Neil Keenan Updated No-Fly Accords: June 5, 2014

Check out the list of “elite” Zionists. The globalists are not elite—not in MY book.  ~ BP



ZionistNaziFlagThe NO FLY ACCORD constitutes a world’s response to a small fascist clique of zionist rogue nations.

 NO FLY ACCORDS – latest update (click to download)

It is rather simple in terms but powerful in implementation.  With people in political positions in this clique abusing their powers with impunity it is necessary for all other nations to be able to protect their citizenry and sovereignty from the fascist movement of this generation.

The way to do this is simple.  As our mothers and fathers taught us, we just close the doors to unwanted visitors. We cannot and do not need to allow foreigners and enemies into our homes creating divisiveness and eventually taking them over entirely in our stead.  The NO FLY ACCORD prevents the opening from occurring in the first place.  But we must be careful because the Globalist spit their venom on all of us at every opportunity.

With God’s help – and we know he is there watching us every second of the way – we will turn the corner and sprint across the finish line.  Let us pray that the Nations that join this noble accord move quickly and either sign this accord directly, or pass it through their legislation so that it is implemented for the safety of us all.  If we fail to act and do our duty to defend our rights, our families, our homes, our nations and our environment, we just might be looking at World War III.

One thing I would like for you to look at is the list of names.  Do you see what I see?  Almost all of them are Zionist!  How did we ever allow them to worm their way into lording over us?  They will do what they want until we say NO — and that is what will be accomplished with this accord.



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7 thoughts on “Neil Keenan Updated No-Fly Accords: June 5, 2014

  1. says:

    Molly, Thanks for all the great info, and especially for this one. Read the whole thing. Thank God for Neil and his team, and to you for posting the complete No-Fly Accords. And a paw-shake to Mica. Best wishes, Donna Fenwick

  2. Daniel Stetler says:

    The names, addresses, private and commercial contact information along with all evidence of anti-human behavior needs to be published through the widest distribution of liberty loving nations, press companies, and websites including social media as much as possible. If the evil actors are USA politians their distribution should be outside of US territorial legal reach. If any of the evil actors are elected representatives with the USA then the suggestion of inhumane activity within the public hearing will become a great political scandal that they will not recover from.

  3. rahyah says:

    Within the 2014 No-Fly Accords specifically at page 46, item number 3 gives rise to our commentary and concern not addressed.

    This accord touches not upon the Last in Time Rule which supersedes even treaty. Though we find this rule repugnant honorably speaking, this Rule is expressed aptly in 1888 by the U. S. S. C.

    The rule and its rationale were articulated by the Supreme Court in Whitney v. Robertson:

    By the constitution, a treaty is placed on the same footing, and made of like obligation, with an act of legislation. Both are declared by that instrument to be the supreme law of the land, and no superior efficacy is given to either over the other. . . [I]f the two are inconsistent, the one last in date will control the other . . . If the country with which the treaty is made is dissatisfied with the action of the legislative department, it may present its complaint to the executive head of the government, and take other measures as it may deem essential for the protection of its interests . . .

    The duty of the courts is to construe and give effect to the latest expression of the sovereign will.

    But notwithstanding otherwise, these suggested accords amount to subservience to a global scheme politically afoot for eons.

    The compelled systematic educational denial of our sovereign knowledge of equality in truth, arising equally amongst all walks of life from their first moments of our Crowning Nativity via Nature’s Law and Nature’s (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason.

    Furthermore, it behooves us in the interest of Universal Peace, that All Walks of Life should have a clear comprehension of this organic truth via the Science of Right Reason. For this purpose alone, the Science of Right Reason, manifests that to maintain Good Will in the interest of Universal Peace with All Walks of Life, each State must Stand in Equality before both Law and Justice, established upon the Universal Pillars of both Law and Justice via variation by agreement, if any possibility shall exist, for a just orderly framework of any exercise and individual preservation for their universally recognized principles and/or endowments to which the Law’s of Nature and Nature’s Creator have entitled them.

    Historically right or wrong, overwhelming might has been used by every geopolitical form of government on this planet to compel what ever their prevailing political wind says right or otherwise. And, this forced involuntary servitude upon all walks of life, has been known as the Laws of Conquest and presently, Civil in nature. And until all walks of life unite in unanimity otherwise, chaos shall remain under marshal civility. For you can always find at any given time in Earth’s history at least 4% of all walks of life willing to sacrifice anything and everything as a gang of sycophants hell bent on total world domination, to sacrifice anything in their path to power.

    History is about what the other 96% of all walks of life do in response to these socially and morally depraved eugenic sycophants. Whatever people may choose to do, we have already chosen our response. May yours serve good will as good neighbors similarly situated as well…:)

    Your friend in law!

    Most graciously….’In Honor We Trust’
    Notice: U.P.C. Applicable.
    P.S.: Please forgive any syntax or grammatical errors.

  4. Twyla says:

    ahhhh… my glasses were not working….hahaha the list was longer than I suspected 🙂

  5. Twyla says:

    Galan Weston was on the Canadian list, and now he is not…. what happened there??? hmmm?

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