Psychologists Explain 9/11 Denial Despite Hard Scientific Evidence [video]

Most of us reading this are no longer in denial, and once you have done the research and see the facts for yourself and the science and physics is laid out for you, you wonder how you could have ever believed the lies… but we’re not all there yet.

It can be really frustrating for us and we may want to yell, “How can an intelligent person like you believe that load of hooey the corrupt government is slinging?” Many of us know that discussing truths people are not ready to hear can result in some angry exchanges, resentment, and being ostracized. It’s hard being awake.

The Rethink 911 campaign has been successful in rousing a few people from their blissful reverie, but we still have a long way to go.

Denial is a very dangerous state to live in, because while all hell is breaking lose, our inner voice is saying, “it can’t be”. And the longer we are asleep, the more embarrassing it is when we wake up.

To refrain from saying, “I told you so” will be one of our biggest challenges, I think.  ~ BP


Seven psychologists plus author David Ray Griffin, Ph.D., provide insights on why so many people are in total denial regarding the truth about 9/11 despite “nine years of hard scientific evidence that disproves the government theory about what happened on September 11.” Trauma, fear, pride, and cognitive dissonance (information that contradicts beliefs about our worldview) are among the reasons given for why people can’t handle the truth about 9/11.

Below is a transcript of the key parts of the video:

Why are people resistant to looking at the hard evidence regarding 9/11?

Marti Hopper, Ph.D (Licensed Clinical Psychologist):

At this point, we have nine years of hard scientific evidence that disproves the government theory about what happened on September 11.  Yet, people continue to be either oblivious to the fact that this information exists or completely resistant to looking at this information.  So, the question becomes: Why?

Why is it that people have so much trouble hearing this information? From my work, I think we would be remiss not to look at the impact of trauma…

As we know, the horrors of what happened on 9/11 were televised all over the world. They were televised, in fact, live.  We witnessed the deaths of almost 3,000 of our fellow Americans.  We know that this had a very severe and traumatic impact on a majority of the population.   I, myself, cried for weeks after September 11.

A friend of mine, who is a psychologist in practice here in Boulder, said that her case load increased tremendously after 9/11.  People who she had not seen in ten years were coming back into her practice.

So, I think it’s safe to say that collectively, as a nation, because of what happened on September 11, we experienced trauma.

9/11 Truth Conflicts with Our Worldview, Causing Cognitive Dissonance

Frances Shure, M.A. (Licensed Professional Counselor):

Why do people resist this information – the information that shows that the official story about 9/11 cannot be true?  What I’ve learned is that, as humans, each of us has a world view.  That worldview is usually formed, in great part, by the culture that we grow up in.

When we hear information that contradicts our worldview, social psychologists call the resulting insecurity cognitive dissonance. For example, with 9/11 we have one cognition, which is the official story of 9/11 – what our government told us, what our media repeated to us over and over – that 19 Muslims attacked us.

On the other hand, we have what scientists, researchers, architects, and engineers are now beginning to tell us, which is that there is evidence that shows that the official story cannot be true.  So now, we’ve lost our sense of security.  We are starting to feel vulnerable.  Now we’re confused.

Our Psychological Defenses Kick In When Our Beliefs Are Challenged

Robert Hopper, Ph.D. (Licensed Clinical Psychologist):

9/11 truth challenges our most fundamental beliefs about our government and about our country.  When your beliefs are challenged or when two beliefs are inconsistent, cognitive dissonance is created.  9/11 truth challenges the beliefs that our country protects and keeps us safe, and that America is the good guy….

When your beliefs are challenged, fear and anxiety are created. In response to that, our psychological defenses kick in and they protect us from these emotions.  Denial, which is probably the most primitive psychological is the one most likely to kick in when our beliefs are challenged.

It’s Easier to Deny the Truth

Danielle Duperet, PhD:

America is a powerful nation.  It has never been attacked.  We were confident.  We felt secure.  And all of a sudden, that security collapsed.  People started to be fearful with all of the rumors, with all of the news.  People didn’t know what to think, which is a very, very uncomfortable state to be in.  Eventually, our mind shuts off.   Just like when a computer is overloaded, our minds get overloaded.  We can’t handle it anymore and we shut down. It’s easier to deny it and move on with our lives.

Frances Shure, M.A. (Licensed Professional Counselor):

What some will tend to do is deny the evidence that is coming our way and stick to the original story, the official story.  We try to regain our equilibrium that way. Another thing that we can do is decide to look at the conflicting evidence and be sincere and open minded, and look at both sides of the issue.  And, then make up our own mind about what reality is.

