A Group of Pleiadians Removed Thousands of Cabal from the Planet June 15th [audio]

Thank you, Jane, for sending this. I still haven’t had a chance to listen to much more than an hour, but WOW!

Julien Wells always shares the most incredible insights about what is happening behind the scenes on the Galactic Front and this discussion is no exception.

If you’re not familiar with Julien, he has an incredible conduit to the Pleiadians who regularly share information with him and he never knows when the telepathic transmissions are going to come through.

He says a group of Pleiadians that is desperate to make a difference in the planetary situation went outside the box and devised a way to free nearly 11,000 underlings of the cabal who have been screaming to get out of their predicament and contracts with their masters—despite the fact that other groups of Pleiadians, Andromedans, Arcturians, Orions, Sirians, etc. disagreed with their plan.

Those removed from the planet are the highly compartmentalized cabal who are afraid for their lives at the hands of Humanity when we learn what they’ve done. They are not near the top and just do what they’ve been trained to do—but that does affect us and their removal will benefit many of us.

You’ll have to listen for yourselves, but this makes it crystal clear that…

1.  There are many, many independent groups of galactics on their own missions to free us and that is why no ONE spokesperson at our disposal knows everything that is happening or will happen, or why or when.

2.  Our star families are under no such edict to keep their noses out of our business and refrain from “interfering”. They’re interfering BIG TIME! and I’m so grateful. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I think it was a brilliant plan.

Thank you Julien and everyone involved with bringing us this fascinating information. There is another interview they recommend listening to first, but I had to jump on this one when I had connectivity. I’ll catch up later.  Click the link below to listen and get the details.  ~ BP


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17 thoughts on “A Group of Pleiadians Removed Thousands of Cabal from the Planet June 15th [audio]

  1. Michelle says:


    Every action, seemingly small Or large that is contributing to helping Humanity’s journey – is another step closer.
    Saving a single person from human trafficking may not change the whole world, but it adds up with every other beautiful act.
    Removal of thousands of Cabal may not change the world on a tangible level for you, but it is acts such as these (regardless if this truly took place) that add up to our common goal.
    It is better than nothing.

    Come on, together we can all change this world.

    Much Love ❤

  2. Jimmy says:

    Not that I doubt this,… but if “true”,… Where is the list of names – so that it can be verified,… ???

  3. jettjett64 says:

    With them trying to help on stopping missiles and taking out toxins out of our oceans. And catching the cabals and stopping another war and countless other deeds I don’t know how they ever do anything else. Truly a beautiful gift showing us how much love they have for us and Earth. Earth is the most beautiful essence of our eternal being. Without her spirit there is no survival for this planet. The cabal and Us took her spirit and she has to heal just like we all do. The cabal are coming down but the media still refuses to report the real news. We see some bits. But their illusion is to keeping our illusion going. So crazy isn’t it. Thank you PB. These sure are exiting times. The fear left for us when we awakened up. It’s no accident we are here now. It’s not an accident at all. Stay safe. Peace 

  4. Trygve says:

    I would love to see a follow up on this story!
    Which members of the cabal have been removed?
    Why not publish the list so we can all verify?
    Believing in Pleiadians’ good intentions could be possible…

  5. Spock says:

    By the way…i found a very interesting discussion on “Galactic connections” concerning the “Yellow Rose for Texas” Video “Nasa lied..”

    It is from last week and has some very interesting points to offer :


  6. Spock says:

    Dear Molly !

    At this time i only want to say “Thank you” for your good work to keep us all informed of what is going on behind “the big curtain” ! 🙂

  7. Giftoftruth says:

    As above, so below. what is happening on the earth is happening in the heavens. they are all batting for the same team (if they exist) and are equally responsible for this mess. no one is going to save you, but yourself. this corrupt demuirge has cracks in the foundations, the projector is broken; pray direct to source, the great mystery.

    death is your doorway to freedom: you can either return to play this duality thereby giving your power away OR move on; there are choices. your emotions are being harvested and every galactic conman has been invited to feast.

    Any ET’s who announce themselves will be served with a notice of trespass; we do not want them here; we are responsible for this mess and we need to clean it up or cease to exist, along with the madness and the earth if we fail: “For behold, I create new heauens, and a new earth: & the former shal not be remembred, nor come into mind…”

    In Peace

    • Giftoftruth… It’s best if we speak for ourselves, because while YOU may not want the ETs here, many of us do, because we believe we CANNOT break free of the spells and technologies of beings who are far advanced. If we could, we would have already done it. This is the prophesied time, and our Golden Age awaits.

  8. ~china~ says:

    @futuret …hehe! funny you…what have You! done lately..? perhaps i call you johnny… oh! and yes!…here is Your ~pink~slip~pink….tata….ciao…in Peace~Mir~ You go….KissKiss…

  9. the synopsis is great news. however the interview is basically unlistenable to me partly due to the unclarity of the sound and partly due to the way too many number of words used to say something.

  10. Reblogged this on Angel 4 Light and commented:
    💖 Great news for the Light! Our meditations are working! Keep shining out you Love and Light! Darkness is quickly leaving us!!!

    Be blessed!

  11. p says:

    I don’t know how to reach Julien,but want to thank him for this report. I’ve been trying to find ways to help those such as were removed. Many of them know that most of them were on the slate to be extinguished as the cabal had only planned on keeping a relatively small number of them as slaves( 440,000 of 20 million) while also doing away with rest of the world’s population.

  12. futuret says:


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