Comic Relief: Queen Elizabeth the Pedophile Stars in her Own Movie [video]

I really needed this. Thanks to those who shared it. The cabal hates it when we laugh at them, and sometimes if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

There will be plenty of time for anger when the world is acquainted with the truth of this monstrous tale. 

“The Queen Is Named As Part Of An International Paedophile Ring by Bill Maloney.”  Clever video. 

If you read some of the comments beneath the video, you’ll see that not everyone knows the truth. Yet.  They don’t WANT to believe it, of course, but in short order they’ll have no choice.  

Hopefully they’ll do some research and land on the ITCCS web site.

BTW, you may have heard that Facebook is playing games with Kevin Annett and Alfred Webre and the postings. All sorts of blocking, etc. going on. 

And that’s a clue right there to the authenticity of the claims. If it was all lies and disinfo, they would have no issues sharing their latest updates.  It’ll all get sorted.  ~ BP

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4 thoughts on “Comic Relief: Queen Elizabeth the Pedophile Stars in her Own Movie [video]

  1. tachyoner says:

    bloggarelundgren take your head out of the sand! Do your research and find the truth out!

  2. bloggarelundgren says:

    I don´t like it. accusations without proof. Awful.
    (Goeran, Sweden)

  3. christy says:

    loved it , had to pin it a few times on my pinterest boards. so many others can see.

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