Still on the Fence about Cobra?

Now that I’m receiving the Prepare for Change newsletters again, I’m getting great information from Rob Potter.

It seems there are people trying to sabotage Cobra’s work and discredit him. For those who say no one attacks Cobra—therefore he must be cabal—perhaps this will assuage your fears. Cobra has been attacked in the past and continues to be.

And for those who believe we should all accept whatever Cobra says as gospel or else we are betraying him somehow… come on. We all need to have discerning minds and exercize critical thinking. No one can tell us what to think. Even Rob confirms he sometimes sees things differently than Cobra.

As I’ve said before, if everyone embodied the integrity of Cobra, the world would be a far better place.

Here’s an excerpt from Rob’s post in today’s newsletter.  ~ BP

My Cobra interview will be on Tuesday [May 20] and you can look for it here on PFC after we modulate his voice etc. We hope to have this up by Friday or so!

There have been several people who are trying to make a name for themselves by writing fiction and trashing other way more relevant websites and light worker personalities including my own. Here are links to the real inside info on this dis information site. I will reveal in my radio show Sunday May 18th that one of the people who ran or are still running this dis info agents is alleged to be now dead. See the archived show here:

Here are the links exposing this site as fraud and one of these links indicates NSA eavesdropping may be involved.♦-theidylwildgroup-fraud/

There has recently been some other channel trying to discredit Cobra as well. This con artist who I will not mention to increase their website traffic has increased their hits by trying to discredit cobra’s information.

Folks, Cobra is a real person he is sincere and he is not Cabal or trying to spread dis info. The veracity of his information is for each person to decide for him or herself. For the record I do not personally agree with every single bit of information Cobra posts. However his integrity as a real and sincere person who is doing his best to heal the planet is indisputable, in my opinion and I have spent considerable time with him.

Some of his intelligence may be confusing or seem to contradict itself. However I have asked him for clarification on occasion and it is usually because his posts are very brief. He is a person of few words and sometimes the details are not complete. When asked about these inconsistencies his answers usually clear up the confusion. I am fortunate to be able to ask these questions to him personally but there is certainly no direct intent to mislead or confuse. 

I am proud to call him my friend. His inside RM intelligence, which he has shared involving the more advanced metaphysical aspects of the implant matrix, are new and originate on his Portal 2012 Blog. His expose on Archons, the advanced scalar technologies that are run from the etheric plane are insightful. I also find his explanations of the multi-dimensional aspects of the principalities and powers that are influencing our world to be right on, from my personal experiences. 

Let’s face it folks; Cobra was the first person to talk about “The Event” and to explain what the general plan by the GFL is for the Healing of our worlds political and banking infrastructure. Sheldon Nidle also has been talking about this for some time but Cobra’s info more direct and informative in the physical details department. 

Also his explanations of the invisible implant matrix and the etheric and astral parasites are newly revealed information to the world at large. Before Cobra there was very little discussion or understanding about these things. Now every channel and many others are expounding on these things based on his revelations of this information. He has led the way in advanced information designed for more advanced and discerning meta-physicians. This is being done to bring people up to speed on the very complex realty we call the control matrix.

There are so many people who flip flop on Cobra information. They cannot decide on whether he is sincere or if he is some diabolical agent of evil. These people in my opinion are usually not quite sure who or what is real and this is to be expected and a normal part of being skeptical and wanting proof on new information. This is normal and part of learning. 

Others however are jealous individuals who wish they knew what he knows or simply people easily swayed by others opinions. These opinions are usually from someone who is trying to smear him either intentionally or who has no real experience with multi- dimensional realities. They want to be known as some GURU of light and coming from an ego point of presentation. Sometimes they are people who get swayed with the wind of doubts blowing their own easily influenced mind. 

Nonetheless all are entitled to their own opinion. Few will note Cobra NEVER comments on others personally or tries to defend himself personally. Other can attack and usually they are the ones who have never met him. I am consistently pleased he has been proven accurate on many things. There were those who felt the war in Syria was inevitable, including many channels. Cobra said NO it will not happen and the NWO is moving on to Ukraine for their WW3 plans. 

Though Ukraine has caused many horrendous acts of violence and atrocities no major world war powers will succeed in their attempts to create larger and sustained military actions. Use your own intuition and have no fear, as the Truth will be laid bare in due course.

Please do stay tuned in to PFC we will be announcing even more changes to be an interactive link to the world at the time of the EVENT.


Warm Regards
Victory To the Light
PFC leadership
Rob Potter


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I'm a Canadian freelance writer living near Phoenix, Arizona specializing in the 2012 phenomenon, spirituality, and wellness & nutrition. Over the past 8 years I've learned what our spiritual upgrade is REALLY all about and have access to insider information not shared in the mainstream media. I aim to dispel the myths and disinformation around The Shift and Ascension and help bring the world Truth. It is time. Welcome... and I hope this blog makes a difference in your spiritual liberation. ~ Molly A. Chapman

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  1. […] De energie van de Pleiadian Portaal activatie heeft de Archons flink geïrriteerd en zijn een nieuwe aanvalsgolf aan het plannen om mijn werk door disinformatie en gemanipuleerde meningen te uiten op de planeet. Om een beter overzicht van mijn werk te krijgen kunt u onderstaande artikel lezen. […]

  2. Spirit of justice says:

    Victory of the light!

