Grand Opening of the Highly Controversial 9/11 Museum May 21st, 2014 [video]

While a memorial to that tragic event may sound like a good idea, it’s far from simply a “museum”. I recommend the Corbett Report for more on that.

It’s a shrine, a memorial, a museum all rolled into one, and I’m not sure that’s a fitting format. Some of the features of this “museum” are morbid in my humble opinion.

We shall see what the largely brainwashed public think, versus the victims and their families. People continue to suffer and die from the toxic exposure to materials created/released in the shadow government’s attack on the World Trade Center. The carnage just goes on and on while much of the public is unaware.

This spectacle of “artifacts” as they’re calling them— feels more to me like another opportunity for the globalists to not only gloat about their hoax, but another way to kindle the embers of pain and suffering anew, fanning them to new heights to feed their depraved unquenchable thirst for negative energy—all the while bilking the unsuspecting public out of a preposterous $24 a head to witness the living hell they’ve created, like it’s an all-inclusive theme park. Despicable.

It actually reminds me of the grotesque displays at the Denver airport and the dark opening ceremonies for the Olympics. This museum has Illuminati written all over it.

Will any good come of this twisted display? I certainly hope so.

The 9/11 discussion begins about 5 minutes into the video.  ~ BP


Grand Opening – May 21, 2014:

National September 11 Memorial Museum

Today through Saturday
Support 9/11 Family Members – WTC On-Site Education
Saturday Presentation:  What You Will Not Find in the Museum


Thirteen years after 9/11, the Grand Opening of the National September 11 Memorial Museum is upon us. Visitors may anticipate a moving portrayal of the agony faced by victims and rescuers, along with the litany of artifacts and memories reinforcing the official narrative of hijackers, planes, and the collapse of the Twin Towers. Of course what they will not find is the rest of the story – including the collapse of WTC Building 7.

That is why WE WILL BE THERE to educate the public (gently) at the entrance to the Memorial Grounds at the corner of Greenwich and Liberty Streets.  Join us at 9 AM or 1 PM Wednesday, May 21 through Saturday, May 24 (Saturday is 1 PM to 4 PM).

We will be addressing the media at our Friday, May 23, press conference at 4 PM – also at the entrance to the Memorial Grounds.  We will be handing out thousands of copies of our alternative 9/11 media brochure that discusses What You Will Not See in the 9/11 Museum, along with the flyer for our live multimedia presentation by Richard Gage, AIA at 4 PM on Saturday, May 24, at the Community Church of NY, 40 East 35th St., NYC.

Richard Gage will be hosting a thorough discussion afterward about the implications of the controlled demolition of the three Skyscrapers.

Join us at some or all of the events!  If you can’t come and support us on-site or at the presentation, then please donate today so that we can ensure that New York hears the whole story.

Press Conference:

  • Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
  • Friday, May 23, 2014 – 4:00 pm
  • Memorial Grounds Entry – corner: Greenwich and Liberty St.

Live multimedia presentation:

Contact (for organization info and interviews):
Kelly David (925) 939-9002

Contact (for local event info):
Les Jamieson (646) 606-7196

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4 thoughts on “Grand Opening of the Highly Controversial 9/11 Museum May 21st, 2014 [video]

  1. Spud says:

    Bush WH and Silverstein did 9/11. CIA confirms. See CIA Asset Susan Lindauer pdx 911 Truth on Youtube, and reports on Veteran’s Today.
    Now Silverstein charges $24/ person to see his museum. ( Bet he’s laughing everyday.)
    New Yorkers are pissed off with him and Bush thugs and this “museum” – a memorial to their arrogant crimes and treason.
    Time to arrest the scum.

  2. I agree with avonlongrailcode. It would be great for someone to go in there and find the opportunity to ‘scrape off a little metal.’ 🙂 That way, they’ve present their additional evidence in a court room; that’s if it all hasn’t been cleaned off beforehand. But you’re right, BP…it’s a very grotesque way to continually reminding the ‘blinded and sleeping public’ of the gigantic lies surrounding all of it.

  3. Has anyone thought to check the exhibits for Radioactivity with a Geiger counter I wonder?

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