Quantum Energy Generator Update from Removing the Shackles

Thanks, Dani, for this super update. The technology is kind of beyond imagination at this point, but bring it on!  Thank you to the gang involved in this life-changing project.  ~ BP

Morocco QEG Update: DOing it differently this time

Huge thanx to Justin and Julian for keeping everyone up to date on the QEG development here in Aouchtam.   Below is the article they posted on Sunday (sorry for the delayed reposting… I couldn’t find my computer for a while, lol).

The Mass excitement of 70 people crammed into a workshop has calmed down muchly, and the work on the QEG has been progressing at a much more quiet pace. Quiet is very nice, let me tell you, lol!!!  I am not going to give any more information at this moment as to be quite frank, I haven’t asked for an update in the past two days and have encouraged everyone to leave Jamie in peace to work without interruption, with a small group of supporters (including engineers, a physicist, a Nick, and a coffee maker (me) and many others) standing by to help with anything he needs.  As soon as I have news, I will post it- I promise.

The one comment I will make about this past week is this:  The QEG IS.  It doesn’t need crystals, or incense, or mantras or Ohms, or female energy or male energy, or candles or flowers, or pan pipes or singing bowls…. the QEG IS as it IS. When people are working with the QEG it is their own resonance and frequencies that are interacting with it. We are Fuckin’ Beacons of Light and don’t need to be “tuned” or to “set our frequencies” or to “raise our frequencies” or to BE anything other than we already BE. We BE PERFECT. Just the same, the QEG IS what it BE.  This isn’t about creating a new religious icon or altar—haven’t we had enough of that already?

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

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  1. I really love the pic of Tesla he’s got there. I would have loved to have been there and give him support. He’s always been my hero. 🙂

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