Operation American Spring is Going Strong in Washington May 31st

Just a reminder to everyone that Operation American Spring is not a one weekend protest.

It BEGAN on May 16th and it’s STILL ongoing.

Americans need to MOBILIZE and show other citizens they need to pay attention and DO something about the horrendous state of affairs in the USA.

Peaceful protest is the way to do it, and that is exactly what has been going on in Washington, DC—at monuments, the White House, the Capitol Building and memorials.

If you can join the folks on the scene please do. Help wake people up. Confirm for them that the situation is serious and the shadow government must be taken to task.

Join the peaceful revolution and take your country back. Other countries are doing it, but your corporate media won’t tell you about it.

See the photos, videos, visit the Facebook page, the website, or America: Where Are You Now? on Facebook

You’ve got to do this yourself, America. No one can do it FOR you.  ~ BP



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8 thoughts on “Operation American Spring is Going Strong in Washington May 31st

  1. Unknown Patriot says:

    The Operation American Spring Protest is one move in the right direction for America, it’s the start of the “Revolt” against a fascist government out of control, ” Operation American Spring is in every Patriot Citizens Heart, And “We The People” Are On The March” !

    • UnknownPatriot: Exactly. It’s a beginning. Did anyone believe this one initiative was going to achieve the objective in two days? Really? The removal of the cabal is a PROCESS. OAS serves as an awakening to those who sleep on; to rouse them from their apathetic dreams that someone is going to make things better FOR them.

      NOTHING happens overnight. Not the taking down of Monsanto, the end of medical fraud, police militarization, bankster theft, none of it.

  2. boteotu says:

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    How many people are there now?

  3. Ghastly Von Gore says:

    I have to say I was excited for this one but I agree. It does give off a very disorganized feel to it. I had been watching the live stream for days and saw very little from the actual movement but just a guy yelling at trolls on the sidebar chat and promoting his country music. I can respect the level of care and amount of time put into it but have to say I was hoping for/expecting more from this than I have personally seen.

  4. Spud says:

    Seems very disorganized. Unlike Occupy Wallstreet, which had some union and celebrity power behind it, it seems to be only for the FB crowd, (which I would never trust or be part of – sort of a private/israeli nsa of its own.) They need some work, like the Peace or Civil Rights Marches of the 60’s and 70’s.

  5. monkymen9 says:

    Date: Sat, 31 May 2014 23:19:16 +0000 To: monkymen9@hotmail.com

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    Get involved keep informed and support humanity!

    Keep meditating and pray daily!

    Be blessed

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