  3. Spirit of justice says:

    The feminine aspect of ourselves says that our intuition is more important then our logic mind! I’m learning to listen more to my intuition 😀
    Love is what we need, my friends! ❤

  4. I am sorry if I have rocked your and/or your readers world and pulled you out of your comfortzones. I am not the only one who is speaking and writing about this thou.

    Not in this lifetime nor in past lifetimes. Many are and have been called madman and -woman and where demonised ( and I am not saying that you demonise me!)

    Well that doesn’t trigger me anymore 🙂 I KNOW that I can believe and Trust My Heart of Hearts (aka Higher Self or Twin Soul)

    In the mean while I will Observe Happenings Unfolding KNOWING that Time will Tell and what ever happens from Now On will be The Truth.

    • purpledragonrider—let’s be clear. You didn’t rock my world or take me out of my comfort zone. You just pissed me off. End of story. No more negative comments about Cobra. I think I have been more than lenient in allowing you and others their say. This is a pro-Cobra blog and I will have no more negativity around he and his lightworkers. I’m sure you can find one of those anti-cobra blogs to share your doom and gloom.

  5. P.s. to my message of 27-05-2012 @ 1.51

    All the rest is ego- or mind enlightenment (and indeed has nothing to do with lightbulbs 😉 ). You will get your Memorys wipped when you reach Home ❤ again and again and that will lead you astray time and time again…in an endless loop of (re)incarnations and life expiriences.
    Don't let the Fisherman Catch you little Pisces.

    Thank you for Carring and again your Courage Maia and I Hope and Wish that the others who you are talking off also will find the Courage to talk about their expiriences !!! From my point of View and Personal Expiriences on my Path you are spot on.

    As far as I know I Am now blocked on Cobra's website…So far freedom of speach and transparancy, free flow of information and so on.

    Well the Humans get what they asked for, a thousand years Peace while still Imprissoned and quietly fed of by the two wannabe gods…What a sad sad day this is.

    May God who is Love have Mercy on all of us and…
    May the one True God who is Love Guide you all Home Quick and Safely.

    Much Love

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    Purple Dragon Rider

    • Purpledragonrider and Maia: I envisioned my blog and comments to be a positive place of upliftment through knowledge and sharing of ideas, and I could really do without your negative vibes bringing down my readers and I.

      I can certainly understand why Cobra, Rob Potter, etc. would block your reparté as I find it counterproductive and confrontational. Do you not have anything positive and uplifting to say? If not, perhaps you need to spend more time in the NOW than in paranoid visions of what the future will bring you—because your vision certainly does not coincide with mine. You do not KNOW any more about what is coming than anyone else, because this has never, EVER been done before.

      We’ve been asked to envision our future as we desire it to be, and full consciousness and ascension will no doubt evolve over many years so you have time to avoid the negative future if you really desire to do so.

      • Maia says:

        BP, we have been sharing our knowledge and ideas just everyone else has.. Did you honestly think that everyone would feel the same way about this guy? Granted,what I’ve said was just bringing another valid point to the forefront.. Please explain what’s counterproductive about what we’ve been sharing? What’s wrong with eyes wide open? and considering another side? Have we trampled someone’s agenda? I’ve simply pointed out what I’ve discovered and experienced about this guy.

        My intentions were not to threaten anyone’s happy bubble. All I’ve been trying to say is that I hope you all start listening closer to Cobra’s words….

      • Maia, you have stated your ideas, more than once, and keep saying that anyone who listens to Cobra’s words will hear them as you do. That is false. We are individuals and think for ourselves. We HAVE listened to Cobra’s words and find nothing sinister or duplicitous and I find your outlook on Cobra and light chambers, and Purpledragonrider’s future predictions paranoid and counterproductive. We heard you both, now let’s move on. I’m done with this.

  6. Demitra M. N. says:

    Maia, you said: “Any light coming from a technology is not real light. It’s false light. What else can a technology produce? Real light is organic.”

    Yes, of course, but that has hardly kept humanity from developing some artifical source of light for nighttime use, has it? Certainly, the real organic source of light is always preferable but can you yourself claim to be unique in that you have never made use of lamps in your home because they only mimic the real thing? Artificial lighting is not the “ideal” but they serve our purpose. As I have already pointed out, you can practice the light chamber experience via visualization; you need not ever use the false sources of light to achieve your aims.

  7. Demitra M. N. says:

    Maia, depending on how positive or negative your mindset, you can interpret words like HAVE TO as manipulative and co-ercive, or as meaning a matter-of-fact statement. Since you have already interpreted them as words intended to control you, allow me to present you with an alternative. An example of a matter-of-fact statement would be: “before you can drive the car you HAVE TO have the keys”. This is not threatening, nor is it controlling, merely a statement of fact — an appraisal of conditions required for making use of the car. The Key, in the matter we are discussing, is about divesting ego-self of the heavy energetic frequencies before ego-self can zoom-zoom-zoom at the higher levels of reality, mainly because the frequencies at those levels are more REFINED than where we find ourselves at present.

