Congress vs The Common Man

I guess a lot of people either don’t realize this, or they just don’t think it’s important enough to correct. Or maybe they don’t see anything wrong with it.

Regardless, it seems there are a whole lot of people who think it’s too dangerous or the wrong time or any number of other reasons to support Operation American Spring.

What are they waiting for? A miracle, I guess.

Cobra says “stand”; that Americans need to wake up in sufficient numbers for the odds to favour The Event.

Andres Bartzis, the Galactic Historian—who supposedly can see the future, the past, read Akashic Records, etc.—says The People must take to the streets.

As a result of what’s been done so far, all I see is that the cabal is arming more feds, passing more laws, threatening more people, suiciding and disappearing more people and planes, rounding up the homeless and incarcerating them in FEMA camps, arresting people for speaking up against what they know is wrong, foreclosing on their homes and kicking them into the street, spraying the skies with toxins, opening the door for Monsanto and GMO foods to poison Americans, stealing Americans’ money by taxing them to death and using their funds for an above top secret space program, killing citizens with their medical treatments and toxic vaccinations, labeling war vets mentally ill and disarming them, leaving them homeless and living in the street, spying on the entire world and mining personal data while outright lying about it, breaking laws and beating people up to intimidate, steal land and implement Agenda 21, deploying more drones in all sizes to spy, murder and spread infections diseases, stealing children for satanic blood rituals, and fomenting war in multiple locations on the planet, all the while hiding nuclear weapons they could deploy and take out thousands of innocent people in one fell swoop—which they have already tried. America might not be so lucky next time.

That is an immeasurable amount of unethical, illegal, treasonous and inhumane activity, and I’m sure I left out a few things, but I guess SOME ONE at SOME TIME will do SOME THING to remedy all the above. I’m all ears and eyes. What will that be?

An election? Like all the others with voting machines programmed to spit out a different result than went in, according to the desires of the NWO chiefs, and ballots counted by selected private organizations? Nah, I don’t think that will work later any better than it worked in the past.

And why would anyone believe they can introduce better candidates for President and his administration? The candidates are ALL hand-picked by the cabal, and anyone who doesn’t go along with their agenda is threatened and intimidated until they leave or are murdered.

Rubbish, you say? Where is Ron Paul? Where are the Kennedys? Nothing changes until it does.

I just can’t imagine what or who could possibly save the current situation other than a miracle. It will be very interesting to see what happens this month won’t it?

Perhaps Operation American Spring is designed to awaken so many people that they will suddenly snap to attention and realize they MUST take action.

The time for waiting for someone else to DO something appears to be an overly large part of the problem in America, because even when groups of patriots get organized to DO something, others can think of umpteen reasons why, “It’ll never work.”  And so it goes. Unity is a foreign word in America. There is always something dividing them, immobilizing them.

Extraordinary situations demand extraordinary action. I’m not seeing any outside of a few Lightworkers’ inspired projects. Initiatives that will yield results in a year or two are insufficient. Too many have put off until tomorrow.

Canadian and American truckers and bikers have already made their stands, and it was very successful.

Perhaps Operation American Spring is the catalyst to trigger The Event. Wouldn’t that be great? Then NO ONE would have to do ANY THING else.  ~ BP




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10 thoughts on “Congress vs The Common Man

  1. John Stevens says:

    I feel as tho, if a few Congress critters were shot in public, then we could perhaps see some major changes, and fast, IMHO. Cheers

  2. Dan W says:

    You bet your ass these idiots are scared, Thats why the WH is running shut down drills. These criminal psychopathic control freaks know their time is up! Once one person (or group) stands up to the these bullies, it will have a snowball effect like no other. BP may be right about this one, could be the catalyst to the “EVENT! Also wouldn’t surprise me to see our law enforcement and military stand up for the citizens, as they too have family, friends and communities that have suffered under this unspeakable evil. In fact if you really think about it, our Military and Police officers have sworn an oath to stand by and with us (THEY ARE US), NOT the corrupt control freaks! Just as I don’t like how many of my family members act, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t stand up for them or even die for them if needed be, I think we all have that mama grizzly bear in us if you know what I mean.

  3. tony lane says:

    this has been said many times over congress in the USA parliament in the UK its all the same, they are overpaid parasites when they should become public servants, they do not serve the public they only serve a masonic demonic satanic agenda,as do the police force when they move up in the ranks,this is why many cases of assault on women and children are covered up not only by the police force, congress, parliament,the press and the tv, and how many ongoing trials remain ongoing against these perverts,some of it is downright discusting when you even hear of a presiding judge masturbating while the trial is in progress,and these creatures just wave it away like nothing is wrong and that you are for mentioning it.we all have to wake up and do something about it,for many of these children involved their lives are over because they been consigned to a living death,as well many children that been used and abused in satanic rituals of sacrifice,well now i am not saying all of them but generally you have here a whole nest of vipers,and these creatures and that is all you can call them because they are clearly not human have been getting away with it for over a hundred years now,so what are we going to do about it,i am now 77 years old so i have done my time i have been in and out of organisations that have done nothing but talk, so i am telling you all i have had enough,its your turn there are some people out there who have started the ball rolling like kevin annett so lets give him a boost,what i do not want to hear is our dear queenie would not do that or our wonderful vicar or padre is always doing wonderful things for the parish,i do not want to hear this crap, so come on everybody let’s get this show on the road. yours sincerely TONY LANE . ps, and to hell with the cabal.

