Operation American Spring Update & Photos: May 19th


Some say they couldn’t see any of the photos. I tried something else. Hope it worked.

I hadn’t intended to “go dark” this weekend. My plan was to stay close by my iPad/PC and keep tabs on what was going on, but people in my life had other plans for my time.

LandofMind sent these photos when he got home—thanks so much! He traveled all night on Thursday to meet with Col. Riley at the appointed time Friday morning and could only be there for one day before he had to make the long trip home.


I saw an estimate that there were 650 – 750 patriots in Washington, which is shockingly low. Many felt they had no choice but to go, and did everything they could including request donations from total strangers and got them, but unfortunately, not many felt that call to duty.


These are the kind of photos we WANT to see.









http://americanpatriotrevolution.weebly.com/whats-happening-at-oas.html  Here’s a link to a site with some additional great captures of the event.


I listened to part of an interview with Col. Riley’s PR spokesperson, Deborah, and she said people were spreading a rumour that the Colonel had been arrested, based on a photo of him having a conversation with the police, however, no one was arrested at all.  It was a  peaceful rally—as intended.

Another rumour was that the NSA was making note of all the participants. Puh-leez!

And of course the tornadoes, etc. never materialized and it was a beautiful weekend.

Rolling Thunder Memorial Day Ride, Washington DC

Some good news: on May 25 the bikers will be rolling into town for their annual Rolling Thunder ride on the Memorial Day weekend—five days from now.

Their mission:

“Rolling Thunder is a motorcycle Run and First Amendment demonstration which began in 1988 to bring awareness to the POW/MIA issue and achieve full accountability for, and the return of all service members, alive or dead, which were abandoned after the Vietnam War.”

Their website: http://rollingthunderrun.com/

One unemployed young man on camera said he would be there for the duration. I hope a lot of people will actually be able to follow through and remain in Washington for awhile. It was interesting to hear the many and varied reasons patriots made a point of being in Washington for OAS and the issues that jolted them awake.

Overall it was an exercize in frustration for me trying to get live video feed, but it was better than nothing. No matter what does or does not transpire in Washington itself, I feel like a few more people will wake up to what’s going on and that some are taking action to make positive change; that America has reached a critical point in its evolution and must stand up for the life, liberty and freedom they lay claim to—yet is almost silently slipping from their grasp.

While the “great awakening” didn’t transpire this weekend, that’s not to say it won’t happen this month.

Overall, I found that while sleep was fleeting, I felt a welcome sense of calm and acceptance of what is, like effortlessly bobbing along over ocean waves in an inflatable raft… just going with it; maybe something to do with the opening of the Pleiadian Portal.

Kauilapele said he and his team had a fruitful weekend wrangling the energies in Maui and he expects things to ramp up and move along more swiftly now. May it be so.  ~ BP

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15 thoughts on “Operation American Spring Update & Photos: May 19th

  1. suninjupiter says:

    Well, I personally love this site. I’ve been a member for a couple of years, under it’s old name and now the new one. I appreciate all the hard work to gather this information and make it available to us. Who cares if they are from Canada or New Zealand or Mars, we are all in this fight together. And, I don’t see the writer as leaning to one side, but being more open minded than anything. I have read more information that I pass on to others because I trust it. I stopped reading other blogs because they are too sensational. This one is honest and real.

    Besides, why can’t an opinion be stated as such and not be attacked? Come on, people!

    It’s so unfortunate when nasty people come out to say negative things. I see it too much on other blogs. Calling people retards and stupid and so on (not here, I’m just thinking of an example I read on another site) and then the battling back and forth and I think to myself, “are these really little kids blowing off steam or actual adults?” I really couldn’t tell.

    Think about it… don’t you know that by judging others…that mentality in itself is what’s really wrong with this world! It’s what got us here in this place to begin with!!! Remember…the Cabal hates everyone but themselves, including their own offspring. They’d slit their own child’s throat for a sacrificial lamb if it served them. It’s that mentality that has to be crushed before we can move on. It really can be no other way.

    Seeing the government dismantled won’t matter worth shit if we are all still bickering about who’s right and who’s wrong. But it has to start somewhere. Like commenting on blogs! Seriously. Be more sensitive to our cause and remember that we are only human. We all have differences of opinion and that’s alright! Our world would be boring if we were made the same, yes?

