect it and they’ll shut down.

      There is nothing wrong with emotion, and I didn’t pick up hate from this video at all. He’s stating it like it is. It’s okay to be angry about what’s happening, as long as it doesn’t consume us.

      Whatever it takes to reach people is the appropriate tack to take, IMHO.

      If you listened to the Boiling Frog Post round table discussion with James Corbett, Sibel Edmonds, etc., they discuss this, and agreed that we need to use multiple approaches to reach various segments of society or people just don’t open up and take notice.

      We’re all different, and for some, you have to use a sharp, emotional, angry, in-your-face approach and share the painful details to break through the apathy and get them to realize the truth. You have to shake them up. They said Americans haven’t had to suffer enough to want to learn the truth or DO anything about what’s going on. They may have to suffer a great deal before they wake up.

      We have to “speak the same language” to communicate, and I think Mark is speaking the language.

    • Thanks, futuret. Military members need to branch out and seek sources of alternative news besides the CIA-backed drama and fear-mongering of Infowars. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of blogs, websites and video channels sharing the truth. They could get family members to send them links to articles and videos.

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