More Livestreaming Sites for Op. American Spring

Here’s a page that captures Twitter and Facebook posts:

Here are several links to help you keep up with *Operation American Spring*!

Live Streaming video links: (This one is a live video feed from Brian D. Lange of Live T.R.U.T.H. Radio)

**Be aware that the weather is VERY rainy!!!!**

There is an app that people are using to stay in touch via “walkie/talkie” style communication. Here is a link to the app:

Unfortunately, the relay for our Washington correspondent hasn’t passed the tests we did yet, so I have solicited the help of another party to send me texts and data from LandofMind. I’m awaiting confirmation that they have made contact.

Fortunately we have some live feed, but I’d like some honest feedback via text I can share with people worldwide. Livefeed doesn’t always work so well on my DSL, but it’s better than nothing.

The weather calls for rain today in Washington, but it looks dry and windy at the moment; Saturday and Sunday should be sunny and warm.

Love and Light to everyone in Washington. LET THERE BE PEACE. ~ BP

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5 thoughts on “More Livestreaming Sites for Op. American Spring

  1. Jean says:

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    Thanks so much for these links. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  2. […] Everyone can support [energize] Operation American Spring in spirit, by setting an intention to peacefully end all lawlessness, and set this tract of humans free with most ease and grace. […]

  3. Tigrr says:

    All these links go to a Facebook page????????????

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    Please make Viral! We need to send love and light and all the support we can. These are the defining moments for Liberty or we will have to accept the Boots on our heads as the lead us to the FEMA Camps. This is History in the making, what say you? Are you ready to stand for something for future generations? Or are you a coward and think that by sticking your head in the sand that it will all go away? Remember what is sticking up from the sand and you are not the 1% who they will not enslave. Even their Minions will be thrown under the bus when they finish with the Christians first. They want to eliminate 90% of the population, so where does that put you or your children?

    Let us come together in Love and over power them with Love, with Prayer, with Meditations.
    May 17 the Portal will close and we need to make sure we envision all Negative to be removed. As we Free America, we will also be able to Free the World. Take back the keys from our oppressors and clean the Swamp and the Pink House.

    For all Police that commit tyranny they need to be arrested. They dress up as Thugs and perform as Nazi Thugs. No More! We have had enough!
    Be blessed and know that We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For!!!
    I see a white platinum light from Source shining down on every Patriot with Divine Protection. All truth will be made known.
    The ones who are committing heartless acts have No Soul because they sold it. Our courageous warriors for Freedom will defeat all Evil because God will be with them!

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