A Post No One Can Argue About

I love blogging, and feel I am contributing in some small way to a better, new world, but sometimes I grow weary of those who like to argue and find fault rather than DOING something about the situation in which we find ourselves. Couldn’t our time be better spent?

Toward that end, here is a post no one can argue about.


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I'm a Canadian freelance writer living near Phoenix, Arizona specializing in the 2012 phenomenon, spirituality, and wellness & nutrition. Over the past 8 years I've learned what our spiritual upgrade is REALLY all about and have access to insider information not shared in the mainstream media. I aim to dispel the myths and disinformation around The Shift and Ascension and help bring the world Truth. It is time. Welcome... and I hope this blog makes a difference in your spiritual liberation. ~ Molly A. Chapman

10 thoughts on “A Post No One Can Argue About

  1. Namaste SWM,
    You’ve done wonderful and varied postings and it doesn’t mean that you ‘agree’ with everything that you’ve posted. Sometimes, we post what others ‘may’ wish to read. I do that too and there are some Souls who are still in deep sleep and they ask me what kind of ‘pot’ I’ve been smoking and that they would like some. They said that they don’t understand my language too… so .. I told them that I don’t understand their language either .. and that’s all right .. ‘cos each of us are different and yet we all co-create to merge as One. They like to argue or to mock us .. and that’s all right too. But it is better that they spend their time somewhere else and read from those that they can resonate with and just pass this by.

    I’m not afraid to tell others what and how I feel and I’m not afraid to read what they want to say .. that doesn’t mean that I’m letting them ‘walk all over me’. I just tell them to not ‘knock on my door’ if they feel that they don’t resonate with my comments or postings. With that said, don’t be afraid to let others know how you feel or what you think. It doesn’t matter what they will say .. but it matters when you ‘allow’ them to ‘manipulate’ your feelings or thoughts. Ignore them and tell them to ‘not knock on your door’. They will learn to not knock on someone’s door unless they are willing to listen to what others have to say. “knock and it will open’ – their hearts and they are all ‘afraid’ of changes and afraid of learning the truth and that their comfortable ‘reality’ is going to crumble and collapse.

    So .. do not waiver, stand tall and dig your roots deep into the core of Mother Earth. She will support you with much love and blessings . no matter what others may say .. as they don’t know what they are saying or thinking… and we don’t understand their language either. They all evolve at a slower pace than you .. and that’s all right too.

    We all appreciate and love you for all your hard work, time spent and wisdom along the way. We are all supporting you as much as you’re supporting all of us in your own way. We are all One and forever will Be One. Know this deep within your Being and in your heart that this is the Truth and We All Love You and your partner, for being so very gracious to let you spend your time, loving and supporting all Beings on Planet Earth through your blog postings. Both of You are being loved, blessed and appreciated Now and Forever. And so it is and it is so. Sending bright Reiki blessings your way. – Agnes

    • Thank you all for the support. I wasn’t looking for accolades, just pointing out that we need to pick our battles.

      I don’t expect or want everyone to agree, and alternative opinions are great—unless they’re a put-down of Cobra, or other Lightworkers, as I said—but spending valuable time that can never be recouped on insignificant details is counter-productive, I feel. I never said I was perfect, may get some details wrong, and don’t need to hear about it unless it is of major importance. That’s all, folks. Thank you for your appreciation. I know I can’t please all the people all the time.

  2. Edie says:

    You are doing a F A N T A S T I C job!!!!!!!!
    I have sent your posts out countless times to countless friends and will continue to do so. Some of us want to be empowered by knowledge. And your humor and humaness are incredible ( healthy version of )
    icing on the ( again gluten free , dairy free) cake!!! Keep raidating your Starlight!!! Edie

  3. Demitra M. N. says:

    Theoretically, someone could easily argue that this post is just another fault-finding complaint on a mission to stir up the pot. Not me, of course, because I so appreciate all the work you do around here!

    (Personal insight) None of us can change another person’s perspective anymore than we can change the language they use to describe the emotional qualities that are stirred up in them by what they believe is reality. All we can do is let others speak their mind and point them to the door when they’re not respecting the other kids in the sandbox. Important: if you know exactly where your personal boundaries lie, you can more easily catch trouble looking for itself at the pass and avoid the fall-out before it happens.

    Okay, back into my little corner of the woods now.. 😉

  4. Esmeralda Williams says:

    I think you make a positive, insightful, and meaningful contribution. Truth will resonate differently for everyone at different points in time. I appreciate you and all of your efforts. I discovered your blog about 4-6 months ago and truly look forward to your frequent posts. 😀

    Love and Light to you always, Esmeralda Williams


  5. I’ve got to say I so agree with Linda Sky. I didn’t think I was being crass by saying ‘I wonder if it’s true.’ It’s very difficult to vet the truth. Just like the other supposed ‘school shooting today’ reported on Yahoo news. Folks are too willing yet to believe what the msm says. We, in our hearts and with the photographic and strategic investigations that have been done, ‘know’ the truth.

    You are appreciated BP, very much. Don’t let folks ruffle your feathers too much. And when it comes to proof of UFOs and who owns them it’s just to difficult to prove what belongs to whom. But that’s okay because we can keep on vetting and soon we’ll know.

    Love ya, kiddo. ❤

  6. Jimmy says:

    There are people who live to argue, & it is pointless to argue w/ them. I have tried, perhaps they will see things differently. But even if you reach that point, then they will argue about something else,… so you can only productively argue w/ open minded people who are willing to exchange information both ways. Otherwise, it is a waste of both time, & energy,…

  7. joe says:

    Love the web site, and what you do. Keep up the great work

  8. Linda Sky says:

    Thank you for everything you do. I am bad at clicking “like” but I read your blog every day and truly appreciate the time and energy it takes to research and post the articles you do. A lot of folks are just waking up and that beginning place is hard. When your entire reality is being challenged and is shifting, folks can tend to lash out and argue incessantly. I know this from personal experience. Hang in there, I would dare say you are a shining light for many of us. Cheers, Linda Sky

  9. OK. Always a good time to take a break. Be sure you are quickening your steps to a bigger you by letting go of ALL interference.

    Thank you very, very much for your efforts.

    Hi Airl; Hi Matilda.

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