We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ NESARA! The Heirship Economy: Unlimited Abundance for All

From a link posted by Cindy Kay Currier at America: Where Are You Now? Facebook group… great stuff, Cindy. 

Many people who believe they are logical, intelligent and critical thinkers will think this is utter nonsense, but then—they’re dealing with a false reality, aren’t they?

Once we all reevaluate what REALITY is, we will all think differently, reason differently, and create differently, bringing into being a world we previously believed could only be a Utopia of the mind or a fantasy. But it will be the realest ‘real’ we’ve ever known.  ~ BP

The Heirship Economy: Unlimited Abundance for All


What if I told you that the world doesn’t really need a currency revaluation; that we don’t need access to collateral accounts; and that we don’t even need a global reset? What if I told you we could experience unlimited abundance at will and the only thing we need is access to the key and the will to turn the lock as a collective? Someone recently asked how I would go about facilitating a world-wide economic reform. I explained:

Economics is not a natural phenomenon like electricity that works according to natural laws. It is a set of ideas concocted entirely by lower reasoning. Paying money for life is like making love to a refection in the mirror. The key to unlimited abundance is for humanity to understand that we are and always have been the collateral backing the world’s economy. (If you are unclear about that, click here.)

Now I propose a world-wide unlimited abundance plan called the Heirship Economy. I call it an ‘economy’ only because that’s a term people understand. The Heirship Economy is implemented in three phases and is based on the assumption that all systems self-correct when the underlying problems are corrected and that the laws of nature are free to operate uninhibited.

Phase One

Read and understand the four documents on this webpage: Armistice & Accord; Letters Patent; Notice of Reconciliation; Letters of Marque

Phase Two
  • Understand that BRICS development bank is designed to assist under-advantaged nations with infrastructure development and has the capability of operating its own International Monetary Fund.
  • Insist that all banks operate as lawful trusts and pass through entities in cooperation with BRICS, consistent with the Court of Ages Letters Patent.
  • Identify yourself as a living Heir of Creation and sovereign nation.
  • Compel BRICS to recognize your status as an Heir of Creation sovereign nation and offer to contract for services consistent with the Court of Ages Letters Patent.

Phase Three
(adapted from John Black’s ‘Abolition of Work‘)

  • Abolish all notions of jobs, occupations, or work (production enforced by economic or political means).
  • Enable full unemployment (no more selling the time of our lives in exchange for survival).
  • Invite permanent revelry (collective joy and independent exuberance).
  • Implement laziness rights (essential for recovery from employment-induced exhaustion).
With the implementation of this three-phase plan, new technologies would emerge. People would begin organizing themselves into self-governing communities, tribes, and federations according to the laws of nature. The old would pass away. Behold, the new has come!
Love to ALL,
Cindy Kay

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8 thoughts on “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ NESARA! The Heirship Economy: Unlimited Abundance for All

  1. Captain B says:

    NASARA””” Is””” DEFFINATEY needed~~WHY because “” MOST OF ARE “”NOT YET”” __
    able to Manifest what we need ~!~! on a dayly basis while
    in the “”NOW””
    On our Spirtual journey~~~ Those first wavers like my self –have
    worked MANY years for NASARA TO BE MANIFESTED—-
    and for you~~ to insult NASARA–~~calling it STINKING IS,, Extremy SELf CENTERED,,, Foolish and ignorant of those still sleeping that are homeless and starving—-(the Money system is not yet Abolished ~! ) Time you
    WAKE UP–to reality and take you head —out of the Clouds & LA LA ,,,Land~~~ come BACK IN ABOUT 30 YRS with a Kinder and Loving Heart Space
    AND WHO ARE YOU ?? to Critrize NASARA? Do you realize NASARA
    brings about Full Disclosure–and sets free ALL Humanity– Cancells
    Before lashing out such Foolish Arrogance~~I suggest you –GO BACK and COMPLETELY do your Researce,,,FIRST–
    SENDING YOU healing of your Heart ~!~! & Many Blessings of Love & Light,,, NAMASTE Captain B

    • Captain B… “We don’t need no stinking badges” is a line from a movie. I’m sorry you’re not familiar with it. I’m a writer, and I like to use catchy headlines.

      I have no opinion of NESARA one way or another. If it’s really coming—great. If it’s a myth as some say it is, that’s okay with me, too.

      I would say you are being awfully judgmental and rude. Can you not make a point without insulting people?

      I will be so glad when we live in a world when people can be civil to others.

  2. Kenneth says:

    I completely agree with what is posted here…BUT!..Unless this ENTIRE worldwide monitary sytem is removed in an INSTANT when our Cosmic Family arives HOW will all the worlds wealth be redistributed…The way things set up at the moment would imply that the NEW system is going to take TIME to implement …What do we do in the meantime…remember we will have to replace the WHOLE Grid system (Roads; wiring; bridges; all transportation systems of automobiles…trains…buses…aircraft…our entire system of travel will have to be replace by “Levitation devices”…like our space family travels…we’re talking HUGE changes here…all in TIME…so unless something on the order of “Magic Wands” are introduced we are looking at some period of TIME before this can be allowed to take place.

    • Kenneth, I feel like we don’t need to worry about the details, because at this point we don’t understand what reality will be like. I think if we open our minds to miracles, we will see them. No, it can’t all happen overnight, but let’s not put restrictions on the possibilities. Dreaming is free.

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    I think NESARA is a bridge to free unlimited abundance, so no one has to work to live. We are heading to a live of free, abundance for all. I like full unemployment. Not that we would not do what needs to be done, we would do this. We would do it in joy, happiness, and all would be able to help.

  4. Sounds like a plan to me! 😀 Pretty cool, though, and the first thing I thought of is what David Wilcock said about the fed fiat money; that ‘they cannot conceive how it’s being held together.’

    I would think that since the Rothschilds are the only trillionaires on the planet, they should be the first ones in line to ‘make the major donations. lol Much love ❤

  5. themadhatter says:

    RE-BLOGGED THIS TO ALL DIMENSIONS … Best thing I’ve heard for millenia … Carry on 🙂

  6. merahza says:

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