Greenwald to Publish Full List of Names Targeted by NSA Surveillance

Glen Greenwald Publish NSA Targets

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Cool—but when?  ~ BP


Greenwald’s Biggest Disclosure Yet

Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who worked with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to expose deceitful United States surveillance practices, said that he plans to publish a full list of individuals that the NSA has actively spied on.

“As with a fireworks show, you want to save your best for last,” Greenwald told GQ Magazine regarding the upcoming revelations. “This will be the finale, a big missing piece.” Greenwald has been in the press promoting his new book ”No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State” and affirmed to The Sunday Times that the list of NSA targets will be the “biggest” disclosure yet.

“One of the big questions when is comes to domestic spying is, ‘Who have been the NSA’s specific targets?’” Greenwald mused to The Sunday Times. “Are they political critics and dissidents and activists? Are they genuinely people we’d regard as terrorists?”

Greenwald went on to belittle the NSA for its failure to intercept Snowden’s acquisition of nearly 2 million classified files, as well as its failure to stop Snowden from releasing the damning information, saying,

“Not only was he out there under their noses downloading huge amounts of documents without being detected but to this day they’re incapable of finding out what he took.”

Greenwald will publish the list on The Intercept, an independent online publication created by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

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9 thoughts on “Greenwald to Publish Full List of Names Targeted by NSA Surveillance

  1. Kenneth says:

    My intuition tells me there is something NOT right about the whole Snowden thing in the first place…Its getting too much attention from the MSM, and THAT gives me pause about the whole story…I’m leaning toward the belief that this story is about getting people to FEAR the NSA…WHO wants that??? A recent video on YouTube of an ex-CIA agent explained WHY its impossible for them to “Cover” everyone on this planet…THEY just don’t have the “Man-Power” to carry out that much survelence!

    • Kenneth, I believe some have said that the negative purpose of letting the Snowden revelations come out is to get people to alter their behaviour—but there have been more positive outcomes and I think they outweigh the negative. Most of us aren’t paranoid and continue on as before, while some merely seek a secure way to communicate online, via cellphone, etc.

      • Kenneth says:

        I’m NOT worried either way, because when one knows what the “Final Outcome’ is going to be there is no need to worry…I just wonder about what some others may think if they see THEIR names on the list…but I did hear that former CIA man disclose that they aren’t as on top of things as they would like us to believe.

      • Kenneth says:

        About that Snowden interview posted on NBC the last few days…Did you know that when he was asked about the event that happened on 9/11…he completely censored it…did NOT tell the TRUTH about what really happened that day! Question is: If he is working for the RIGHT side of things, WHY did he respond the WAY he did in that interview about 9/11???
        For someone working in the intelligence field, he sure was complicant about “Covering it up” like the rest of the people involved…That’s why I have “Pause” about what “Side” of the issues he is “Actually” working on…Did anyone “Catch” that???
        That’s WHY I think he is a “Con-Job” working for the wrong side of things…actually still working for the NSA’s interest!…The very fact that he censored it PROVES this to be true!

      • Kenneth, there could be a number of reasons why Snowden didn’t go there. Perhaps he is picking his battles and limiting his comments to what he has revealed so far, leaving the rest for the “best” that Greenwald is yet to release to the public.

        Perhaps he has agreed not to discuss certain topics so as not to stir the pot with various nations—as that pot is bubbling merrily away on its own right now and notching up the heat could mean a nasty spillover.

        I don’t get the feeling and never have, that Snowden is anything but what he says he is. He rings 100% authentic to me, but we’ll see.

      • Kenneth says:

        That’s a very weak reason for NOT taking the “Golden opportunity” to at least shed more light about the event on 9/11, and he wouldn’t have to say much more than the fact that the event could NOT have happened as was represented by the media…just his knowledge about HOW intelligence actually works could have shown that it was impossible for it to have happened that way…Saying something as simple as THAT could have turned on a few more lights in the publics minds…All he did was help the “Cover-Up” about what happened…PLUS he went a LONG way to verify WHY more “Spying” is needed…aren’t WE trying to get away from that??? Understand?
        As far a “Stirring the Pot” goes, don’t you think that THIS is one pot that NEEDS stirring??? This is supposed to be a time for TRUTH to come out.

      • Kenneth, I dislike it intensely when you say, “Understand?” Please don’t. It comes across as condescending. I am not a child.

      • Kenneth says:

        I wasn’t saying that to insult you in ANY way friend…it was said to see if you understood the point I was trying to get across…please don’t Igo get in the way in having a valid conversation…I’m merly trying to see if youget the idea I was trying to imply about Snowdens interview, OK?
        My OPINION about this man is all I’m posting here…He just doesn’t quite “Add-Up” to me.

  2. This should be very interesting. Makes a person wonder if their name will appear on his list, or if it’s covered up? ❤

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