Round Table Discussion with Tolec, Kauilapele, Alfred Webre, James Gilliland, Drunvalo Melchizedek July 5th, 2014 [video]

This should prove to be a very enlightening exchange of ideas and information! 

From Tolec’s website:

On Independence Day weekend – Saturday evening, July 5th2014 – 8:00PM EDT / 5:00PM PDT /  12:00AM GMT/UTC on the PSN Network –  moderated by Joe Marra of Universal Talk Radio – will be a very unique radio show roundtable panel discussion:

“Special Report: A Higher Dimensional Perspective on Our Changing World”

Panel guests include:

  • Drunvalo Melchizedek
  • James Gilliland
  • Alfred Webre
  • Kau’ila
  • Tolec

Click link for video invitation on YouTube:


That’s not to say there won’t be extradimensionals there as well, right?


Note: I’ll be on the Candia Sanders show on Revolution Radio/Odyssey on Monday night, June 16th—providing technical difficulties don’t interfere again.  ~ BP

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2 thoughts on “Round Table Discussion with Tolec, Kauilapele, Alfred Webre, James Gilliland, Drunvalo Melchizedek July 5th, 2014 [video]

  1. Looking forward to it. Great guest line up.

  2. Arlene Lane says:

    to the big picture, this round table discussion is a great idea but at the same time lets hope that the right questions get asked, i know that ALFRED WEBRE is on board but he is sometimes a bit long winded reaching the conclusion bless him, so maybe we could speed him up a little bit, and regarding TOLEC there is of lot of comments being made about underground alien bases being destroyed it sounds good but the average JOE and JUDY need something a bit more tangible something that we can all see, because all we can see at the moment are a thousand US MILITARY BASES around the world with a missile shield around Poland and Rumania, most of these are no longer soldiers only serial killers in uniform and are they not serving a reptilian agenda, would it not be a good idea as a show of faith to eliminate these creatures, you cannot make deals with them their history is endless broken oaths and treaties, I am 77 years old and I sure would like to see some peace on earth before I die. ninety per cent of the whole world knows that the USA does not have any allies only leaders of countries that have been threatened of blackmailed, because the whole US government is being run by the reptilian elite blueblood families of the ROTHSCHILDS and the ROCKERFELLERS. sincerely A,R.LANE

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