Breaking: UK Whistleblower Tony Farrell Arrested—Action Required [video]

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the cabal’s minions are going to continue to arrest people who try to share the truth or attempt to do anything about the deplorable situation on this planet. They will make an example of those who threaten their glorious little empire; the heroes, until no one will speak up any longer because they’re all afraid. What a way to live. ~ BP

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Sync Alert: Whistle-blower TonyFarrell Arrested – (Breaking)

May 9, 2014

Whistle-blower Tony Farrell called me (name withheld but supplied) approx after 8:30am this morning to inform me that the bailiffs had returned unannounced to the property he is protecting and were banging on his door.

I (Name Confidential) have also just received a second text message informing me that Tony has now been arrested by the police in Sheffield. And is in a police van on his way to a police station to be charged presumably, but I am not aware on what charge he has been arrested.

I am told he is being taken to Snig (?) Hill Police station in Sheffield, and I ask people to please call the police station in to check up on Tony to ensure his safety.. And demand his immediate release. Thank You.



Many of you may be aware that Tony was threatened by HSBC bankster’s with eviction on the 15th April 2014, which coincided with the 25th Anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy. Strange date to be given when you take into account that Tony Farrell is a well known Whistle-blower exposing the truth and cover up behind Hillsborough as well as 7/7.

On the 15th of April, the bailiffs were met with a small people power army, as a few of us traveled up to Sheffield to support Tony, and managed to prevent the eviction going ahead and stopped the Bailiffs from entering the premises on that occasion.

It seems this time as a response to being met with people power with cameras on the first round, a van full of bailiffs have now turned up this morning unannounced, and the police have arrested Tony in order to seize the property whilst he was alone holding the fort inside himself …

I have just received a third text whilst writing this..informing me that Tony is actually being taken straight to court? I am not told of the courts name but it all appears highly irregular.

So please spread the word as Tony’s safety is very much in question at the hands of the same police force who fired him for speaking the truth.

Previous Information From Tony:-

So Are We All Going To Help Make This Viral?


Additional Note: The Following Has now

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6 thoughts on “Breaking: UK Whistleblower Tony Farrell Arrested—Action Required [video]

  1. billy says:

    All the British Commons must stand-up in support of Tony Farrell and demand his immediate release and return of his Property.

  2. tony lane says:

    i think we know where the police are coming from,thet have fogotten that they are public servants,and not servants of the masonic cabal who have betrayed their country for hundreds of years,it’s now time for you all to wakle up because these creatures are not human.

  3. martin says:

    can you send you email ?

  4. Very interesting. I remember watching that first video of them warding off their police, from his residence. I’m wondering how many of their laws they’ve changed since that time, to ensure the old ‘witch at her castle Windsor’ isn’t arrested. OR, this could be a stunt that their police are pulling, to take the attention away from the Common Law Courts that put out a warrant for her arrest.

    I’m seeing some real connections on this one. They try to arrest queeny, then the one guy who overcame his issues gets arrested instead, and his home taken by the banksters. Like there are so many people in the UK that can afford to buy anything, at this point. They have fewer jobs available than we do.

    Seems they’ve found themselves another ‘pawn’ to take immediate attention from Annett as well, and those warrants, wouldn’t you say? I sure could be wrong, but suddenly I’m just feeling more than I felt before, which is open to ‘out there’ and ‘inward’ communication. 🙂 Sure hope he does well, and that his people can get him back home.

  5. Derald Douglas says:

    City council moving ahead on homeless issues

    City council moving ahead on homeless issues It was a city council work session that lived up to its name. Members pushing through detailed talks on everything from IT upgrades to gang activity in the Midlands… View on Preview by Yahoo     Derald

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