Arizona Collecting Signatures to Add the “Right to Know About GMOs” to the November Ballot

A reader asked for information about the collection of signatures so they could also pass this on and contribute to the initiative.

If you live in Arizona and would like to volunteer, you can visit the web site:

On this site it says they have 20,000 signatures. We need 175,000. Deadline for submitting signatures is JUNE 25, so please take action immediately if you’re serious about contributing.

Also visit the MeetUp page for details. (see below) If you are not a member of already, you will need to create an account to be able to access the page for Right to Know Arizona.

There are specific instructions for adding signatures and the way information is included on the signature sheets, so please take note so signatures aren’t disregarded.

Go to this site below for the forms to sign. They would need to attach the initiative itself to the signature sheet, sign it and send it to someone.

SIGNERS NEED TO BE REGISTERED VOTERS IN ARIZONA, and must use their registered voter address.

RightToKnowAZ-Logo2B  and

Remember to use a separate sheet for each county, and write the county in which they are registered in the top right corner of the signature sheet.
Go Arizona!  Let’s show California and Washington State how it’s done!   ~ BP




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3 thoughts on “Arizona Collecting Signatures to Add the “Right to Know About GMOs” to the November Ballot

  1. cmwkrn says:

    The fight should be to STOP manufacturing poisoned food, not demanding our right to know which foods are poisonous! We are so gullible! We are playing right into Monsantos hands…diverting us from the real issue. They are killing and mutating human beings. They’re criminals!

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    • CMWKRN—of course that is the goal, but you cannot achieve that overnight with one initiative when your opponent is as rich, powerful, corrupt and connected as Monsanto, the FDA, the Illuminati, Big Ag, etc. Many people don’t even know about GMOs for starters. That’s why the Marches Against Monsanto. We have to educate the public first before we can expect them to take action. The poisons will not stop until The People demand it, and right now, there are not enough awakened ones to do that. We’re working as fast as we can.

  2. Eugene J Martin says:

    All states need a right to know ! All the United states are all equal to the potential hazard of gmo’s . Our children are not test subjects.

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