    The real fight is what’s before us…The Elite. Don’t let simple pettiness blindside you. Ever! We can never forget those who cannot fight for themselves. You all seem to have strong opinions. Make your words count for something that’s truly important! Fight for the rights and injustices of others who can’t or don’t know how!

    We are fighting against those who consider themselves better than the rest of the world. Those who live in ivory towers, safely kept away from the rest of the world they consider less. They are greedily wearing crown worthy jewels at the cost of many thousands of peoples lives. They easily maintain their mega castles, made possible by stealing other peoples money. They stuff their mouths nightly, gorging on 6 course meals while millions around the world are starving. They throw ridiculously lavish weddings, then gleefully brag about the million dollar price tags to see who can out do the other, all for vanity’s sake! The waste is nauseating.

    Is this sanity, in your opinion?

    These people, (if that’s what they really are, because I can’t call them human) are gleefully living in gross excesses of finery, all the while knowing there are those considered the scum of the planet, no better than the dog shit their poodle scoopers pick up, forced to live in boxes or grass huts, surviving on grubs and drinking puddle water. These people are not HUMAN BEINGS! If they truly were, they wouldn’t dare live like they do because their consciousness wouldn’t allow it. That Kardashian wedding could buy 20 modest sized homes for homeless people and still have some pocket change left. These are the people who need a serious slap-across-the-face-wake-up call. WE are the ones who need to fight to make that happen. That’s why it’s so important for us to maintain unity. Always. Always! Negativity won’t get us anywhere.

    No one has the right to assume they are better than someone else! Have you learned nothing from this movement for PEACE? If we can all simply be at peace with one another, honor their opinions and differences as their own and just be fine with it. What’s wrong with that? Why stress yourself out by blaming someone for not being quite as intelligent or belonging to the “wrong” side of our government? Everyone has got to stop the bickering NOW. It has to start somewhere, with someone.

    So before all of you negative people start to sling mud, stop and think first. Why do it? What does it prove? Does it make you feel better? Perhaps. Well, okay, that’s great! That’s maturity at it’s finest.

    But you see, this site belongs to someone else, who works hard at it. If you truly don’t like it, then go somewhere else. It’s really that simple! Save your blood pressure and that expensive trip to the ER, find another site that follows your beliefs and be happy.

    That’s all we’re trying to see finally get accomplished…for the first time in human history. Peace. Happiness. Equality. Is it not? For Humanity to finally take control of our planet and see it for it’s beauty. Freedom to travel to any place in the world and be welcomed. I am trying to imagine a cleaner, happier, safer, more sane world with freedom for all people. Where everyone lives in a clean, safe home. Where everyone has good, reliable transportation. Where there is honor in everything you do. Where gas isn’t a premium and maybe we all turn to solar and wind power sources instead of oil. Try to put your efforts into something positive and see whether that doesn’t make you feel a whole lot better. If you try it and don’t like it then…well, I won’t judge. We all have to make choices. Then, we have to live with them. Peace out.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well starship, that says it all when your wrote…”At least the republicans are DOING something to raise awareness for the appalling state Americans have gotten themselves into.” Republicans raising awareness? Have you lost your mind? Can you say “KOCH BROTHERS?” You are slanted towards republicans just as I thought.
    Thank you for clarifying. I do not wish to be drawn into either side.
    That is what the cabal want. Fighting for this side or that when they own both.

    • Interesting how people hone in on something and ignore the rest of the conversation. Did I not say one party is the same as another? Have I not said that several times? I don’t give a rats ass what party is doing what. It doesn’t matter. It has nothing to do with parties, and that is my last comment on this topic. I have better things to do.

  3. Maia says:

    In response to what dmd said “impeaching Obama isn’t the answer. Closing down the government is. I bet 90% of the jokers want Obama out, and a republican in….”
    I disagree about the Impeachment comment. It will rescind all the executive orders Obama signed into law. I guess you haven’t heard that both parties are different sides of the same coin. The real power isn’t even in the govt….

  4. Maia says:

    The reason for the poor turnout was mind control on Americans to not participate in this. The govt and covert agencies are desperate to hold onto the power they think they have over Americans. But make no mistake about it, they will crash and burn. Hopefully, we’ll get back our REAL GOVT then….

