Benjamin Fulford 5-12-14… “Lots of chatter about arrests, take-down of Zionist/Nazi cabal”

Even Tolec said that PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE ACTION to end the reign of the dark forces as our current way of life is not working for anyone, none of us are free, and no one is going to do it for us.  If we want change, we have to be the catalysts. Sitting on our duffs is not going to accomplish anything.  ~ BP

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benjamin_fulford_smile_smirk52 Lots of chatter about arrests, take-down of Zionist/Nazi cabal

There is lots of chatter in e-mails, blogs, and direct news sources indicating that some sort of take-down of the Zionist/Nazi cabal is under way. At the same time, there are many signs in the so-called mainstream news that the United States corporate government is isolated. “(US Defense Secretary Chuck) Hagel, (US Secretary of State John) Kerry and (former US Secretary of State Condoleezza) Rice have become international pariahs,” is how an MI5 source described the situation.

One clear indication is that German and other non-US newspapers are reporting that Blackwater/Academi/Greystone mercenaries have been murdering people in the Ukraine.

The French, meanwhile, are still building warships for the Russians, despite the big Ukraine Nazi propaganda campaign. This proves the Europeans have completely rejected the latest Nazi scheme to start world war III.

The mathematics of the world power balance are…

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One thought on “Benjamin Fulford 5-12-14… “Lots of chatter about arrests, take-down of Zionist/Nazi cabal”

  1. schauminator says:

    Get ready folks for the fundamental self-serving change written by George Soros using Obama as the puppet to implement the promised plan. They believed they could bankrupt Russia by forcing down the price of oil. Not to happen on the rest of the worlds watch. America’s Obama has little to no cards left to play their game. Print more money to stall the wake up America call. This is truly a math problem of being out numbered and it is a US Dollar problem that will affect all of the un-prepared.
    If the meek are to inherit the world, soon there will be plenty of them trying to survive.

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