    Listen, no one is FORCING you into the kingdom, you enter of your own volition. But to ENTER the kingdom, you HAVE TO have the key. The key (in this instance) is to release any and all vestiges of darkness in your personality. This is what the light chamber experience is meant to do for us — to release the parasites of darkness that cling to us, to cleanse the pollutants out of our systems, to bring into alignment that which has been twisted, distorted and mutated beyond healthy and normal. Yes, in undergoing this process we will all naturally lose some of our memories. But the degree to which we lose memories is dependent on how little in the way of spiritual inner work we do now, as well as how strongly we cling to our fears. No doubt about it, all connections which are fear-based and fear-associated, WILL. BE. LOST. If we want to retain all our memories we HAVE TO practice making positive associations to EVERYTHING, even and especially the dasteredly Cabal. If we don’t want to lose the insights we’ve gained about them we HAVE TO glean something positive from our experiences with them.

    Finally, Maia, if you bothered to read anything I posted earlier you would know by now that this light chamber experience is something you can do right now on your own in the company and safety of your own Higher Self. NO chambers necessary. I’ve provided you with a great deal of logic and reasoning already which you have so far not even considered before returning to defend your position. In other words, you have made up your mind and there is no room for anything else that doesn’t fit your present personal paradigm. As the free-will being that you are, I fully honour and support your right to remain locked-in thusly. What you DON’T have the right to do is slander other people based on little more than personal opinions and biases. Provide us with even a shred of irrefutable evidence, something proving COBRA’s intentional duplicity against The People, as does BP on this blog everyday on so many different subjects, and I for one will gladly investigate your allegations.

    • Maia says:

      Dear Demitra, Now that you’ve become defensive, your logic is veering. We’re not talking about light bulbs and keys to cars or visualizations. We’re talking ACTUAL light chambers. Can YOU vouch they’re safe for us? Can you vouch that they’ll do what ole Cobra says they will? Just because he says so doesn’t mean it’ll be so…..My question is STILL WHY are you so sure about what he says so much? In the past, I’ve discovered that things that resonated with me turned out to hurt me….

      I’ve read and understood everything you’ve said, Demitra. And this so called slander you say I’ve said about this guy? I’m calling him deceptive because of what I detected from slight comments that rang untrue and are starting to change.. I know because I listen attentively to what he says. Coupled this with my actual experiences with him and his so called resistance movement people, I have every reason to doubt what they’re feeding their followers. Everyone who takes the time to pay close attention to his interviews will detect the same.

      And please don’t presume to know me or what I do on my spiritual journey. I have no doubts that I’ll make it to my kingdom because of what I’m doing to prepare myself.. My kingdom may not be the same as the one you’re talking about, but just as significant.
      Remember that the battle for our minds is what’s at stake…. Sorry, if I actually cared about my fellow divine beings… Good luck to all of us….

      • Demitra M. N. says:

        One more input on this subject, BP, if you don’t mind. Thanks.

        Maia & Co,
        If you are veering from my elucidation then it is most likely due to the fact that I am bringing to your awareness that your manner of sharing your personal beliefs borders on contempt. I am calling it slanderous because you are vehemently accusing the resistance group of deliberately leading people astray and so far your accusations have been based on misapprehension on your part and words taken out of context. These days one could easily come to the conclusion, based on the way you are speaking, that you have been sent in here to deliberately cause a disturbance in regards to this subject. Something I am taking into consideration as I go to the trouble to clarify for you one more time.

        I am pointing out the facts as clearly as I can and while I have no reason to defend myself, I am indeed standing up in defense of any and all who are making an actual effort to help their fellows gather their respective energies together to liberate themselves from un-democratic rulerships and oppressive lifestyles. Obviously, as long as the efforts made are not deleterious to any one else, I support them, and this is what I am doing here today.

        I have been keeping tabs on COBRAs works and efforts for as long as they’ve been at it. So far I have yet to hear him (the representative speaker) besmirch the reputation of a single person or group. This kind of impeccability is not only an uncommon attribute to be found in others, but a virtue as well. It is my belief that while it is important to listen to what is being said, it is equally important to listen to what is NOT said. And so in this particular case, the character of COBRA remains flawlessly consistent and therefore trustworthy until, and only when, someone can prove otherwise to me. So far this has not happened. He inspires his listeners to join their energy forces with each other (empowerment is a good thing) and frees them to intuit his underlying intent for themselves (again, a good thing). Intuition, in the end, is the only reliable gauge we have at our disposal.

        In any case, whether we are talking about COBRA or light chambers or anything else, we are all likely to come to our own conclusions anyway, mainly because we are all different types of people, we’ve all travelled different roads to get to where we are, and we may all be headed in completely different directions, literally. And for this reason alone, it is best to let others ‘know’ about groups or topics but to neither promote them nor to badmouth them. Your gut feeling about light chamber experiences being wrong for you may be correct but it does not automatically mean that this must be a truth for all people all across the board. Just because you’ve not yet found anyone who can provide you with guarantees does not mean they are ineffective or inherently dangerous. Look, trusting others to arrive at their own conclusions without our enforced biases attached is always a win-win, because when we respect others to make their own decisions we leave them feeling respected, and the fact that we respected them, earns us their respect in return. (Well, at least when you’re not dealing with people who cannot appreciate respect for the sake of respect.)

