Why Are Americans so Apathetic (and what can be done about it): The Corbett Report [video]

James Corbett is another Canadian who makes a significant contribution to our understanding of what’s happening across the globe in his business-like, astute manner—minus the drama and exclamation marks often seen in the alternative media which, I feel, adds to his credibility.

In this 75 minute analysis, Corbett presents a number of gems with respect to why it may be so difficult t0 light a fire under the typical American and inspire them to action at a time when their rapid counter to current events  is so critical.  ~ BP


About: The Boiling Frogs Post (BFP) Roundtable takes on the public apathy surrounding the illegal wars of aggression, extrajudicial drone assassinations, illegal warrantless wiretapping, and other outrages of our era.

Why is the public so passive in the face of such abuses? Does it reflect learned helplessness, and if so what can be done about it?

Find out more in this must-see BFP Roundtable discussion.


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