Zoomed & Slo-Mo Versions of UFO & Russian Proton Rocket: Any Questions? [videos]

It seems a few people felt the operation worth illustrating in Zoom and Slow-Mo…

If you have ANY doubts about the presence of a space craft, watch video #3. Plain as day. 

I highly doubt it was just an advanced satellite on board—unless it was the kind that can shoot us from space—as in a directed energy weapon. Those cabalists are like a bunch of kids who missed naptime; totally out of control.

It’s not nice to fool the Galactic Confederation.  They’ve got our backs.  Someone please activate that stardust!  ~ BP




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7 thoughts on “Zoomed & Slo-Mo Versions of UFO & Russian Proton Rocket: Any Questions? [videos]

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  2. John Stevens says:

    GREAT Thank U Cheers

  3. Jimmy says:

    How about a Directed Energy Weapon of some sort,…

  4. Kenneth says:

    Its already been proven that this video is a FRAUD because it was made over a year ago…WAKE UP!!! Please!

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