Cobra Interview with Rob Potter from May 20, 2014

You’ll find the player at the bottom of the interview page on Rob Potter’s website:

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I'm a Canadian freelance writer living near Phoenix, Arizona specializing in the 2012 phenomenon, spirituality, and wellness & nutrition. Over the past 8 years I've learned what our spiritual upgrade is REALLY all about and have access to insider information not shared in the mainstream media. I aim to dispel the myths and disinformation around The Shift and Ascension and help bring the world Truth. It is time. Welcome... and I hope this blog makes a difference in your spiritual liberation. ~ Molly A. Chapman

2 thoughts on “Cobra Interview with Rob Potter from May 20, 2014

  1. sgrmastermind says:

    Oh my! Please, please change the type of ‘player’ you use! I was half way through and it went back to the start of the interview; there is no way to return to the spot I left off. There also is no time information on how long this lasts!

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