Telescopically Filmed Chemplane & UFO [video]

Thanks to for sharing.

Here is more evidence that the Galactics have our backs and are cleaning up, or at least neutralizing the toxic effects of chemtrails.

I have a slogan for our friends upstairs.

The Galactic Confederation: Working for You…

I send my love and appreciation daily for everything they’re doing for us. 

If Crrow777 gets the equipment upgrade he wants, he could be sending us some dynamite shots. Nice work, buddy. 

I hope Qwest/Century Link gets some new equipment soon, too. My Internet has been up and down like a yo-yo for over a week and it’s so slow sometimes I can’t even stream a video—but I’m glad to have Internet period! ~ BP


Published on 5 May 2014

This clip shows a chemplane and a UFO shot through an 8″ telescope. This is a very difficult things to do as telescopes are not made to track moving objects. If you pull it off, it does give you a view not otherwise available – as in this clip.…

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The first upgrade will be a Canon camera body converted to shoot in IR (infrared) and UV (ultraviolet) for stand alone and telescopic use.

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4 thoughts on “Telescopically Filmed Chemplane & UFO [video]

  1. Dan W says:

    Yes, Doreen, its not a pretty picture and if you really want to expand your mind about chemtrails, do a google search for terraforming. No matter what they are doing, its down right GENOCIDE.

  2. Chemtrails May Contain Bio-Engineered RFID Chips in the Form of Nano-Fibres; FORCED Transhumanism is Here

  3. J.britton says:

    I send my sincere love to you for giving me the big picture and everyone involved. Reporters risking their lives. ALL who have participated saving our planet and everything in it.
    Our cosmic family has had a difficult task cleaning up these dark energies in our precious earth. All the prayers and positive energies have proven to be most effective. We still have much work ahead of us. But with our friends and family abroad it is inevitable the outcome. Participation from even a simple statement to bring Truth to what’s really happening for those still in chains.Its all Participation. The whole world will know the Truth. Our love and light is making its presence. Our Cosmic family has got our back.
    Finally the whole world will know what Love truly means. Thank you B.P

  4. Very interesting. Over here, they did the same, except they went up 6 at a time and made a huge fan shape. Sickening at best, and as soon as I got back in the door, I went onto the balcony with a spray bottle of spring water to rinse the off white residue from my plants; food, that is. then brought them inside. Seems every time I put them out there, cars are stopping, taking pictures, or small planes are coming over and the next thing I know, here come the chemtrails.

    There was ONE time when I was watching one of the chem planes up there, and saw a ball shaped UFO within the trail, then shot away really fast. It was as though it was being sprayed out of the plane, but then who really knows what the heck is going on. All we can do at this point is just ‘keep on, keepin on.’ Blessings and love. ❤

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