        Having said all that, I’m fairly certain that nothing said here against COBRA and their efforts will stop them in their tracks, they will keep-on doing their best to awaken people, not to fearfulness but to awaken to their personal power. What matters to me is the fearful energies that are being spread in here (and on many other forums for that matter) in the guise that somehow this is all for our own good. But that’s a bold-faced lie. Focusing on fearful imaginings only serves to diminish the morale of everyone reading the words, unless someone steps in to counter them and so, again, this is what I am doing here today.

        In the end none of us really “needs” anyone else’s interpretive input or insight. We each have the power within us but we have to trust it in order to draw on it. What keeps most disconnected from their intuitive fount is that they forget that they are not just Intellectuals (Mental) but they are also Poets (Emotional) and Jocks (Physical) and Mystics (Spiritual) too. If any of these aspects in our being is neglected we become unbalanced and we run into trouble. We have to do more with ourselves than focus exclusively on intellectualizing the conspiracies that abound. If we are to assess accurately the truths we are seeking for ourselves, it’s not enough to be an intellect, we have to play around with our creativity, we have to take good care of our health, and we have to actively express ourselves to others with kindness and consideration for the good of all not just our own personal agendas.

        Still, I am confident that you as well as everyone else will arrive successfully wherever it is they are going. But we can help each other go forward with hearts filled with positive anticipation rather than fear and dread so we can experience the best that can be experienced.

  8. Maia says:

    BP, fear is the farthest thing to feel in any matter. However, it’s just as bad as having too much trust. My question to all of you is WHY do you trust Cobra so much? Has he really done anything for you or proven anything? He sounds authoritative, but it’s part of the act. We don’t have proof of his truths or deceptions, do we? WHY do you believe him so much? We all want to have a better world, no doubt about it. Could all of this be part of Problem-reaction-solution that David Icke talked about? Someone made our world so horrible that now we’re being offered a solution. Never mind that we’re not permitted to help in helping ourselves. That’s suspicious in itself, don’t you think? Because when all is said and done, those who helped us can now tell us what we can and can’t do….Afterall, THEY risked life and limb to “free” us. Not us. So then, they can order humanity into those false light chambers whether anyone likes it or not. BTW ask the Japanese how they feel about having lost the war to the US. They’re constantly being reminded that they were the ones who lost and will do as the US says. Why wouldn’t the aliens do the same?

    Do I sound fearful to you, BP? Because I can assure you that I’m not. I’ve never had more clarity and courage in my life.

    • Maia, I don’t believe most of us follow blindly. We have our knowledge, experiences, and a degree of trust comes with what we see and hear unfolding from day to day. I would not arbitrarily do anything I am uncomfortable with, strictly based on who is suggesting it. I take one day at a time, and continue to build on my knowledge and experience. I have no fear about what is to transpire. I will act based on my own choices, and until such time as Cobra, or Andrew Bartzis, or Neil Keenan or Drake or Tolec or anyone else tries to force me—-which I highly doubt will happen but remain watchful—I will coast along with high spirits, knowing and trusting that we were not led through this darkness to meet with an even worse demise or fate than we have already experienced all these millennia. All of this is FOR US; not against us. We need only be sensible, approach with love, and be open to possibilities and willing to modify our opinions as new evidence comes forth. I’m comfortable—just impatient!

  9. Maia says:

    Hey Demitra,
    You said:
    While I am not an expert on light chambers per se I have always been under the impression that there are many different kinds of light chambers, meaning they can be used in very many different ways for achieving very many different results….

    While what you said about the chambers sounds logical, there’s one thing you haven’t realized or said. Any light coming from a technology is not real light. It’s false light. What else can a technology produce? Real light is organic.

  10. @ Maia

    After you released the kundalini and chakras you will connect to the The Fitfh Heart Chamber this is the organic Light Chamber where you find true Healing…this is your Soul Connection and the true and safe connection (meaning with out disturbance or interferance from the outside) with Source.

  11. Sorry BP for the confusion…I know this is not mister Potters or Cobra’s site…Cobra linked this article in his last post…And I know they are reading the comments…I hoped for an responce of them.

    After I left my first post here I also posted it on prepare for change website…It was removed the next day…( my second comment there is also removed mmmmh wonder why ?)I was refering to that…

  12. Demitra M. N. says:

    An actual physical “chamber” is not a requirement as the cleansing/purifying process involves only light colour frequencies. If you’ve ever invoked and visualized the “Violet Flame” in one of your meditations, then you’ve entered into a light chamber experience already and didn’t know it.

    I think that some are under the impression that the light chamber experience will strip something vital away and are therefore to be feared, but that would be like not wanting to bathe or shower because all the dirt will get washed away. I know, it sounds ridiculous when you hear it this way, but really that’s basically the gist of it.

