More Proof NASA is Manipulating SOHO Images: Large Spacecraft Removed [video]

SecureTeam10 explains their process for documenting NASA’s coverups. This one was literally a “coverup” as they covered an image of the spacecraft. I doubt very much a craft of this size was created on our planet. 

It seems ludicrous to me that the government is still trying to cover this stuff up when there are so many blogs, web sites and videos showing spacecraft, including in other countries.  ~ BP


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8 thoughts on “More Proof NASA is Manipulating SOHO Images: Large Spacecraft Removed [video]

  1. fu90fd0 says:

    Going to have a hard time hiding an actual military response from whatever species they are declaring war on on our behalf. Orgy ofbases and mining operations photos removed, tired old weather balloon optical pollution stories for ufo scouting about more and more, and then you read we’re nuking the moon (to study steam or something for water but of course).

    I hope they have enough patience to just blot out the capitals to get the taint that was in their way out of their way and go about the actual population with a logical life or death choice. Weave and grow us shit to trade or get lazer sprayed like your leader ant queens of yours who declared war on us interdimensional whales.

    Not sure though. More likely they will just be content to suck all the hydrogen3 out of the moon and plasma out the sun and leave us like domestic forest creatures after a nice clear cutting to die off all puppy eyed without no one caring or knowing and move on to the next energy source. If thats the case we should nuke them to at least try and it should be kept quiet because it would be riot world and an alien force is enough to deal with without homebase being a house tearing itself apart so I apologize,gracefully accept my bs soup and watch tv. Public disclosure of ill intent would be something insurmountable in the way so I agree with them best out of the way if can’t help.

  2. BTW – Not to change the subject, but this has happened right outside my window as well, a couple of years ago. These are the latest ‘sky sounds’, 4/4/14. Here, this same noise went on for at least an hour. Almost sounds like a giant washing machine. But folks are still getting the noises, behind cloud cover usually. Mass mind control, maybe; or the use of haarp to see if ‘the masses’ can hear it? Any suggestions?

  3. hehehehehe – NASA caught again on July 8, 2014. Big, round saucer near Earth this time. Very interesting. 🙂

  4. walker says:

    If you guys are recording the streaming feed from the ISS HD Channel on USTREAM, check out the window from 9:05pm to 9:15pm PST today, 7/14/14. I caught a screenshot of a fairly large uniform orb just as it drifted off the top of the frame next to the USTREAM icon in the upper right corner. Far too big to be a star, not the moon, and not lens dust on account of its movement out of frame. I had just watched darkness arrive and the screen is completely black when this object becomes plainly visible as the only thing to see.

  5. John Stevens says:

    Figures, eh? GRRRs

  6. Judi says:

    I have spent the last two weeks seeing the most amazing things going on in the sky…I can not believe I can see what I am seeing..anyone else out there seeing this? If you are, you will understand what I am talking about”…..better than any movie I ever saw!
    Absolutely amazing!!!

  7. Very interesting, indeed. I just really wonder ‘who’ owns it. 🙂 We have a lot of stuff up there as well, but we earthlings only get so many lies at one time. lol This guy does a great job though. Blessings, BP

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