Operation American Spring: Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire?

I’m well aware of those who warn us that this awareness demonstration may be just that—a DEMON-stration—but I don’t get that feeling.

I’m just not feeling the fear.

What’s that saying about an idea whose time has come?

Isn’t it just possible that the energies no longer support a massacre now that a few Americans have awakened enough to realize they have to DO something about the appalling condition of their country as a result of their treasonous government before it ‘s too late?

Isn’t it possible that the Galactics will  prevent this from becoming another false flag with mass casualties—as we’ve been told they will, and as witnessed at the Bundy ranch?

Isn’t it possible that this is NOW and what happened in the past does not foretell the future?

Isn’t it possible that there are those who are planting seeds of fear and spreading disinfo to deter the masses from doing what is necessary to take their country back?

Is this the former American Revolution replaying in this cycle?

Isn’t it possible that Operation American Spring is an idea whose time has come?

Just asking.  ~ BP



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6 thoughts on “Operation American Spring: Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire?

  1. Nate Sniffen says:

    The universe hears our intent and the intent of the CIA/FBI individuals. Suspicion and hope are both weak vibrations where one allows their state to depend on something external. Nurture your own energy joyfully, calmly and serenely: breathe crystal clear. This IS posssible.

  2. Dee says:

    Even the SDS (Students for Democratic Society) back in the 60’s were inflitrated. Anyone who participates, I wish them light and protection. But, for me…I shall continue my activism from my armchair and in meditation of the ley lines. I believe that is where the true power lies.

  3. Country Lass says:

    Have a look at this site blog.redefininggod.com. This chap thinks this is a CIA/FBI funded “colour revolution”. It does make one wonder.

  4. cassandra says:

    Demonstrations are ok…but the Elite has the power. Maybe it would be better to tackle them LEGALLY???
    Start a movement by which the army is “di-programed” and learn not to kill their own to protect a bunch of sharks.
    Not to pay taxes (in a legal way) as they are used for ILLEGAL purpose.
    Rather go to the streets to “preach” and explain to people what is happening and create a DEBATE to open the eyes of the masses?
    And after doing all this maybe to demonstrate en mass.???

  5. Todd says:

    Your optimism is inspiring BP. Perhaps it will be a catalyst towards checking the growth of humanity’s collective consciousness, ;).
    This play we’re all starring in, is certainly intriguing. xo, Todd.

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