Spectacular Crop Circle at Badbury Rings Near Wimborne Minster, Dorset, UK June 17, 2014 [videos]

Gorgeous! Thanks to Conscious Life News for sharing. I’d forgotten it’s time to look for updates at Crop Circle Connector.

There seems to be some confusion as to Badbury Rings, Banbury Hill, etc., but I guess that doesn’t really matter.

What do you make of this? Is it to do with the approaching summer solstice? What do you suppose the Galactics are saying to us now?

I’m certainly no crop circle interpreter, but some have brilliant ideas about what these babies mean.  I first saw a parachute and a new moon. There are more ideas under ‘comments’ at the Crop Circle Connector website.

It’s crop circle season again so we can expect  many more cryptic messages in the coming months.  I’d rather get my messages directly from the Galactics’ mouths, though.  ;0)  Fingers crossed.  ~ BP



Source (top video): MrGyro FPV

A spectacular crop circle appeared at Banbury Rings near Wimborne Minster, Dorset, UK on June 17, 2014 and was filmed by MrGyro on June 18, 2014.

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14 thoughts on “Spectacular Crop Circle at Badbury Rings Near Wimborne Minster, Dorset, UK June 17, 2014 [videos]

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    Awesome images presented for our perusal. Check them out. Even if you’re not clear as to what crop circles actually are about or who really is behind the mystery, the beauty transcends the speculation.

  2. Athena says:

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    It’s Crop Circle season folks. Gotta live it. It is amazing how this crop circles are created. They are made with infrasound waves, light and water.

    If you want to know more about crop circles, my friend and Crop Circle expert, Freddy Silva wrote a book called Secrets In The Fields. I think you’ll find it fascinating.

    According to Freddy these Crop Circles not only contain messages for us, but are also delivering messages to Mother Gaia’s Ascension.

    Injoy, Athena

  3. justin says:

    to me the “top of the parachute” is earth in solstice, the ball in the centre being the inner core of earth or energetic core and its connected to the new moon sliver with moons energetic core along other dimensions. it is relative to right now, inso far as it is solstice, and almost the same amount of moon left before the dark of the moon 😀

  4. prote says:

    i live 4 miles away, its BADBURY Rings the name is important, its a special place


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    Crop Circle Season?

  6. Darren says:

    Anytime we see these flat, 2D crop circles and people make the connection to the tree of life, please check out this animation for the 3D tree of life, the transition from dodecahedron to cube to tetrahedron;
    12 pentagons to 6 squares to 4 triangles:


    Many times only half a pattern is provided and the other half is left for the observer to supply.

    The labyrinth is walked to turn inside out.

    Here are a couple other beautiful designs that are similar to the crop circle:


    The rings at the bottom of the triangle’s point remind me of the rings of $aturn, the “horns” as in the index and baby finger salute to the black cube machine in the center of $aturn. Many celebrity occultists display the two finger salute as photographed in the following post:


  7. So I was thinking that it has something to do with the 3 creatures which are said to live within the yggdrasil tree….to be synbolic of a race of people or places….the dragon/China or Japan, the eagle/America and the stags/ Iran and Europe

  8. vendo4151 says:

    This is probably nothing, but my first reaction is that I am seeing Horus. … You know, the birds-head anthropomorphic Egyptian god. The other side of the vial is filled with such creatures, especially acknowledged in all shamanic traditions. Which very much includes the ancient Mediterranean region, as well as present day unspoiled mystical traditions.

  9. crew says:

    If someone is making these “messages,” then they must know someone is reading them. Question is – Who?

  10. futuret says:


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