Belgian court fines MP Laurent Louis 50,000 Euros & sentences him to 20 months (suspended) for calling Belgian Prime minister a “pedophile”

Update to the post came in immediately following pubication:

UPDATE: MP Laurent Louis is one of the EU politicians who had planned to accompany Kevin Annett to the UK to serve arrest warrants on the UK Monarch and on the Pope later.

Only power at this level could have secured a judgment against MP Laurent Louis which directly contravenes Belgian law of Parliamentary immunity for speech on the floor of Parliament.

They are destroying MP Louis so he cannot support the ITCCS trials, IMHO.
The tale of another hero: Laurent Louis. At least the jail term is suspended.

Free speech is a thing of the past if we can’t call ’em as we see ’em without being fined and prosecuted. It DOES make it easier to know which judges and lawyers to arrest though!  ~ BP

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BREAKING NEWS: Belgian court fines MP Laurent Louis 50,000 Euros and sentences him to 20 months (suspended) for calling Belgian Prime minister a “pedophile” in Parliament

BRUSSELS – A Belgian court fined MP Laurent Louis 50,000 Euros and sentenced him to 20 months (suspended) for calling Belgian Prime minister a “pedophile” in Parliament, despite controlling Belgian law granting full legal immunity to speeches by Members on the floor of the Parliament.  MP Laurent Louis had previously released a list of prominent pedophiles in Belgium including Members of Parliament, the Monarchy, and prominent lawyers, judges and bankers.

This ruling, which MP Laurent Louis is expected to appeal, may have some effect his campaign in the May 25, 2014 EU parliamentary elections.

As MP Laurant Louis speech in the Belgian Parliament is legally protected (as the Prime Minister himself admitted while in debate), it is unclear why this prosecution was brought other than for political purposes to derail MP Laurent Louis campaign.

MP Laurent Louis is an EU Politician who has endorsed the International Common Law Court of Justice trials against the UK Monarch, Vatican, Popes Ratzinger & Bergoglio and the Jesuit Superior General for child genocide.

Below is a translation of a Belgian news article announcing the court verdict.


20 months in prison required against the member Laurent Louis

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 4:18 p.m.

( Belga ) The Crown has requested , on Tuesday afternoon , a sentence of 20 months in prison (suspended) against the independent MP Laurent Louis , before the Criminal Court of Brussels. Louis Laurent is accused of contempt against the Prime Minister , slanders against a journalist and several others as well as concealment of parts of Dutroux case.

20 months in prison required against the member Laurent Louis

The prosecution said that all the charges were laid against Laurent Louis and requested a sentence of 20 months suspended sentence and a fine of 50,000 euros. Louis Laurent , independent MP and founder of the party ” Standing Belgians ,” is accused of contempt towards the Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo he was a pedophile , slander in respect of a newspaper reporter Le Soir that he described as ” protector of pedophiles ” and concealment of parts of the Dutroux case. At a press conference in April 2012 , Laurent Louis denounced the existence of pedophile networks in Belgium and showed two photos from the autopsy report of Julie and Melissa , victims of pedophile Marc Dutroux . About 70 people gathered Tuesday at noon in front of the Palais de Justice in Brussels in support of the hon. They hoped to come to attend the appearance of Corrections Laurent Louis , but access to the courthouse has been denied by the police , including a fairly large device was spot on. The action took place without incident. The trial continues on Tuesday afternoon with the arguments of the defense. ( Belga )



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  1. Paul Yak says:

    Disgusting Pedo filth!!!! Yet they try to make our heroes seem the villains, shows how corrupt and protected this ring of evil are! Time to get real people, or one day it’ll be a child YOU love, that becomes the victim of these animals.

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