We Will Do Just About Anything to Defend our Mental and Emotional Homes

Dorthy Lorig, M.A., Counseling Psychologist:

If we can think of our worldview as sort of being our mental and emotional home, I think that all of us will do just about anything to defend our homes, to defend our families.  I see that with people.  I saw that with myself when my brother tried to talk to me about it: “Don’t mess with me. Don’t mess with my home.  Don’t mess with my comfort with how things are.”

About a week later, I read a lengthy article by professor Griffin about why he believes the official account of 9/11 cannot be true.  It was a very well researched article.  I was in my office at the time.  I sat there and felt my stomach churning. I thought that maybe I was going to be sick. And, I leaped out my chair and ran out the door and took a long walk around the block – around several blocks – and just broke down.

I understand now that my worldview about my government being in some way my protector, like a parent, had been dashed.  It was like being cast out into the wilderness. I think that is the closest way to describe that feeling.

I sobbed and I sobbed.  I felt that the ground had completely disappeared beneath my feet.  And, I knew at some point during the walk that at some point I was going to have to become active educating other people about this.  For me to retain any sense of integrity, I was going to have to take some action.  I couldn’t just let something like this go.

 9/11 Truth Challenges Our Fundamental Beliefs About the World

Robert Hopper, Ph.D. (Licensed Clinical Psychologist):

Many people respond to these truths in a very deep way.  Some have a visceral reaction like that have been punched in the stomach.  To begin to accept the responsibility that the government was involved is like opening Pandora’s Box.  If you open the lid and peak in a little bit, it’s going to challenge some of your fundamental beliefs about the world.

Initial Reactions to Hearing Contradictory Evidence about 9/11

Frances Shure, M.A. (Licensed Professional Counselor):

Following are some of those spontaneous initial reactions to hearing the contradictory evidence about 9/11:

Robert Hopper, Ph.D. (Licensed Clinical Psychologist):

I don’t want to know the truth or I will become too negative and psychologically go downhill.

I’m not sure that I want to know.  If this is true then up will be down and down will be up. My life will never be the same.

Frances Shure, M.A. (Licensed Professional Counselor):

Fran, I refuse to believe that that many Americans can be that treasonous.  Someone would have talked.

Initial Reactions are Based on BELIEFS, NOT Scientific Facts

But these are BELIEFS.  They are NOT scientific fact.  But, these beliefs do KEEP US FROM LOOKING AT THE EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE.

9/11 Truth Contradicts People’s Paradigm

David Ray Griffin, Ph.D., professor/author:

You have empirical people who will simply say: look at the evidence and if it is convincing, I will change my mind.

Other people are paradigmatic people. They have a paradigm.  They say, this is the way the world works and I am convinced that this is the way that the world works.  9/11 doesn’t fit into that paradigm.  So, I don’t have to look at the evidence.  It’s paradigmatic.

And then there is a third type of person that we often call wishful thinkers.  I call it wishful and fearful thinking.  So, they simply will not believe something that they fear to be the truth.  And, I find that to be, maybe, the most powerful factor of people rejecting 9/11 truth and not even entertaining the evidence.

Frances Shure, M.A. (Licensed Professional Counselor):

The Truth is Not Bearable

So, whenever we say “I refuse to believe”, we can be sure that the evidence that’s coming our way is not bearable and it is conflicting with our worldview much too much.

Robert Hopper, Ph.D. (Licensed Clinical Psychologist):

Denial protects people from this kind of anxiety.

A Common Emotion is Fear

Frances Shure, M.A. (Licensed Professional Counselor):

As I thought about all of these responses, I realized that what is common to every one of them is emotion of fear.  People are afraid of being ostracized, they are afraid of being alienated, they are afraid of being shunned.  They are afraid of their lives being inconvenienced – they’ll have to change their lives. They are afraid of being confused.  They are afraid of psychological deterioration.  They are afraid of feeling helpless and vulnerable.  And, they are afraid that they won’t be able to handle the feelings coming up.

When Presented with the Truth, Those in Denial Become Angry, Indignant, Offended,  and Ridicule the Messenger

None of want to feel helpless and vulnerable.  So, we want to defend ourselves.   And, the way that we often do that is with anger.  Then we become angry.  And, when we become angry, then we become indignant.  We become offended.  We want to ridicule the messenger. We want to pathologize the messenger.  And, we want to censor the messenger.

