I’ll Be a Guest on Revolution Radio/Odyssey Radio Mon. June 9th

One never knows what lies around the corner, and out of the blue (or so it seems) I’ve been invited to join medical intuitive, psychic and author Candia Sanders on her radio show tomorrow night.

The book cover of Soul Rays

Candia is on the road promoting her new book and she is one fascinating lady—a gifted healer with a delightful sense of humour. She signs off her emails with “cosmic goodies”… had to laugh.

I hope to meet Candia face to face later this month when she holds workshops here in the Valley of the Sun.


Candia’s blog http://candiasanders.wordpress.com/discover-your-soul-ray/

We have a lot in common and it should be a fun evening, beginning 8 pm Pacific Daylight Time on Freedom Slips, “Odyssey Radio with Mike”. That’s in “STUDIO B”.  Candia is not yet listed as a host on the program on the Freedom Slips website. You can listen free via the Internet.

The program with Mike begins at 7:00 (10:00 EDT), but Candia and I will be on at 8 PDT, the second hour, after the ads.

If you can’t make it live, you will be able to listen to the archived call, I think.  If so, I’ll post the link here later.


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I'm a Canadian freelance writer living near Phoenix, Arizona specializing in the 2012 phenomenon, spirituality, and wellness & nutrition. Over the past 8 years I've learned what our spiritual upgrade is REALLY all about and have access to insider information not shared in the mainstream media. I aim to dispel the myths and disinformation around The Shift and Ascension and help bring the world Truth. It is time. Welcome... and I hope this blog makes a difference in your spiritual liberation. ~ Molly A. Chapman

2 thoughts on “I’ll Be a Guest on Revolution Radio/Odyssey Radio Mon. June 9th

  1. Reblogged this on "Isle of View" and commented:
    I have had this intuitive feeling for some time that I’d really like to meet the woman behind the veil of Starship Earth’s blog. Well, set the intention and magic happens! Molly Chapman will be joining me tonight at 8pm on Odyssey Radio to discuss some completely out-of-the-box concepts, ideologies and political viewpoints. Better yet, we are going to meet in person in the next couple of weeks.

    Once again, it speaks to the profound powerful impact of intention married to Universal energies and timing.

    Invitation: set your intention, focus and visualize, better yet, ” feel” the results of your directive. Magic awaits you.

    Please consider listening this evening.

    Cosmic sunshine to you.


  2. Really looking forward to it! May it be the first of many! Cosmic sunshine!

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