RT on Operation American Spring: Americans are ‘Comfortably Numb’ [video]

She said it. “Comfortably numb”, and “corn-fed stupor”. If the shoe fits… 

Better wake up, America. The world is watching, and yes, you can bring your beer and potato chips—but leave the piece at home. 

Thanks to your government, you can no longer afford tickets to the Charlotte NASCAR race, so put in an appearance in Washington instead, and learn what’s been happening the past 10 years that you didn’t even notice.  Join the patriots for a tailgate party and walk the talk.  ~ BP

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Published on 8 May 2014

We’ve all heard about the Arab Spring, where protesters and demonstrators have been self-organizing and rising up against injustice in the Arab World. Some people have been wondering if Americans are ever going to wake up to the injustice going on in its own borders. And now a retired army colonel is trying to sound the alarm himself, with a planned march in Washington on May 16th called Operation American Spring. The Resident discusses.

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6 thoughts on “RT on Operation American Spring: Americans are ‘Comfortably Numb’ [video]

  1. Just wanted to drop off this link (vid) from one of the organizers. She makes it sound harmless as she’s done it before, but this is not 1967 anymore, either.

  2. Lynnie0524 says:

    And by comment above me, I meant the one left by Rich Buckley.

  3. Lynnie0524 says:

    I agree with the above statement. Also, we’re not ALL “comfortably numb”. Some of us see something that just isn’t happening the right way, and have chosen NOT to be a part of it. OAS is NOT what it is represented to be. It is a front to GET the “comfortably numb” off their butts and THINKING they are doing something, however. They’re not going to be doing what the Americans really need, though. So, no thanks. I’ll watch. I’m awake and informed enough to know this whole thing is bad news. The comment above me explains it perfectly.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just wanted to drop off this link to a video on YT, by fstemick, re: OAS.
      She explains what it is about, and what to take, and not…etc. including the way WA puts up with protests. This isn’t her first. But I still can’t go. 🙂

  4. IMHO I wonder if there is a connection between this and the white Ho – house practicing locking down. 🙂 It was certainly inevitable. I would go but not a dime to my name till after that. Betcha since the organizer is former military there is bound to be traps laid. It’s like the old story goes, any planned actions in a war is that you never alert the enemy you’re coming. Believe me, the foreign troops with boots on the ground at 4 different bases, numbering to over a hundred thousand just at 1 of those bases, you can bet these people will be shot dead in the streets. I sure hope not, but something feels very, very wrong with all of this. I’d never warn the enemy.

  5. Rich Buckley says:

    Hold on a moment. All they plan to do in DC is replace the hard left Obama regime with Riley’s NSA-cloned hard right regime. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Riley’s Republicans and Obama’s Democrats on issues that matter on world piece, foreign policy, trade, suppressed free-energy (zero point energy), and endless Bankster lead war-backed entanglements of empire maintenance. Not only that, this shindig is designed to lead to chaos, forced Government response, violence and martial law. That’s what they plan even as they say it’s not. The apple does not seem to fall too far from the NSA-Operative training from which Col Harry Riley (Ret.???) hails. And his side-kick Gen. Valleley is another piece of work. I heard the General offer to lead 250,000 armed men on Washington on a video tape on their website before they pulled it for God sakes. Armed! No thanks. Yes they say don’t bring guns but it’s okay to defind yourself. What?These guys are very dangerous people in my opinion. Expect agent provocateurs.

     READ MORE>>> http://tinyurl.com/kvsqr9f

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