Lecture from former US Military Bob Dean on the Extraterrestrial Coverup [video]

Thanks to the crew at Syncrenicity for sharing. Click the link to read more.

Here is one of my very favourite whistleblowers, Bob Dean, delivering another riveting lecture from the UK.  I haven’t yet watched this, but they said it was new, while some say it’s old. It will be new to me, I think.

When you hear it from the mouths of astronauts, cosmonauts and ex-military with “Cosmic Clearance”… it gives it an extra twist of credibility. I wonder how many people “got it” after listening to Bob’s testimony over the years… ~ BP

“This is the biggest story in human history,” said Retired Command Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean



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12 thoughts on “Lecture from former US Military Bob Dean on the Extraterrestrial Coverup [video]

  1. Dan W says:

    Just like the people here on earth, I believe we have good and bad et’s and they all have different agendas, like us, they are fighting for this planet one way or another. It’s discouraging to see all this evil play out before our eyes. If Cobra and others are right about the “Light Forces”, they better step their game up and finish this, because its getting a little more frightening every week.

  2. Steven says:

    The difference is….20 years have gone by since that lecture…I doubt Bob Dean would draw the same conclusions today

  3. Carlos says:

    Pretty darn new to me!

  4. Steven says:

    I agree with Rique…its probably 1995…he shows a clip of UFO’s over Mexico with a date stamp of July 1995 and comments that the images are ” a few months old”

    Like Athena, I have a lot of respect for Bob Dean, his integrity and his spiritual approach…
    however I totally disagree with his conclusion that if only humanity could become more civilised, less violent and greedy, we could join this family of benevolent ET races..

    I dont see ET’s like that at all. After a lifetime of study and research and some possible abduction experiences in my childhood, I lean towards the Karla Turner viewpoint, supported by John Lash, Cameron Day and many others who feel that the ET agenda is all about using humans for their purposes, with absolutely no regard for us whatsoever. I am very skeptical of this New Agey idea that there are super wise and wonderful ET’s out there waiting to welcome us into their paradise-like super evolved state…as Karla Turner famously said… if these guys are benevolent, why do they abduct us from our bedrooms in the dark, abuse our bodies, then plant screen memories in an effort to hide what they have done?

    To BP…. great blog!

  5. donfen@peoplepc.com says:

    Never even heard of this whistleblower before. Time flew by while listening intently to this marvelous lecture. Thanks so much, Molly. Sincerely, Donna Fenwick

  6. Rique Seraphico says:

    Perhaps it would be more appropriate to remove this “new” thing from the tittle of the post, given that it is clearly NOT the case. I can’t quite remember when Graham Birdsal (the one who introduced Bob in Leeds) passed away (I was at the funeral), 2003, perhaps, will have to look into that. But the Lecture itself was from 1995, 96 tops..

    So as such is quite misleading and misinformed from the source, which is not good for this excellent site.

    I spoke to Bob’s new wife last year, I wanted to reunite with him again and bring him to do a tour in Brazil, but his health had been quite bad then, that he had to cancel all his Lectures, so I was QUITE surprised when I read NEW Lecture from Robert Dean!

  7. Athena says:

    Reblogged this on Ascension Project 2012 and commented:
    I absolutely love Bob Dean. He has been such and inspiration to me for many years. Thank you Bob for all that you do and have done to bring this information out from behind the black curtain of secrecy to the world.
    In joy and gratitude, Athena

  8. Rique Seraphico says:

    I have had the honor & privilege of having met, and in the case my amigo, the late Graham Birdsall (UFO Magazine’s director), worked with during the many years I was part of that familly, having won a few awards together ,and also spent 3 days with Bod Dean during the 90s in the UK.

    To this date, and having met many of the creme de la creme of the UFO Community, Bob stands head and shoulders above all others. He is truly a fantastic person, an iconic figure, with a level of Spirituality, seldom found in our field of expertise and passion.

    Having said all that, the above Lectures are NOT new in any way. I have the video somewhere, that is how old this is, 95 perhaps?? I worked backstage in many of these lectures for UFO Magazine, I sadly missed this one in Leeds, but met Bob (and Cecilia) Dean (through Jaime Maussan) the following year, I think.

    Still, I truly recommend the above, Bob at his very best, without a doubt!

    Rique Seraphico.

  9. Steven says:

    This is hardly new…in the last couple of minutes he shows film of a UFO next to the World Trade Centre so its pre 2001

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