David Icke on Fade to Black: How the World is Actually Run [audio]

Dr. Richard Presser

From Dr. Richard Presser’s blog:

Dr. Presser can identify somewhat with the plight of David Icke, feeling a calling to do this work and doing it, no matter how looney he appeared to family and friends.

The tug of destiny propelled Richard to leave a highly successful business and wonderful family life in Australia to do what he does here in America: a tremendous sacrifice he never speaks of unless asked.

Many people sacrificed a great deal to help bring us to this point in our evolution and in this timeline. I deeply appreciate what you have done and continue to do, Richard.  ~ BP


David Icke

For 25 years, David Icke has been seeking to awaken the world to the way the world actually works, rather than the “matrix” we are presented with. When he started this, most considered him a complete nutter. Over time, the evidence has come down on his side.

On May 9th, he was interviewed by Jimmy Church on his Fade to Black radio show. David shares how he came to be walking this challenging path. Like so many that have chosen a path that is contributing to the awakening of people, he had an experience that pushed him towards it – call it a mystical or spiritual experience – and he shares how this unfolded.

But that’s just the beginning. Inevitably in an interview of over 2 hours, David talks about those at the highest level of power in our world who do not have the same DNA as most of us, and their true nature is reptilian. Now, before you roll your eyes and move on, let me share the experience of Anton Styger that David refers to.


Anton Styger

Anton Styger

Styger has been a clairvoyant from birth. He sees and experiences many things that most do not. You can read a little of his story here. In this article, Anton shares how he sees a particular group of people:

”When I see people in business or politics who are particularly trapped by the material world, for example, I notice that they no longer have any light bodies at all. In many of these people, the point of light at the heart chakra, which is otherwise always present, is no longer visible to me. Instead, I see something like a layer of ‘shiny tar’ around them in which a monstrous being in the shape of a lizard can be distinguished. When such people speak on television, for example, I see a crocodile shape manifesting itself around the person like in a concave mirror; I don’t see the light of their throat and forehead chakra.”

Styger has no connection with Icke’s work.

If you truly want to understand how the world is run and how a growing number are waking up to this, listen to this powerful interview. You can find it here on YouTube and also in a cleaned up audio only format here.


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