Humanity Walk with Mehren T. Keshe at Vatican City on Monday, June 16th, 2014

Here’s an interesting new initiative taking place near the Vatican. I don’t imagine the Vatican Police will be thrilled, but it’s supposed to be a peaceful protest.  

 This is from the Humanity Walk with Messiah Facebook page. I’m not sure I like the “Messiah” bit, but whatever.  All I know is what you see below.  ~ BP

Humanity Walk with Mehran T. Keshe at Vatican City on Monday, June 16th, 2014

Admin says… “The place to meet is by the OBELISK in the centre of the San Peter Square (or Piazza San Pietro) at 11 am on Monday the 16th of June.”

Someone also posted this…

“If you want to declare your intention for Peace on the Planet Earth, protecting the Humanity in this crucial moment of our civilization be at 11:00 AM on 06/16/2014 in Vatican City, Italy to participate in the peaceful procession of Кеsh Foundation.
Let be Peace!

“Идваме за да ИЗМОЛИМ МИР”

Ако желаете да декларирате намерението си за мир на планетата , опазване на човечеството в този преломен момент за цивилизацията ни бъдете в 11:00 на 16/06/2014 във гр. Ватикана , Италия за да участвате в мирното шествие на Кеш Фондация.
Да бъде Мир!”



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