    • Well, it’s like I said the first time around; I’d like to go as well, but not a dime in my pocket or even a car to drive. All I can do in the here and now is wave the flag of the real US.

      It’s very easy to sit on a blog and bitch, whine and moan; but it’s another task to actually come up with the funds to do anything other than watch what happens through a live feed like Alex Jones’ channel. I don’t know about anyone else. But I have to live $8 grand below poverty level, but if anyone is looking you’ll ‘pick me up’ and take me along, but you’ll also have to feed me along the way, and stop somewhere so I can wash my clothes, because I have little to none. That’s my only excuse for not going-that, and the fact that I can’t wear a shoe on my left foot because after walking 4 miles just to pick ‘wild garlic’, I came back home and smashed the second toe that was the most sore, against the door-wall frame and split it open at the nail cuticle. I’ve been barefoot ever since. That was yesterday.

  4. Strange – he asked ‘Where is Ron Paul?’ Actually, he is alive and well, running the Campaign for Liberty, with Rand Paul albeit from the ‘head’ and off to the side. 🙂 He’s there.

    What about ‘all this intervention?’ is my question, and where are these almighty, do gooder ETs they’re always talking about? Why do people have to risk their lives marching on Washington, when we ‘know’ many may/will die doing this; to willingly and wantonly go commit suicide anyway?

    I understand and ‘know’ how corrupt the system is, however, the white ho-house is still running shut down drills. They’re scared of something, or is it possible threats from the ETs? Or are they all hiding together just in case people would live through it, and be there to bang the doors in? Everyone ‘has to know’ that the 3 letter agencies are atop there with sub machine guns so ‘no one’ could even get close.

    These are very interesting times, and I know we have to do something. It’s totally obvious the judges are in the cabal hip pocket; and our military pawns were supposed to do this big hurrah over two years ago and chickened out because the female provost general Marshall is an O’stinky lover. So then, what about the stories that were circulating for several years about these extra troops vowing they’d never kill Americans on their own soil?

    There are so many mixed messages, and unanswered questions out there it’s just getting crazy; but I think that’s being done on purpose so ‘no one is certain about anything’…and THAT’S where they’ve got us in a bind, and they mean to keep it that way. I don’t know if I’m even trusting RT that much anymore either.

    IMHO we don’t need to go to the white ho-house – we need to go to the top of the pyramid, not the stooges. American spring at the Vatican, and Israel, with the first being the most important on the list. The ho-house seems to be taking orders from the ET’s and the Jesuits; even the trillion-airs are pawns to this, in some aspects, pay into it, buy into it, but they’re too stupid to realize it what the H they’re really doing. There’s more at stake here than just ‘controlling the masses.’…This is about planet ownership.

    During the alignment of 12/21/2012, that’s when the power was supposed to be given back to God; through a ritual that the Hospitallers and the Templar’s knew about. Instead of telling the facts, the Vatican took the stance of ‘status quo’, to keep them in power, as the all supreme; and the Jesuits made certain that everything about their ‘stupid fear porn’ was pushed to keep the light off of them. They had what was necessary, but made certain everything was buried. I found this out by happenstance, but could do nothing about it because the ritual was supposed to be held in Malta, on the island of Gozo. That island, has the ‘hooked X’ at the tip of it, which is the site of the former temple of the Knights. The center of the ritual was beneath the temple, and now, over the years since 2010, the entrance has been destroyed.

    Scott Wolter, who’d written the book, “The Hooked X” then had a ‘featured series’ about it, (America Unearthed-History Channel); and they were traveling in the US and other places looking for clues. However, I had known about the hooked X being on the island of Gozo, so I’d written to him and pointed it out, attached the screenshots from Google Earth from many different angles, and it can be seen from a satellite image. Unexpectedly, the following week the ‘series’ was gone, and now I can find no mention about it. But this is his site if anyone is interested, that Scott Wolter has; but nothing about the ‘series that was’. I think what they’ve done is downplay his involvement, and he’s now just sticking with his books. All this was around the same time the Vatican ‘shut down all public access to their library,’ as some things had gone missing.

    Sorry for being long winded and changing the subject here, but I have a feeling that all this ties in somehow.

  5. cassandra says:

    To much power in the hands of one man is not good either. The best would be to have a triumvirate with three very different honest people who are there to serve their citizens.
    I wished we had a president like the Uruguayans have !!!
    One good willed man also can make all the difference for a nation like Singapore had their president for 20 or 30 years and become a lovely country.!! why USA cannot have the same? because they would kill him…

  6. Rich Buckley says:

    I gave up on both major parties decades back. Operation American Spring is a hard right NSA operation I belive. I’ve already moved on. Perhaps Independent US Presidential candidate Andrew D. Basiago (pronounced “ba-Shaw-go”) on Facebook: Andy2016 is the truth talker needed for our times.

    • Parties are an illusion. They are all the same, designed to give people the illusion they have a choice. One is no better than the other, and nearly the entire senate, congress and federal administration is corrupt, bought or threatened, so until every cabal member is removed, there will be no change. HOWEVER, it has to start somewhere, or it will never end. Excuses have done the job for them for centuries.

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