Massive Submerged Entrance Found off California Coast May 12th


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Well, well, well. All things shall be revealed at the perfect time.  

Weren’t we just discussing the other day how tunnels connect many locations globally?  ~ BP


A massive underwater entrance has been discovered off the Malibu, CA coast at Point Dume which appears to be the Holy Grail of UFO/USO researchers that have been looking for it over the last 40 years.

The plateau structure is 1.35 miles x 2.45 miles wide, 6.66 miles from land and the entrance between the support pillars is 2745 feet wide and 630 feet tall. It also has what looks like a total nuclear bomb proof ceiling that is 500 feet thick.

The discovery was made by Maxwell, Dale Romero and Jimmy Church, host of FADE to BLACK on the Dark Matter Radio Network on Monday, May 12th 2014 and announced on Facebook, Twitter and Church’s radio program the following day.


The underwater base has been a mystery for many years with hundreds of UFO/USO sightings…many with photographs…but the entrance of the base has remained elusive…until now. The entrance can support nuclear sized submarines and massive UFO/USO activity and allow access to different military installations that are inside the US such as the China Lake Naval Base that is in the middle of the Mojave desert and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Hawthorne, NV between Las Vegas and Reno.

In the photographs you can see its relation to the coastline, Los Angeles and its natural surroundings which to not match up with the structure itself…which is massive in scale. The support pillars to the entrance are over 600 feet tall.

underwater base california

Malibu, California, is known the world over for its scenic beauty and as the playground of the rich and famous. Few people know that it is also the land of UFOs. In the late 1950s, as my neighbor and some of his friends were watching the sun setting on the Pacific Ocean, they witnessed three bright UFOs fly across the water at great speed then hover for a few minutes over the Santa Monica Mountains before flying off out of sight.

My family moved in around 1962. We had a perfect view of Zuma Beach in our front yard with the mountains for our backyard, and the star-filled sky above us at night. During the 1960s, people were frequently seeing UFOs flying around Malibu, but a lot of people were taking hallucinogenic substances in those days too.

However, by the early 1970s, whole families were going down to the beach at Point Dume at night to watch the multicolored UFOs that would sink under the water at times.

Note: The above images are from Google earth. Here are the coordinates: 34° 1’23.31″N 118°59’45.64″W

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18 thoughts on “Massive Submerged Entrance Found off California Coast May 12th

  1. Deano says:

    Anyone have an update on this story?

  2. Periwinkle says:

    What an odd statement: allow access to different military installations that are inside the US such as the China Lake Naval Base that is in the middle of the Mojave desert and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Hawthorne, NV between Las Vegas and Reno.
    This is pure conjecture; how do you know? Other than that..WOW! I’ll try to find secondary verification, but WOW! Awesome, thanks for breaking this amazing news.

    • Periwinkle… I guess if you just recently arrived on the truther scene, this might seem odd, but to those of us who have been following all of this for years, it’s expected.

      We know the military industrial complex has a multi-trillion dollar budget, alien technology and a secret space program. We also know the Illuminati/New World Order/global elites have massive underground complexes networked across the world and that one can travel thousands of miles without coming up for air, so to speak.

      There are all sorts of insiders and whistleblowers sharing information with specific parties about what the powers-that-were have been up to, and the Galactics also tell us what’s going on, as they can see, hear, everything.

      The fact that this information has just come out to “the public” via the alternative media, in no way suggests that it is all new info. It isn’t. It’s decades old and this just happens to be the perfect time to let it out. It’s part of the ‘soft disclosure’ that has been ongoing for some time. Expect more.

      You can also read my related articles about alien and underground complexes linked by massive networks of tunnels.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yep, the “on land” enterance is inside Neptunes Net Restaurant,,,,the out house is in the back ( last one on the left)…open the door and lift the lid ….unfortunately , like this story it’s full of Crap.
    Or is it?

  4. juls says:

    I just found it without the coordinates on google earth. Simply look south and west of Malibu and its right there hidden in plain site ( spelled that way on purpose 😉

  5. Chuck Werner says:

    Completely fake

  6. Richard says:

    So, when was the dive and what did it reveal? I would find it hard to believe a discovery like this is made and someone hasn’t immediately organized a dive to explore the entrance and find out how far in it goes? I would imagine any wealthy MUFON supporters would fund it, it wouldn’t take much… divers would line up to volunteer… should take less than a week.

    • Richard, while that would be what many would LIKE to do… we all know what happens when a ship crashes, or a discovery is made that THEY don’t want us to know about. ACCESS is the problem. The black helicopters come out, the navy ships, etc. etc. and the operations is shut down by the cabal. One day soon tho!

  7. destille says:

    ad the coordinate +7° 17′ 21.264″,-79° 10′ 32.4546″ before the coast of Panama you will find one too

  8. du wu says:

    One Liner time: (1) Now we know what happened to Jimmy Hoffa (2) Wow..that entrance is as wide as Snooki’s

  9. Anna Miller says:

    There is sketchy information given here as to how the formations were discovered. The pictures look fake. is this an artist’s reconstruction, based on satellite images? Are these images from the Google Earth satellites? We must be careful that we are not bamboozled by the clever ones. More information is needed as the links lead to a dead end. Thanks for reminding us that much useful information has been deliberately suppressed from humanity, and that genuine revelations are happening every single day. This could be genuine. But we need more information.

  10. sassyfran says:

    Why are the links leading to ERROR messages???

  11. whatthe says:

    Thats Tony Starks house. Remember in Ironman 3? Duh!

  12. Map Searcher says:

    Yes, it’s really there. To locate it, search for any address in Malibu, then scroll out to sea. Try this one : 31424 Mulholland Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265. I’m not sure why we can see all the ridges & valleys we do in Google Maps. Is that a sonar reading of underwater land masses?

  13. claudcor56 says:

    Some of the definition has been taken out as you can see the cutout.

  14. So totally awesome! Thanks Todd & BP. 🙂

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