Cabal is Customizing Weather for Operation American Spring; Nice Try

Thanks to ‘America: Where are you now?’ for sharing.

Dare I even post this? They think the powers that REALLY be will let a tornado blow through the rally? Wishful thinking.  

Thanks Dutch for the heads up, but I don’t believe Americans will get slapped down just when they’re waking up.

People need to make up their minds they’re going and just go. What’s a little heavy weather when your liberty, freedom—life— is at risk?  ~ BP

HAARP: Washington DC Tornado Warning Issued Same Day as Operation American Spring

(Dutchsinse) 330am Eastern Time May 16, 2014: A tornado warning was issued near the metropolitan area of Washington DC (just West by a few miles).

A few days prior, a RADAR pulse event (slang term “HAARP ring”) occurred out of Dover Air Force base, targeted over the Washington DC area.

dover air force base may 12 2014

Move forward a few days, and we again see an actual tornado warning, detection of rotation, occur at the area which was pulsed via RADAR .  Weather modification via frequency.

pulse haarp ring confirmation may 16 2014

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  1. Hmmmmmm, Yep, BP, I think we were correct in our prediction that they’re using weather as their weapon of choice, that’s for sure. VERY interesting. Thank you, and yes, this is why I subscribe to Dutch. He’s so ‘right there’, ya know? ❤

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