HAARP/Chemtrails Weapons of Mass Destruction Slide Show

pentagram chemtrailsLast week the image at left greeted us as we embarked on our morning walk; this, after a couple of days of clear blue. It resembles the better part of a pentagram, doesn’t it?

Alfred Webre shared the following slideshow on his Exopolitics site and it’s an excellent presentation for the newly-initiated as well as old timer Truthers.

You can move from slide to slide at your own pace, no audio.

It goes into the multiple purposes behind the Chemtrails program, the breakdown of the content of the aerosols, symptoms resulting, and includes the mention of “domestic” UFOs masked via hologram as airline tankers, and the probable engagement of Extraterrestrial UFOs to counter the assault on Humanity—and a lot more.

Interesting… the part about UFOs made to look like planes because someone mentioned in a video I watched recently that the plane “shimmered” or something to that effect, as though it were plasma, or a mirage, which it did. A hologram might explain that.

Cobra mentioned recently that another reason for the chemtrails program is to render the atmosphere inhospitable to the ETs, making it difficult to land their craft.  ~ BP


HAARP/Chemtrails WMD: Exposing a Spiritual, Mass Mind-Control, and Planetary Assault

Use this link to reach the slide show.


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3 thoughts on “HAARP/Chemtrails Weapons of Mass Destruction Slide Show

  1. Graham says:

    They have NO right to spray us with anything without our consent. This is what the Nuremberg trials were all about, those scientists who were performing experiments on the prisoners in concentration camps were all hanged for doing this and the end result of those trials was that it would never be done again. I say hang all the politicians, if they don’t know it’s happening or if that is their excuse, hang them for not doing their job right. To me it’s treason.

  2. schauminator says:

    I live in the southern part of Virginia working as a Federal Contractor. in this immediate area we have the worlds largest Navy base including Langley, NSA, FBI, NRO, NASA, CIA and multiple Army bases. We are covered with Chemtrails 24/7. Two weeks ago I had to travel to West Virginia visiting the FBI Clarksburg, WV new biotech center. On the way there for 300 miles where no chemtrails just blue sky, but as soon as I was in the areas of the Greenbrier resort/facility the skies were covered with their art work including S turn trails and looking like they were playing tic-tac-do. The chemtrails and the Smokey Skies disappeared on the way home about a 150 miles away from the FBI facility.
    When I arrived home I asked friends that work north of me 250 miles in N. VA and Maryland if they see them. Their answer, yes especially in the areas of Fort Meade, Andrews AFB, Army Research Center-Aberdeen MD, and naturally the Pentagon in the Wash DC area.
    no one that I know has a definitive answer for these trails. some say they read/heard it is to affect the weather patterns related to global warming or it is a metallic defense shield to increase the EMI/RFI interruptions of any incoming foes. Others think both are claims are right as a dual purpose and probably has unintended consequences we won’t find out until the next generation.. this is most likely all bad as the news media will not investigate.

  3. sali landricina says:

    gute slide show

    it s real but don t worry die positiven ausserirdischen neutralisieren die dinger seit jahren (no joke 🙂 )

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