Dinar/RV Addicts Advised to Abandon the Carrot as a Cabal Psyop [video]

It seems millions of people are waiting with baited breath to learn when they can cash in their Dinar for mega-bucks. Andrew Bartzis and Hope Girl say it’s a cabal psyop and doing a lot of damage to the general public while heavily benefitting the cabal.

If you have Dinar, I highly recommend this video shared in comments by a reader.  ~ BP



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16 thoughts on “Dinar/RV Addicts Advised to Abandon the Carrot as a Cabal Psyop [video]

  1. MrH2old says:

    do something, crowd funding works you can send your money to me I am awakened, I need to go from week to week and my car is broken.
    I wil send part of it to good couses, a whole 2 cents on the dollar

  2. Kenneth says:

    Believe me when I say, I would nothing better than to see MONEY go away, but when you consider what mankind has been enslaved to for so long most people know Nothing about what’s coming and are used to working within this “System” (Banking)
    Therefore that’s why something like the ORIGINAL Nesara actually makes good sense until IT can be replace…Its supposed to become GESARA which means GLOBAL Economic Security and Reformation Act, which would cover ALL mankind with economic security.
    As elaborated in Hope girls and Andrews site the BRICS alliance should have this agenda in mind…The whole mind set about having to WORK for a living enslaved to a “Corporation” is well written in your sites…so what better way than to have a system of wealth redistribution with THAT goal in mind.
    BRICS should have this mind-set too…If ALL peoples needs are cared for this way, think of all the good it could have on US…THEN, WE can focus on the MOST important asspect of our whole existence for BEING here…BECOMING “ONE” WITH THE SOURCE FEILD…From there NOTHING will be out of reach for US “Material” and otherwise…Remember its all about having “Mind Over Matter”…EVERYTHING is nothing but an ILLUSION that WE Once had complete control over…That’s what I long for…That’s what the “Galactic Beings of Light” are all about….the ones that WE are to meet soon!

  3. Kenneth says:

    The argument that Money and Material things being Evil and is responsible for ALL the bad that goes on,, is as silly as the reasoning gun control advocates…Guns don’t kill people…PEOPLE kill people!
    Same can be said of Money and Material things…PEOPLE can use money and material things for both GOOD and EVIL.
    Is there someone HERE that Understands this???
    All that needs to be done is that the banking system NEEDS to be cleaned up…That is the purpose of the BRICS alliance (Which Andrew Bartzis seems to allow for accordingto his own info!)
    Once new technology takes hold, Money will no longer be needed because it will become useless…but as delt with by “Other Sources” there will be a need for “Wealth Redistribution” to level the playing field until then…is this so HARD to understand here???

    • Kenneth, we’re on the same page. As our consciousness elevates and all man’s basic needs are provided, we will no longer yearn for all the toys and eventually, thankfully, will eliminate money. We will create any basic needs we would like through our intention and technology. Most won’t have a use for 6 bedroom homes, yachts, Ferraris, villas in Spain, etc. In fact, I see us going back to a simpler life when our connection to creator and the Universe is of prime importance, along with time to nurture and advance the soul. I love the idea of new Renaissance to pursue the arts, etc.

      • Kenneth says:

        I agree with this too, but according to the other sources this will take some time to develope…hopefully in a SHORT time. But until all the technology takes over whats the purpose of the BRICS alliance???
        Unless when our cosmic family arrives they will provide ALL needed the technology then I could see your argument against NESARA.
        From my understanding of what’s been told about developing situations as of now it will take some time before money is no longer needed…thus the need wealth redistribution…otherwise WHY even support the BRICS alliance???…Its just another banking system.

      • I don’t know if NESARA will become a reality or not. I’m not counting on it, but I don’t believe we will really need it, anyway. We will want for nothing. Once we are not longer handing over taxes, etc. to the Queen and the Vatican, we can use that money to ensure that all people have food, shelter, clothing, water, and advance the standard of living for all as well as clean up the planet. Hopefully we can begin that in 2014. Fingers crossed, IF Americans wake up sufficiently.

  4. MrH2old says:

    yes, wasted my time, and same goes for waiting for a turn around in this 3d reality because this also shows no results and is turning toxic also.
    And nesaranews is then also toxic influenced like most are.

  5. Kenneth says:

    I askyou the same question John…Is it the LOVE of “Material” things that is the REAL problem??? Material things are “Illusion” that one day soon WE will have control over (MIND over MATTER)
    NOT the material things themselves…Understand???

    • zkyle96 says:

      Quote: Kenneth says:
      “I askyou the same question John…Is it the LOVE of “Material” things that is the REAL problem??? Material things are “Illusion” that one day soon WE will have control over (MIND over MATTER)
      NOT the material things themselves…Understand??

      Dear Kenneth.

      To answer your question NO it’s not the material things that mater it’s LOVE that matters the most.

      I have not mastered the ability to precipitate the “Materials” needed to help mankind yet. Have you?.

      The reality is it takes a currency to perches “Materials” needed to help better the world to build safe water wells, free energy devices, farming agriculture FREE of GMO’s.

      YOUR reality is yours.. You choose how to see others and the world.

      Some of the people invested in the Iraqi dinar (IQD / IQN) have dreams to help mankind with their new found wealth and NOT lusting for riches.

