David Wilcock Update to Last Article…

Well, it was a long time coming. I’ll bet it was worth waiting for. ~ BP

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David_Wilcock_Search74 I felt that this update to David’s last article was important (in some way) to post before leaving tomorrow for Maui. Almost as if awareness of this update ties in to all of the activities that will be happening all around the planet on 5-17. The Obama/Air Force One/David Wilcock synchronicity David experienced is a key part of this.

DOES THIS EVENT HAVE ANY GREATER SYNCHRONICITY? [referring to the appearance of Air Force 1 when David arrived at LAX]

Bear in mind that the title of my most recent book is The Synchronicity Key.
The whole book is based on the concept that “meaningful coincidences” are not happening by accident, but by deliberate design. The radio show I just posted talks extensively about disclosure. I stated that ET humans have visited every US President in his office for the last 100 years. Additionally, this article I wrote to accompany the…

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3 thoughts on “David Wilcock Update to Last Article…

  1. as usual, david really doesn’t say much here. a few tidbits we already know and a story that he says has some kind of significance, but as to what significance we are left guessing….. and a few numbers (if not the same numbers, at least other numbers that allude to something) that most of us see regularly.

  2. Dawn Matthias says:

    Would you please resend the email following this one of David Wilcock. It was deleted in my inbox a few minutes ago and was send by your site around 10pm thank you so much.

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    • Dawn, the emails go out automatically from an autoresponder from WordPress, so I can’t resend, but you know, my blog is always available at https://2012thebigpicture.wordpress.com/ and you can go there any time and read any post, current or archived. There are over 3800 of them. You don’t need the email notifications to go to my blog.

      Scroll down the sidebar on the left side and you’ll see the heading “Recent Posts”. That particular one was a reblog from Kauilapele’s blog.

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