May 11 Update on UK Soldier Vivian Cunningham Incarcerated in Mental Hospital

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Kevin Annett provided this update today. The absolute nonsense these criminals dish out is preposterous. How do they get away with this shite?  ~ BP

Sunday, May 11, 2014: Update on Vivian Cunningham, British soldier and Prisoner of Conscience – Incarcerated and drugged in a UK mental Hospital for discussing the citizen arrest warrants issued against Elizabeth Windsor by ITCCS:

This is a note from a British woman received by us this morning:

To me:

I telephoned St Georges Hospital this afternoon at 12.15 pm; a “woman” answered the telephone; I asked to speak to Vivian Cunningham; she asked me my name and, when I gave it to her, she said I am not allowed to speak to him, I asked her why, she said that is the instruction she was given by a Clinician, and she hug up the telephone. One would expect those coming into contact with the public to, at the very least, have acquired some manners.

I telephone again and a man answered, I asked to speak to a senior member of staff, the man said he was a Staff Nurse, I told him what had happened, and asked him for the name of the woman, who spoke to me earlier, and the name of the Clinician, he refused, I told him I was going to make an official complaint, he said he cannot divulge anything over the telephone; I asked him to confirm their email address, he would not do that either.

Those are the type of people who claim they are “looking after”, mentally ill people.

I sent an email informing them of my intention to make a formal complaint. Tomorrow (Monday), I will contact the Chief Executive’s Office.

Neil Carr OBE – Chief Executive
Trust Headquarters
01785 221673 ext 8173

Dr Abid Khan – Deputy Medical Director

Haywood Lodge, St. George’s Hospital,
Corporation Street, Stafford ST16 3AG
01785 257888 ext 5598

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4 thoughts on “May 11 Update on UK Soldier Vivian Cunningham Incarcerated in Mental Hospital

  1. Before I forget, I also received information from Before It’s News that there are ministers telling their congregations to take the ‘mark of the best’, 666, and that since we are in a transition, and can’t buy or sell without it, that if we ask God for forgiveness, we’ll be forgiven. I’m not posting the link here, because this situation is different, and I don’t want to mix one with the other. ❤ Blessings and love, BP We'll hold up the light and love for him.

  2. I feel so badly for this man; yet, he’s being so brave. However, even though I’d like to write to him and extend encouragement to ‘hang in there’ so to speak, I know they’d pitch it into the trash or hand it over to authorities.

    I’m really sorry for all of this that they falsely hold against him; and it only goes to show that it’s not about just the evil cabal, it’s about planet control, and it needs to be stopped.

  3. Reblogged this on Angel 4 Light and commented:
    Let us all pray and/or meditate on Divine Protection for Vivian Cunningham. It is really a shame that the brainwashed masses are siding with these evil monsters who sacrifice babies and sexually abuse children. This has been going on too long. We must claim our Sovereignty now or accept to be Slaves and Food for these cunning and heartless beings projecting themselves as our Rulers and Gods. They are not.

    Practice daily the meditations I have suggested, stop supporting these evil things and claim your independence from Brain drain TV and LieStream media.

    Send your light of protection around yourself and around all Christ Light Beings who are here to liberate our Planet or Spaceship (another story for another day)

    I have to tell you precious Angels that nothing is as it seems. Everything has been a lie and we have been brainwashed worst that you could imagine.

    Send tons of Love and protection to Kevin and his team of Lightwarriors, to Vivian Cunningham and all political prisoners.

    Spread this news like a virus. We the People demand justice. Ask Kevin what you can do to be of help.

    Practice Cobra’s Meditation, Veronica Keen’s Meditation to clear all Ley lines. Send special cleansing light of pure unconditional love

    Be blessed and know that we are making a difference so do not give up!

    Be blessed!

  4. rthunderws says:

    OP RoundUp Coming to a queen near u 🙂

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