    By the way, we can each maintain our personal power by going through the cleansing process alone (via visualization and meditation) for as long as we like but I suspect eventually we will all come to see the immense energetic boost we get from engaging our Higher Self and others from the higher realms during this process.

  13. Marvyl says:

    For anyone who thinks they are exempt from being attacked by the Dark Forces, lower astrals–think again? My teacher, who was not from this planet, had continual attacks from the Dark Ones. I myself have been attacked, most people who try and bring forth the higher light is a target for the Dark Ones. They will attack you in your most vulnerable areas so if judgements and criticisms, void of intelligence and love, is an area within that needs to be transmuted then that is the fuel they will use. One of the reasons our Space brothers and Sisters cannot mix and mingle with the people of this planet is because of our lower frequency, their’s is much higher and they cannot sustain themselves at such a low frequency. That is why it is critical for this race to work on the refinement of their souls. I admire and respect Cobra for he has sacrificed so much to bring this race forward. Never bite the hand that feeds you or one day you will be without the food that nourishes you. Eve took a bite of the apple of knowledge for a reason, symbolically speaking. Never follow blindly, question everything especially yourselves, most importantly yourselves. Thank you

  14. Demitra M. N. says:

    Hi Maia..
    While I am not an expert on light chambers per se I have always been under the impression that there are many different kinds of light chambers, meaning they can be used in very many different ways for achieving very many different results. For example, in the same way that a television can be used to play self-selected programming, one can use it to tune into mainstream network broadcasting and in doing so, expose oneself to subliminal messaging and mindcontrol signals.

    The PEMS Synchronization Chamber, for example (abbreviated for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), is meant to bring these four levels of our being into harmony with one another. I expect that virtually everyone of us will need some light chamber therapy at some point to restore us back to our natural state of balance and harmony. The truth is that however much effort some of us have made in maintaining our health on all of these levels, every single one of us have been unavoidably compromised energetically over the course of our lives from exposure to pollutants and contamination in our environment, such as: radar, nuclear testing, chemical dumps and spills, televisions, mircowaves, computers, and electrical light frequencies (ELFs). Then there’s the chemical ingredients found in our water, foods, clothing, shampoos, soaps, cleansers, detergents, perfumes and hair sprays to name just a few ways that our nervous systems have been destroyed and our brain functions mutated. Not to mention, the subliminal programming from radio and tv which has intensified our levels of fear, distrust, addiction and even shame. The list could go on, but the point is this: what the average person calls healthy normal is actually dysfunction and neurosis and is by no means balanced and harmonious.

    Anyway, I see that you are greatly concerned about the negative use of the light chamber and perhaps your personal past life memories indicate that you have good reason to be so wary, so I am not questioning your rationale. What I am interested in knowing is how you can be so sure that the light chambers that COBRA is specifically referring to are without question intended for sinister means, and not as a means for helping people regain what they’ve lost from having been subjected to so much environmental distortion? Even a link would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    • As ever, Demitra, the voice of reason. Thank you.

    • Maia says:

      The giveaway is that everyone will HAVE TO go into those chambers. Now why is that? Sounds like there will be no choice in the matter. No free will. I choose not to go into them, but will they force me in anyway? According to ole Cobra, they will…
      I have not expressed fear, BP. There will always be those of us who are suspicious because something didn’t ring true for us. I’m saying that our Higher Selves is all that we need to purify and boost ourselves. No technologies like light chambers are needed.

      I know we are being interfered with by many beings for whatever reasons they have. We, Earth humans are in the middle of it all. Not one of them will tell us what powerful beings we are.

      December 21st, 2012 was not supposed to be an ascension. According to Chris Thomas, a man I admire very much has stated that that day was where we humans were supposed to be able to accept our full souls into our physical bodies. We only house 1/10 of it right now. Out of the 3 billion people on the planet, only a million and a half succeeded. They have become their Higher Selves. They’re in hiding because to see what they’ve become would make many drop down on their knees and start worshiping them. These people have the full abilities of their Higher Selves. And these are the ones helping us now overcome what the psychopaths have done to our world.

      No effing light chambers sounds better than this…..

      • Maia, you are, of course, entitled to your opinions, but as open-minded as I am, I find them beyond my ability to accept. You may be absolutely right, but at this point I don’t agree with your information. It’s too fear-based. There is nothing to fear.

  15. @ Maia:

    I hear you dear and I confirm the lightchambers!!! They (etherically) tricked me in to it a few weeks ago Yes it is synthetic or false light. I was able to blew the whole thing apart. Remember LOVE concurs all and overwrites ALL magic/sorcery.

    The way out: Balance and Transmute kundalini and chakras. Use your Love, Immagination and Intention and the fishermansnet WILL desolve!!!

    Much Love and Appriciation for your Courage!!!

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  16. Well a question not answered is also a answer…and a question deleted, and you know what I mean mister Potter isn’t it, is also an answer…The next tethorical question…Why?

  17. Well no answer is also an answer and a question deleted, you know what I mean mister Potter isn’t it, is also an answer…Next retoric question. What you gotta hide?