Raise Awareness with Gentle Dialogue and Gentle Questioning

Robert Hopper, Ph.D. (Licensed Clinical Psychologist)

So, how can we overcome this resistance in denial?  The first thing is to meet people where they are at.

John Freedom, M.A., Personal Development Counselor:

One thing is that we need to raise people’s awareness about this – what I would call gentle dialogue and gentle questioning…  It doesn’t work to challenge people’s beliefs or immediately tell them “I know the truth about 9/11.”  A good way is to ask open ended questions that lead to open dialogue and discussion about it.

Danielle Duperet, PhD:

One of the ways to deal with the trauma is to find the answers.  That’s why I think it is of such importance to have a comprehensive investigation.

Pride is Another Reason People Deny 9/11 Truth

Robert Griffin, Licensed Psychologist:

I believe that to become the type of country that we think we are, we have to face some of the things that are not as we think they are… Thinking that we are above such things – that it could happen in other countries, but it couldn’t happen here – that’s a lack of humility.  That’s excessive pride.  As, so not being able to see our dark side or our weaknesses is the most dangerous thing.

David Ray Griffin, Ph.D:

The observation that pride is one of the basic human flaws is absolutely correct.  This is especially true for Americans because we for a long time looked at other nations and said, “They are in such bad shape.  But, luckily we don’t have those problems.  We don’t have leaders that would do those things that were done in the Soviet Union, or done in Germany, or done in Japan… This is a type of pride that Americans have.

A feature of American history that makes particularly liable to this pride is this notion of exceptionalism – that America is the exceptional nation.  That began from the beginning as this country was formed.

People would say that there was so much evil in the European countries, so much cheating, so much lying, so much using the people for the ruler’s purposes.  But not in America! We have leaders who are free from those sins.  This has made 9/11 particularly difficult for Americans.

Robert Griffin, Licensed Psychologist:

Everyone can make mistakes.  But, our ideals and our principles get us back on track.

John Freedom, M.A., Personal Development Counselor:

9/11 is One of the Defining Issues of Our Time 

This is one of the defining issues of our time.

Questioning is Patriotic

Robert Griffin, Licensed Psychologist:

So, we need to understand that questioning is patriotic.  Questioning is what we are supposed to do.  That’s our duty.

The Real Perpetrators Must be Held Accountable

Frances Shure, M.A. (Licensed Professional Counselor):

When we come to the national level, when something like 9/11 happens, we need to be sure that we have a real investigation into who the perpetrators are.  And, then we need to make sure that those people are held legally accountable. It’s part of the healing process on an individual level and the collective level.



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14 thoughts on “Psychologists Explain 9/11 Denial Despite Hard Scientific Evidence [video]

  1. Demitra M. N. says:

    Boy, it’s been only one month since I commented here but it feels like so much longer. So much in the way of ideas and experiences have crossed my path during this time that my perspective has been modified about a hundred-fold since. At this writing, I don’t believe that we need to be concerned at all whether anyone else is awake or not. While it would be nice if more people were on board with our view of reality, it isn’t a requirement. It’s more challenging though, that’s for sure. Certainly, it is a tremendous boost to have a partner, or someone close to us who we can share with, but for someone like myself who sees the ascension process as the only thing that really matters, whether others are themselves awake or not is only relevant in how it leaves me feeling within myself. If it bothers me, then I have more work to do in owning up to my insecurities or frustrations or whatever unpleasant taste it leaves in me. Like Wanderer, I’ve walked away from the sleepwalkers and like Steve, I don’t have what is considered a normal social life anymore but I am no longer really bothered by it –it is what it is– so I’m learning how to more fully appreciate the wonderous peace and golden silence that is offered with awakening.

  2. Steve says:

    It’s been 8 months since I woke up with the sick stomach and tears you described. I also am determined to inform as many as possible. I think I have a way to wake up a large number of people. I’m only 2 hurdles away from finding out. My question for you is How do I have a normal social life? I can’t stand people not knowing but I can’t just stay quiet. It has made me somewhat unsocial. There must be others like me. Right?

    • I feel ya, Steve. It’s tough to carry on as usual when we are profoundly changed. Separate paths due to an awakening have split many relationships asunder. I find it a challenge to enjoy satisfying relationships and conversations with the sleeping ones. I just want to get away so I can cease the “acting”, as that’s what I feel I am doing. I’m being the person they expect me to be when I’m really someone else.

      I desperately want to tell others the truth, but have learned from experience that most don’t want to know. They believe they are discerning, intelligent people who understand their reality.

