The Answer to Treasonous, Repressive Laws? Nullification! [video]

Sometimes the answers to seemingly impossible or complex problems are simple and right under our noses.

Humanity is beating the Illuminati at their own game with the laws that currently exist; peacefully and effectively.

Some states in America are already taking action to eliminate the treason, tyranny and oppression. Why not all? 

Check out the video below. Interesting stuff from Brasscheck TV and the Corbett Report.   ~ BP



It’s one answer.

State governments can say “no” to federal insanity.

Texas got the ball rolling with the threat to criminalize the TSA. (too bad they dropped the ball on that one.)

Now Virginia is saying they won’t cooperate with Obama’s “jail anyone-anytime-anywhere”. [NDAA]

Hundreds of city councils also stated that they would not cooperate with the so-called Patriot Act.

How to Nullify the NSA (and every other tyrannical government agency)


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2 thoughts on “The Answer to Treasonous, Repressive Laws? Nullification! [video]

  1. Landofmind says:

    The President of The United States have bashed his Military and have made skeletons out of our Defense. Please read The Declaration of Independence and there you will find where he has just stomped on it’s life line for our Nation’s future. Liberals aim to take us down by pushing Social Justice which is made up from Democratics and Progressives to Communist of which in (all) is no different. Immigrants are going to take our economy down just as intended to do so. Thousands of (children) from Mexico have all a sudden POPPED up and our straining tax dollars are paying the price. Guess what, Parents will be allowed to come over and this is where we lose because they’ll be giving voting rights under the new Anti-Voter ID movement. Smart plan to use the kids to get mom and dad,uncle,cousins over to vote. Anti-Voter ID is for one thing only, allowing illegals to vote. I am pissed because the Administration have called their own Military a bunch of liars to justifie for a loser. That burns bacause it tells me that Obama does not claim The United States Military as his own. A President stands by his Country and Forces. This one never has. This one will be out at the end of his term and plans for the new one is in the makings. It doesn’t matter who wins the seats on election day because the votes are what counts and Hillary C. will have all the Mexican votes she needs. WE are in trouble.

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