  5. dmd, it is not a “Republican” idea to impeach Obama, it is an idea that unifies all who are tired of hypocrisy and injustices of USA government. Americans are not allowed to harness rainwater. Land is sold to us at interest and we pay taxes that go to terrorizing innocent in Ukraine and false-flag operations. Impeaching Obama is a unifying idea to left right and center who are ready for honest representation in government and freedom and equality. We should be freely grow and exchange things like cannabis. Instead we are encouraged to buy all the alcohol we got.

  6. Maggie says:

    Bless these people who attended. As hard as they probably tried, I did not hear about this until a week prior.

  7. dmd says:

    Wow…I’m beginning to see that this site is quite republican. What a shame.

    • To dmd—Wow… You really don’t know anything about the owner of this site at all. I’m CANADIAN, not a US citizen, can’t vote in the USA, and there is no difference between ANY of your political parties. They’re all the same, all corrupt, all controlled by the cabal, and I’ll thank you not to insult me in this way. You will find when you’ve done some substantial research that the problems in your country have nothing to do with political parties, and no political party is going to fix them. Until you realize that, you should reserve leaving your opinion around as it might have people misjudging your intelligence.

      • dmd says:

        Ok…well you may not be republican, but take a look at the people holding the signs… “Liberal media sucks?” They are republican. They
        don’t understand that our governments are corrupt. They are just blaming Obama. Maybe you don’t get that because you are Canadian. But impeaching Obama isn’t the answer. Closing down the government is. I bet 90% of the jokers want Obama out, and a republican in. They are clueless. So when you post anti-Obama stuff, you are representing Right wingers even if you don’t mean too. Many people in the USA don’t really get it, the ARE blaming Obama, but still believe in the government. I will read your “corrupt government” stuff, but I will be skipping the anti-Obama stuff in the future. Sorry for offending you.

      • Maggie says:

        dmd: Has our US government become corrupt? Yes. Remember that Obama is a part of the US government. He SHOULD be called out. Democrats are disgusted with him also. Who knows any longer who is holding the sign……it may well be someone who voted for him. I have never seen this blog hold support for either side. This blog is just a constant source of info on a number of subjects and issues.

      • dmd says:

        Well then, why show pictures of people holding signs that say “Liberal media sucks?”…”LIBERAL?”…as opposed to conservative. Why bash just the president? Where are the signs bashing congress? All I saw pictured above were Obama bashing and liberal bashing signs, Where are the signs that say “Conservatives use religion to get your vote, but don’t give a rats butt about the middle class.” Or “Fire congress”… As if the president holds all the cards. IT’S THE WHOLE THING THAT IS BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY THE ELITE. Both sides. But I guarantee that the people holding those signs are right wingers who blame Obama and Liberals for the mess were in. It’s THAT ignorance I oppose. The cabal wants to pit one side against the other, while they control both sides. Sorry but if I want to hear Obama bashing I’ll go to the republican websites. I didn’t expect to find it here.

      • dmd, Obama is the masthead of the corrupt government. If the awakened ones said they wanted to march to remove Congress, most of the rest of the people would be screaming “What about Obama? What about Benghazi? What about the drones? What about NDAA? What about treason? Why Congress?”

        It has to start at the top. The rest will follow. Obama is the one people see being a traitor, and he is the one who is going to take the flack, whether he is just playing along or not. He and his direct administration who are seen to make things happen as they do.

        Once all is said and done, the truth will be known. The American public has to act on what they know, and they don’t know what WE know. Actions speak louder than words, and Obama’s actions sealed his fate as far as the “Republicans” are concerned.

        The photos I posted were volunteered by one of my readers and I gratefully accepted and posted them as an accurate representation of what is transpiring in Washington. Why aren’t the Democrats out there calling for the arrest of the people they voted in? Where are they?

        As long as everyone believes there’s a difference in the parties and their leaders, America is going to have a tough time unifying enough to accomplish anything. At least the Republicans are DOING something and raising awareness for the appalling state Americans have gotten themselves into. Arguing about Democrats and Republicans is as sensible as arguing over Ford and GM or Shell and Chevron. They’re all the same.

      • futuret says:


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