      For now, we may often have to hold our tongue, but soon we will be sought after for our wisdom. I envy those whose partners are on a shared path, that’s for sure. It would be so satisfying to make the journey together.

  3. Wanderer says:

    It’s not about impatience, it’s about balancing your energies and knowing when it’s time to mind your own store. The masses will awaken when they’re ready. So, that is really the point we’re fast arriving at. There are more than enough of us awake now to finish off the Cabal. Let’s not worry and focus so much on people who don’t want any part of the truth. You won’t force anyone to wake up that isn’t ready to do so. They’ll admit when they’re ready, so let’s not worry so much about that and focus on the areas we can affect immediately: our own vibrations. That is how we can help humanity most right now.

  4. Demitra M. N. says:

    It seems to me that unlike decisions we make in our personal lives wherein we can make them and it matters not whether anyone else joins us, this matter is very much a global one and it matters a great deal whether our family, friends, and neighbors are heeding the cosmic wake-up call or not.

    Certainly, it’s not impossible to “raise a barn” with only a few helping hands but isn’t it going to be a lot harder and isn’t it going to take us a lot longer to succeed if only a handful of us have actually woken up and are ready to get to work? As a result of this slow start-up, isn’t it possible, too, that outside factors (never mind the Cabal) could take advantage and intervene to undermine humanities efforts from reaching a satisfying collective awakening in the meantime?

    In this regard, we need to be careful because many of those who awoke to the truth a long time ago are quickly losing patience with those who are still too afraid and reluctant to look at reality full in the face. The danger we are in in feeling and thinking impatiently is that we may not consider the implications of willingly allowing ET factions to intercede before more of humanity has caught up with those who have woken up. The issue I have with allowing ET intervention is that howevermuch we the minority are awake, we are simply not in a position to anticipate the long-term repercussions of decisions made without the full consent of a planetary majority.

    We can be aware and excited about the presence of our galactic cousins, and we can be eager to be a part of the galactic collective, but not if we are making decisions that aren’t respectfully taking the Whole into account. If we do, we may find that we’ve successfully rid ourselves of the present Cabal and replaced them with another group similarly composed of a small minority, those who distinguish themselves as different by virtue of being “The Awakened Ones”.

    Ultimately, I am saying that we cannot proceed safely without the backing of the majority, to do so could be our undoing. We need to be patient but we also need to see that our every effort in waking people up around us is more important than whether COBRA, for example, is a good guy or not. The fact is that COBRA, and those like him who are busy making a difference — making a concerted effort to awaken people– that alone makes them the good guys, so arguing over it is valuable energy wasted.

    Awakening the people around us is so critical, we can’t lose faith that it can be done. Sooner or later one small effort of love from any one of us will be the thing that tips the 100th Monkey scale in favour of a planetary-wide awakening. We each hold that power, we just need to believe and hold the course.

  5. Texian says:

    “A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. It wasn’t the world being round that agitated people but that the world wasn’t flat. When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

  6. Wanderer says:

    I’ve decided to walk away now from the sleep walkers. There’s enough info now available to every single person on this earth that they’ve been fed a steady diet of s**t… if they continue to want to gobble it down, well, who is to blame? Join with like minded souls and let’s finish off the Cabal without the masses help. Those poor, deluded souls will wake up in due time… probably well after the rest of us have joyfully moved on. I have empathy for the sleepwalkers, but not sympathy… we all make our own bed in the end.

  7. I may not say I told you so, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be hard to hide the smug look on my face.

  8. says:

    It says, America is a powerfull nation we had never been attacked. But we had been — PEARL HARBOR.

  9. Demitra M. N. says:

    I’ve been wearing my own tin-foil hat for so long that even as the towers were coming down on that fateful day I knew that another big whopper of a lie was winging its way down the pipe.

    It’s just plain stunning to me that so many people continue to live inside their own fantasy bubbles despite all the evidence. The world is the way that it is because of all these individual fantasy bubbles floating around us. All of us suffer some form of stress largely because too many are afraid to get real with themselves and with each other, and so the present paradigm remains unchanging across the board.

    Mostly I have understanding and compassion (less stressful that way) but I have to admit, there are days when I’m so angry at the sheer stupidity of it all. Life could be an amazing experience for everyone if everyone just faced up to reality long enough to get over it, then we could all begin moving ahead to brighter times, leaving the lies that fabricated our past inside history books where they belong by now.

  10. Yep! There’s so many peeps that are still in denial the count is insurmountable. Sad isn’t it? Blessings BP.

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