URGENT: Smartphone Correspondent Needed to Relay Updates and Photos from Operation American Spring

Update: May 15, 11:25 a.m. – We now have three people involved in sending info to me to post regarding OAS. We’re doing some tests today to make sure it’s all going to work as we hope. Now if I can just maintain an internet connection, we’ll be golden. Fingers crossed!

Okay gang—we have a member of this blog community who is enroute to Washington with a Smartphone willing to send updates and photos but alas, the techno-weenie (me) only has a phone for phoning, not data, dammit!, so I can’t receive the information they are going to send.

We obviously cannot rely on the lamestream media to cover this as they totally ignored the biker and vet protests.

Is anyone here willing to receive the updates on their Smartphone—that’s texting and photos—and relay to me via email so I can post on the blog?  I’ll make sure I’m home all day and all weekend and longer, if necessary to make this happen. WE CAN DO THIS!

Please respond ASAP so we can get this set up well in advance. Friday is THE DAY!

Thank you all.  ~ BP

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4 thoughts on “URGENT: Smartphone Correspondent Needed to Relay Updates and Photos from Operation American Spring

  1. Landofmind says:

    Nitrorocket@aol.com Phone#419-601-5246 for OAS use only.

  2. Landofmind says:

    I can send photo’s and Text to any phone that can receive. However I do not have phone Internet service. Contact me before 5;00pm today if you can help get the word out. People on bridges and over passes need to know as well as the people that cannot make it.

  3. My brother and I will be to DC by 05/16 and have a smartphone! Let me know what you need in passing on info! Anything for a good cause:)

  4. bostonboy7 says:

    Yes please send me updates Boston Boy

    Sent from my iPhone


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