Neil Keenan Update May 27th: Cabal Payback for Donetsk Referendum with Unarmed Urban Civilian Slaughter [videos]

Thanks for the heads up, Drake.

This is update #2 from Neil today.  It sounds as though Neil is still calling for the arrests to come sooner, rather than later, as are others.

Please see Neil’s site for 7 videos!   ~ BP


With original and exclusive footage from sources inside Donetsk (see below) Neil is angry and cannot for the life of him understand how no one is stepping up to put a halt to the unarmed civilian slaughter in Donetsk.  This is cabal payback for the good citizens of Donetsk having the courage to take a stand for their right to self-determination.

Everybody sleeps while Donetsk burns.  Where is Putin?  Why haven’t the American people reigned in their dark empire?  Their ignorance and apathy will come with a price.  We have responsibility for what we allow our leaders to foist on the rest of the planet.  It is our responsibility to reign in these crusading sociopaths.

For Christ’s sake, somebody send in defensive weapons so that the courageous Donetsk people can defend themselves!  It will come to our door next if we continue to let these murderers have their way with the world.

Click here to see the 7 videos Neil posted…


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3 thoughts on “Neil Keenan Update May 27th: Cabal Payback for Donetsk Referendum with Unarmed Urban Civilian Slaughter [videos]

  1. How very sad, and because I subscribe to Neil’s updates I did leave a post for him. I suggested that we try not to feel hate or anger against the cabal because ‘they’ feed on that negative energy, which in part gives them more; especially the fear. That low vibration is what they crave to survive; very sickening indeed.

    So, I told Neil that I would try to create a large light protection surrounding the entire city, in hopes that we can foil the attacks against innocent people.

    Where does it all go, and when does it all cease? It would be nice if we could create this protective light circle together. Although I believe in the power or circle of ‘even one,’ we’re better as a group.

    Much love and blessings ❤

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    No one knows of what is going on, that is why we do not do anything. Time for the media to tell the truth about what is going on, so we can do something about the hardships of others. We need to share our stories world wide, with out censorship.

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