    @Maia I hear you dear…and can confirm the lightchamber. They (ethericaly) tricked me in to it a few weeks ago. Yes it is synthetic or false light.
    I blew up the whole thing. Remember LOVE Concurs all and overwrite all magic/sorcery.

    The way out: Balance and Transmute your kundalini and chakras. use your Imagination and Intention and the fishermans net will desolve.

    Much Love and Apriciation for your courage


  18. purpledragonrider says:

    P.s. Or maybe cobra himself can comment on the link I put up.That would be even better.


  19. Oliver says:

    Well why follow anyone but your self? I’ve learned that we often go to other people to get the answers we think we need when we actually have all the answers within ourselves.

    I’ve also “followed” different tracks such as David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Drake/Neil Keenan, Alex Jones, David Icke, Mark Passio, George Kavassilas, Santos Bonacci etc etc .. but I’ve concluded that nobody has the greater picture. How could anyone have the big picture?

    We are 7 billion people here incarnated by design from different Universes to accomplish tasks to help this world to be free again.

    We are here for the physical experience individually but then always connected cause nobody is better than any other.

    If this where not so there would be only one human living on EARTH.

    And yes I’m using my real first name … there are no coincidences.

    Inlakesh, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for!


    • Kenneth says:

      RIGHT-ON brother…You hit the nail on the head about our so-called “reality”…I could not agree more about your assesment of OUR situation.

    • Maia says:

      Thank you, Oliver. It took me many years to realize exactly what you’ve said in your post. In the beginning of learning to trust myself it was hard, but as I stuck to it, my inner guidance never let me down. I listen to others to get more of the puzzle pieces, but I try not to follow them because our paths are not really the same.
      This thing with Cobra is spooky; especially how people trust him so much. Sure he tells everyone to discern while he’s misleading them. IMO the light chambers will not be a good thing. It was used on humanity before to wipe their memories clean to make them unquestioning slaves. We were starting to come out of it and that was not going to be tolerated. Cobra said that EVERYONE had to go into them. Why? Not everyone is criminal or psycho. Because everyone will be brainwashed at the same time with the same thing. Who knows what that will be? The highest divine light, he said. From a technology? I urge his blind followers to ask him about that. Of course, he’ll come up with something believable. Afterall, it was said the first time around, promise them anything, but get them into the damn light chambers! Those who fled to the hills were hunted down and still put through them. Not good….
      About those food replicators he spoke about, he said only certain lightworkers would get those. Why is that? If you listen to Alexandra startled response to that, that should at least set off one alarm bell. Sounds to me like there won’t be free energy devices and technologies for everyone. Sounds pretty much like one slave system replacing another.
      I hope people really do use their hearts to discern this whole thing. When it all goes down – no, IF it goes down, it may be too late to fight it. Minds erased so that you can work endlessly for parasitical beings who’ll live off the fruits of your labor. Maybe even feed off of you.
      People can call me conspiracy theorist all they want. I call myself a suspicious person when something set off my bs meter…. And Cobra has done that….

      • Oliver says:

        Your welcome! ❤ I second your thoughts concerning the light chambers and I will not step into one even by force.

        Why give my power away to anything I'm not comfortable with? I think you hit the nail there.. 😉

        Much love


      • I sense a lot of fear, my friends. No one is going to force us to do anything. Once The Event takes place, we will all be thinking and feeling differently, the energies will be changing, and the truth about everything will be told. I suspect the time will come when we will all most willingly use the light chambers—or be left behind to live in the higher densities when we are able to accept our new reality. There is no deadline, so we can take our time.

      • Oliver says:

        @Starship Earth,
        Since almost everything we know about our history has been distorted I will trust my inner guidance on the light chamber issue.

        And as I said nobody has the whole picture of these Event’s so why even take up the issue with light chambers in the first place as Cobra and Sheldan Nidle has done?

        I do not fear “death” or anything but one thing which I will not share here but I know exactly what it is and it has nothing to do with anything outside of myself.

        Much love


  20. Purple Dragon Rider says:

    Thank you for sharing Starship Earth 🙂

    Maybe mister Potter can also comment on this: and the comment beneath this article made at 4.04 on 25-12-13 by anonymous.

  21. I imagine that the people who need a leader pick the one who resonates….as a recovering Bush voter I can tell you that things change! Was I wrong about Bush, you bet, but at the time I sure believed in him. This was a lesson, a very big lesson and I will never allow my self to be led like that again. I know this planet is screwed, I have saught info on those doing the screwin. Cobra is not like a charismatic politician who needs to be told how wonderful he is, he tells his truth and the rest is up to us. I will continue to work with Veronica’s team because I believe in that work. I’ve been listening and reading Cobra’s Intel for a couple of years and have not been disappointed. Very soon whether a person is truthful or not will irrefutablly obvious to us. Keep looking up and come from a place of love.

  22. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    Sometimes it is important to take a trip down the rabbit hole, just to see what we are up against…follow the links, dive into the depths, but remember to return and surface for air, and join in the celebration of Victory of the Light!

  23. Maia says:

    If I can get a couple of the people I know to come forward and tell you what they truly know about Cobra (compression breakthrough my ass), they’ll give you some insight into this con job and his partners. I know he’s from a negative faction from Lyra. He was shocked when I confronted him with this.

