David Wilcock Comments on Ben Fulford’s 5-13-14 Post, Part 2: “So ‘Benjamin Fulford’ = ‘Benjamin Franklin’???”

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David_Wilcock_Search73 These are comments David made about a dream he had where he was informed that Benjamin Fulford may very well be the next cycle of “Benjamin Franklin”.

[Link to Part 1.]

[Comment link] “I haven’t even read this yet but I just woke up from an incredible dream about this particular post. I expected it to be early, soon after I woke up, and I was right.

Furthermore, I heard an incessant message in the dream saying that Benjamin Fulford is the reincarnation of Benjamin Franklin.

It’s in the faces — though Fulford is thinner. Fulford’s eyes don’t droop as much.

Sure enough, someone else has already seen it, as a quick Google search popped up:


Remember — Dr. Ian Stevenson and Dr. Jim Tucker have investigated well over 3000 cases of children who remember having been someone else before, and then end up having a…

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6 thoughts on “David Wilcock Comments on Ben Fulford’s 5-13-14 Post, Part 2: “So ‘Benjamin Fulford’ = ‘Benjamin Franklin’???”

  1. redcrow1973 says:

    I have profound respect for David, but it is my opinion that Ben Fulford struggles to write to the level of a 6th grader and how he was ever a “journalist” is beyond me. He certainly doesn’t display the talent for prose and high-mindedness evident in the writings of Ben Franklin. Maybe Wilcock needs to get his dreams calibrated. Or back on weed.

    • redcrow, I see no point in criticizing those who contribute to the cause. I’m a writer and I feel Ben writes very well. Since so much of the world is not educated, we writers—if we’re worth our salt—write for our audience. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  2. Anonymous says:

    yes charitiy begins at home and you cannot help anyone unless you help yourself first. change hurts and they want to live in thier bubble.

  3. Wanderer says:

    The masses don’t want to wake up… they want to cash in as they’ve seen their masters cashing in all these years. It’s too threatening to their egos to admit anythings wrong, much less do anything about it. The masses are drunk, lazy and hypnotized… and the rest of us have been suffering for it. Pull back a little and work on raising your own vibration. You cannot force someone to wake up, so be careful of giving too much of yourself away all the time. Not saying don’t get involved, just set aside some space to continue working on raising your own vibrations for the eventual frequency shift.

  4. michelle says:

    Watching this all the way thru makes me wonder with such profound gravity……….why aren’t the masses waking up?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded &v=c34U0Pwz4_c&app=desktop

    This is not your run of the mill chemtrail video, really well done.

    Much love,


  5. Miriam says:

    or a clone… like the rest of them, and actually Wilcock and Benjamin are two peas of the same pie…

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