What Went on at the Dulce Underground Base in New Mexico? The Alien Agenda Explained [video]

Great video, and quite the bedtime story!

If you don’t want to know the truth about what the US government has been up to all these years with regard to the ET coverup—please don’t watch. It may be difficult for new Truthers to believe if they are not at least slightly up to speed on the alien agenda.

Keep in mind that the book, ” The Prisoners of Dulce Base”, which the YouTube channel owner reads to you, is about a decade old, he says. You will find this, and other articles by Sherry Shriner here. While Sherry had a lot of great knowledge, I do NOT agree with everything she says, so don’t take it all to heart.

From what we understand, these DUMBs (deep underground military bases) have all been removed by the benevolent ETs and all the negative aliens are gone, other than the hybrids who are running the world—and they’re not long for this world, either.

What the book doesn’t say, is that the reason these malevolent aliens struck up the deal with the government is because their race was nearing extinction. They were unable to reproduce and needed human bodies to try to renew their kind and Humanity was inferior in intellect and technology so we were easy to dominate. The shadow government got suckered and we all paid the price.

This is good background for understanding where we are today; Who, When, How, Where, What, and Why.

Since the book is both displayed and read aloud, it’s appropriate for all of us, regardless of impairments.

I recommend turning off the CC closed captioning as it is far from accurate. English only.

For some reason I am unable to copy and paste the “About” section, so please go here to read that.  The video was uploaded May 16, 2012.

If this is new to you and you wish to do more research, you will find many videos about Phil Schneider, William (Bill) Cooper, Karla Turner and others on YouTube, and additional posts on this blog. Use the search tool.

Skeptical? The government has done everything in its power to keep the public from knowing that extraterrestrials are on our planet—for MANY reasons. Many whistleblowers were assassinated by the feds for telling the TRUTH, not because they made stuff up.

However, if the benevolent extraterrestrials, the ones who have been watching over us for so long were not playing their part, either Earth would no longer be here, or WE wouldn’t be here, or we would now be living our worst nightmare.  We owe them untold gratitude and will soon be able to thank them face to face.  ~ BP


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4 thoughts on “What Went on at the Dulce Underground Base in New Mexico? The Alien Agenda Explained [video]

  1. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

  2. Dale D says:

    Read “UFO Highway” by Anthony Sanchez. It’s all about this subject.

  3. Wanderer says:

    Nice to see you mentioned Billy Cooper. Working on a song right now that will be named in his honor. You will not be forgotten, Billy. I promise you that.

  4. Darren says:

    The horns of Lucifer, the two fingered salute is a subliminal reference to the rings of Saturn. $$$aturn or Sauron ( Satan ) is a metaphor for ignorance as the lord of the rings, $aturn’s 7 rings is the false light, dying star casting shadows off the mirror, the Moon of Moon-ey, the silver disk of the $aturn-Moon Matrix. The Beast is a reference to the material body, our physical form which can be graduated from by recognizing the Phi-cycle of phi-sics and phi-cycle-ality ( physicality ).
    The alpha-beta our written letters are waveguides to implosion as they are all shadows of a hypersphere. The bible was written by a collective of black magicians lead by Roman Piso, just as William Shakespeare was a collaborative effort. The patterns of the bible are used to generate forms from hyperspace, it is our imagination that is the real value as we are creators through our fractal DNA. Parasites are not fractal and cannot access hyperspace. They are trying to tap into our mojo and hitch a ride. The Earth Grid is the mechanism through which our spiritual energy connection to Earth has been short circuited via government Gothic architecture. Cathedrals are catheters. Watch Scott Onstott’s videos “Hidden in Plain Sight”. Google the Norwegian Pentagram. Advanced angelic ETs do not fly heavy metal, they don’t need a craft as they are able to convert their physical form into an energy field.

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