    I want good changes to happen just as much as all of you do, but it isn’t going to come from this Cobra movement. It’s just another deception, folks….
    Thank God that I found out now and not when I was coming out of one of their “light chambers” as a mindless slave to them. Then history will have repeated itself again….

    Good luck, my felliow Earth beings. We’ll all need it if this succeeds….

  24. Oh, and big hug 😀 to Rob Potter, whom I also respect and admire. There is something about listening to people speak, rather than just reading their posts, that seems to elevate one’s sense of discernment. At least for me, but I’m an Empath, I feel my way through life. While I don’t always agree with everything I hear, there is a resonance that comes through in hearing a person speak their truth. Likewise, I feel when something is “off”. Its not a matter of making sense or not making sense. Words can be seductive. It is a gut feeling, or more precisely, a knowing feeling in the chest, which may relate to Higher Heart wisdom and Thymus chakra.

  25. @ksense: Cobra does not send a message “You need a savior”, he constantly advocates that we save ourselves by using discernment and taking positive action. He also realizes the illusion of perceived limitation we live in, that holds people back from personal breakthroughs. In answer to your questions,
    1. Cobra empowers me and others. Knowledge is power, even if it is on a need-to-know basis. As he often reminds us, “discernment is key”.
    2. Cobra constantly asks people to take responsibility, to take action, to do something productive that will contribute to bettering the world.
    3. Cobra is as real a name as we need to know right now, for his protection. My name is not my given (by parents) name but it is perhaps more real than that one, and it was given to me later in life. It’s pretty much been legitimized by now anyway, if that matters to anyone but me, which it shouldn’t.
    4.Cobra is really risking his own butt…more than we can possibly know.

    As for Mr. Bartzis, I don’t know enough about him, but I do respect Gregg and the staff at in5D who do many wonderful things towards co-creating an informed and conscious community.

    BTW, this is not a contest.

  26. naleenra says:

    for those that are reading this… are here for a reason….be guided by your Intuition.
    Thank You Cobra.
    Thank You RP

  27. ksense says:

    It appears that Andrew Bartzis is believed to be the channel Rob is referring to. I don’t think Mr. Bartzis channels. The whole “you need a savior” (Cobra) vs “no one is going to save you” (Bartzis)is getting pretty heated, mostly from those who follow. . Doesn’t that always seem to be the case? I have some questions:
    1. Which one empowers me?
    2. Which one asks me to take responsibility and action?
    3. Which person is in the open, using his real name?
    4. Which one is really risking his own butt?

    The answers help me discern which is more likely to be credible, although neither can be 100% believed. maybe Andrew Bartzis is not the person Rob is talking about.

    • Ksense: We empower ourSELVES. If you’re not inspired—look to yourself. Cobra has said STAND UP! He created the Prepare for Change groups and linked up like-minded people across the globe. He shared info no one else shared.

      There are more “anonymous” people in this movement than those who use their real names. If I and my family had been attacked I wouldn’t be using my real name either—and I’m still not! People on FB use fake names, bloggers, journalists, YouTubers, and of course—so many commenters.

      Co.Bra was given his name by the Resistance Movement; NOTE: MAIA & Aware Shell- it stands for “compression breakthrough”, which is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Some people read way too much into things. That’s why we got the name “conspiracy theorists”.

      Who is risking their own butt? Apparently Cobra is, because he’s already been attacked by the cabal early on, and is continually slandered by people.

      No matter what is said about Cobra by any one source, he NEVER retaliates. We would do well to emulate him. The Internet is rife with people who feel superior when they put down others with their words, because they know they won’t have to face them. They’re cowards.

      Cobra has told us many, many times: use your own discernment; develop that discernment.

      I doubt if (m)any of my readers blindly follow just one person. We listen to everyone; keep what resonates and let the rest go. There is no black and white. It would be unwise to decide that because someone said one or two things we disagree with to discard everything they say. Where is the sense in that? It’s up to us to filter the information and come away with a reality that is comfortable for us.

      And bravo Phoenixfirebird: Your’re correct. This is NOT a contest. The human race is so brainwashed and competitive. Limitation is the name of the game. One cannot be right unless another is wrong? Why?

  28. Servais says:

    Total support to Cobra !

  29. peter says:

    Thank you oliver ! We all must realize this is an operation that has been i nprocess here for 25,000 years and this time it will not fail! However it must be stable sure above all peaceful and not be allowed to trigger larger violent reactions. Progress is being made. Dear Big Picture I will not reveal tyour name not sure if you choose to remain anonymous? will you please call me again when you have a chance!
    Victory To The Light

  30. Oliver says:

    If somebody smears or bad mouths anyone else that says a lot about that person and I think Mr Bartzis and Karen Hudes, etc, are shooting them selves in the foot.

    Too bad Bartzis has hooked up with Veronica Keen but then our souls has their choices.

    Much love


  31. Oliver says:

    Well said Rob hang in there..