      Choose to do the right thing as your intentions with LOVE.

      Choose to see LOVE…


      • Kenneth says:

        I think you have NOT understood what I was implying about LOVE and Material things friend…LOVE created the universe…MATERIAL and ALL there is, Remember???
        Therefore does matter HOW that Love can bring ALL back to the “ONE” Everything really IS…Remember too ALL Matter is nothing more than an “Illusion” that was always under the control of “Prime Source Creator” which WE are all returning to…So of course I choose LOVE…Its the ONLY thing that can create.
        Namaste Friend.

      • Kenneth says:

        Oh!…I almost forgot to ask…If as you implied “It Takes Currency” to supply “Material Needs” for NOW…then are you implying that “Banking” is needed for now??? If this is the case WHY do you come down so hard about NESARA??? You see this what NESARA (And Other Trust) was always designed to do is to “Level the Playing field” what possible be “Bunko” about THAT???

  6. john vallier says:

    If you are in it for the Money you have lost the race,same old Greed Issues throughout History,some old saying about A Fool and His Money.
    When the entire banking and stock system is a Fraud,Why oh Why Would this CRAP be Real???????????

  7. Ken Harris says:

    I just have to laugh at the comments. First of all, don’t you all see that the expectation of the money to be gained from the RV and the release of these so called prosperity funds is just a means to keep mankind in a 3D mindset? Don’t you see how all these funds will end up in the hands of a new set of greedy manipulators bent on wealth and control? If the existence of these funds are truth, the spiritual mindset of every single man, woman, and child would have to evolve to a world unity/prosperity viewpoint for the release to be successful. Given everyone’s focus on wealth and self gratification that I see around the US alone, it would take a huge world wide calamity to awaken everyone to the fact that we are all brothers and sisters who should be caring for each other. Should such a thing occur, it will quickly become obvious that the only use for money will be as kindling to start a fire.

    As for the so called “legitimacy” issues related to Andrew Bartzis, I hope that I am not the only one who seems to notice that as soon as a legitimate purveyor of the truth becomes “mainstream”, the Cabal goes out of it’s way to ensure that strategically placed disparaging comments, associations, and other “contridictions” are widely disseminated to ensure the validity of the message is questioned or dispelled. If anything, these surreptitious attacks on the messengers give credence to the message, because the cabal will do anything to win. In fact, probably the best way to test the validity of a messengers message is to check for disparaging comments. The more of such comments, the closer to the truth the messenger speaks. Take a look at Cobra for instance, you can’t find anything disparaging on Cobra. In fact, Cobra has a little army of monitors that instantly attack whenever anything Cobra says or does is questioned. In my book, Cobra is pure bunk, with just enough truth being said to keep his believers enthralled and focused on feeding his negative energy grid for the Reps and Draco’s. But that’s my opinion, and I usually keep it to myself, but I use it here as an example of the disparity with respect to negative articles about messengers who hit very close to home with the truth, and messengers who spread disinformation and false hope to anyone who will buy their line of hype.

    • Kenneth says:

      Your “Persecussion Complex” doesn’t hold any water with me because as a former Jehovah’s Witnesse (47 years)…we all used that old excuse to justify our vision of things too…THAT is pure “Bunko” too friend…understand?
      You seem to also miss the mark about “Material assets” too…Which it worse?…Is it the MONEY and Material things that is evil itself??? OR…Is it the LOVE of money and material assets that is the REAL problem??? ANY “Material asset” wether it be money or other things is NOT the problem friend…the REAL problem is how much ATTENTION we give it…Understand???
      Take a look at 1Timothy 6: 9 ,10 in the bible and please NOTE what is said about MONEY…It says the “LOVE of Money” was the root cause of ALL injurious things…NOT the money itself…Money itself is nothing but PAPER, a vehicle to make transactions with…that at some time in the near future will no longer be needed.

  8. Kenneth says:

    Andrew Bartzis has SOME of the details right about this BUT Not All…Plus it seems that old Andrew has “Legitimacy” problems according to “Other Sources” I have discovered that suggest he is “Associated” with “Mind-Control” programs and the Vatican…Also there some very interesting “Contridictions” in some of his alledged sources and associates…LOOK them up from on Search.

  9. zkyle says:

    To Hope Girl.. Free Energy please just stick to that and things you do not understand and do not judge!. The GCR And the Iraqi Dinar (IQD) is part of the SHIFT of world wealth to all people… The IQD I have I will use to help man kind IT’S NOT GREED.. There is a difference between greed and the release of funds making it’s way to the 1% out of the 99%. Their plan was just for the 1% BUT it found it’s way to the 99%… So please do not confuse the two… There are huge changes on going since 2012 that YOU do NOT understand do not judge what you do NOT understand. I plan on using the funds from the IQD to help people around the world with Clean water, Free Energy, Algaculture. Keep negative thoughts out of your mind it will not help people. Yes we all know the plan that G. Bush had in mind that is not happening now.. It has found it’s way to the 99% for the GOOD of man kind.. The light forces and GOD’s light works in mysterious ways.. Fear is the dogma that the cabal thrive on. Fear not! God is in control whether you SEE it or not!


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