  32. Maia says:

    Whenever I listened to a Cobra interview, which is almost nothing now; both sets of ears were tuned for discrepancies to any deceptions he was saying and I was never disappointed. I guess it paid off for me to widen my knowledge base, so that I less likely to be duped. I hate being played for a fool. As much as I hate being a skeptic, sometimes it’s served me well.

    I can understand why people trust this guy. I was one of them blindly following him because he was speaking a message I liked hearing, until I started listening closer to what he was saying. (Remember how Obama promised change, too? He just didn’t say which kind he was referring to. Cobra’s doing the same thing. Watch how he sidesteps answering certain kinds of questions….)We all are so desperately hoping for a change to this madness and he and who he represents know it. He’s not who he says he is, folks. I’ve had the misfortune of dealing with him and some of the members of the “resistence” movement before. They’re not nice people and cover this up really well with all the “facts” as Cobra presents them.

    To all of you who say you listen to him, listen closer….

  33. Demitra M. N. says:

    Trust me, not everything about Bartzis resonates with me and yet, despite some differences of opinion and lifestyle preferences, Bartzis has so much to offer (me) as well. He does/offers so much good, I simply cannot dismiss all that because he doesn’t always resonate to my perfect ideal. Only I can strive to do that for myself.

    The thing I see that gets too many people stuck and/or confused about what’s what, and therefore unclear about their own direction, is that they hear something from one source that doesn’t resonate with them and they immediately dismiss that source because it lacks “purity”. But there is no One source that is going to be “pure” for everyone. It’s our own discerning efforts that are meant to purify our OWN personal path, no one else’s. And our personal path is paved by the myriad of resonating pieces we find in others, not the critiques we make about them as persons.

    The answer is so simple in theory and seemingly so difficult to put into practice for most: if it doesn’t resonate, slough it off and trust that maybe that source has a need for for that piece of information, either for themselves or for someone else who is listening. And if it does resonate with us, hang-on to it and remember that just because it resonates with you, it may very well not resonate with anyone else and that’s okay.

    I admit that Bartzis certainly does have a lot of confidence in himself, which makes all the good he has to offer strong and powerful enough to reach those who need to hear his messages. If this confidence is being interpreted as over-powering ego issues, then he/she who is interpreting it thusly must consider that the over-powering ego issues must reside within themselves and Bartzis is merely the mirror. However, there’s also another way to look at Bartzis’ confidence which may have nothing to do with ego issues at all, and that is: maybe COBRA and NESARA are not part of his path like they are for others, and for his own path and purposes of understanding, the BRICS Alliance message resonates more closely with him. ~~You say potato and I say potatoe… It’s all good.

  34. Thank you.

    Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to everyone on the marble; help them live free and easy.

  35. Kenneth says:

    And isn’t “Interesting” that Andrew Bartizis calls COBRA’S input “Bunk”…Ole Andrew has some “House-Cleaning” he NEEDS to do for himself…Never got back to me about WHY he thinks NESARA is trash too…Yet he seems to think the BRICS Alliance is OK.

  36. Demitra M. N. says:

    What I like about Cobra is that he doesn’t embellish. He sticks to the facts and he’s consistent with the facts. He answers when he can, which is more often than not, and when he can’t, he says so and then unequivocably drops the subject. It clearly doesn’t matter to him whether the listener is buying what he says because frankly, he’s not “selling” anything in the first place. This resonates with me.

    As I see it, if it resonates with me, then there’s something in that information that means to lead me to where I need to be or need to go in these fast changing times, afterall, nothing works the same way that it used to work — in the chaos of the changes very few people seem to have noticed this. And so, it would never occur to me to force my opinion on another person about the validity about someone else’s intel. I mean, I don’t expect anyone else out there is heading in EXACTLY the same direction as I am, so how can I possibly know if the information that ISN’T resonating with me is not PRECISELY the information that someone else needs to hear for THEM to find their way home?

    This is a very delicate time wherein we are each trying to find our way toward our appropriate destination. We will do so only by interpreting the rightness or the wrongness of what we see and hear as a sign post that is meant for us and us alone. Right and wrong is not a black and white thing that can be applied to everyone across the board anymore, and those who continue do so are still hanging tightly to the old paradigm of duality. In doing so, they very clearly announce themselves as die-hard stragglers of 3D existence who not ready for anything higher.

  37. solar bloom says:

    Just an FYI…I don’t see last night’s show yet on Riob’s site that you have linked to — also not on youtube…not sure if it’s out there yet since last night’s live broadcast (which I missed, but I assume it aired). Gratitude! Listening to last week’s show with Fulford right now 🙂

  38. I agree with you, BP. Anyone who has taken the time to listen to him should know better. We can just start sending him some good energy to pick him and and support him. We can also surround him with a nice, thick layer of white, sparkling light.
    Much love…<3

  39. p says:

    Although I don’t always agree with Cobra, the mentions of the ether and the multi dimensional aspects are correct.The technology he spoke of needing attention was indeed a delicate process. It needed eyes, ability and know how beyond most humans on this planet at this point (not including inner earth). He may call things differently than what I do, but then seeing things first hand and with none to tell you different this will happen. Such is the fear feeders and their minions.

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