Neil Keenan Update—Karen Hudes: What The Flack?

This is the post I’ve been watching for, seeing as it was removed almost a week ago.  ~ BP

By Neil Keenan and the Keenan Team

A9sfCsCCcAAyV9f.jpg largeThis could be considered an update, but it’s a little different than usual. I noticed a post that had gone up on my site, from what I understand quite by accident, stating that Karen Hudes is a cabal shill. It was not written or approved by me. It was a draft written by a team member which was mistakenly posted before it was reviewed and approved by myself, which is required for all posts on my site.  The post itself most likely would have never have reached you. But it did. It was only up for a few minutes and it went viral!  Ms. Hudes responded to it saying that there was no proof of her being a cabal shill but that she has taken a lot of flack from me. It is her use of the word “flack” that I disagree with.

When I heard I was giving her flack, I thought immediately of Roberta Flack, but upon reading her response to the inadvertent post of this draft, I understood that this flack had nothing to do with Roberta. In fact, Ms. Hudes has been a fraud and con from the moment she left the World Bank. Some call this being a shill, others label it something else.  Whatever the label, the irrefutable fact about Ms. Hudes is that she is a disgrace to this planet and its people.

Now let me explain the “flack” that Ms. Hudes has taken from me, because it needs to be understood for what it really was – rage. Being who and what she is, I do not believe that Ms. Hudes has any right to criticize anyone. She has gone after so many good people that one loses count. She claims to be a whistleblower, however, from the very beginning this woman has come to us with deceit in her black heart.

Ah, but do not take this Irish man the wrong way. I am far from perfect, but I do give to you what I get because I believe in my heart that all of you have a right to know what is really happening in the world to which I have access. Following the wrong person hurts us all. Anyone buying into the disinformation and outright lies of Ms. Hudes will find themselves in a state of perpetual confusion.

Soon after being fired by the World Bank, Karen “the-bouncing-ball” Hudes was claiming there was no gold in Asia, which was in complete contradiction to her earlier claims that the Dragon Family owned eighty percent or more of the World Bank assets.  Furthermore, she stated that she never worked with me when, in fact, not only did she request my assistance with the Dragon Family, I also introduced her to some of my associates, including Count Albert. Having been barred from entry by World Bank security after her dismissal, the Dragon Family was going to get those doors reopened for her. Instead, she brazenly went behind my back with the Family and attempted to cut me out. After that, the Dragon Family would have nothing to do with Karen Hudes, and the World Bank doors remain barred to her.

Ms. Hudes could not even contain herself at the outset of our acquaintance, quickly devolving a conversation with Jean Haines into a one-way screaming match, where Ms. Hudes attempted to intimidate and bully Jean until I intervened to put a stop to this perplexing personal abuse. Hearing Karen become completely unhinged for no reason lead me to the conclusion that she was not someone with whom we could continue to be involved. There were other clues too. Karen claims that Ferdinand Marcos was M1, the controller and signatory for the Global Account assets; and that he had the authority to designate Global Account signatories and controllers of Global Account assets after his death. Ferdinand Marcos was President of the Philippines and died in 1989.  The West designated him M1 during his lifetime.  He was not elected by the stakeholder nations.  And he certainly never had authority to designate signatories and controllers upon his death.  Indonesian President Sukarno was the only duly elected M1.

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5 thoughts on “Neil Keenan Update—Karen Hudes: What The Flack?

  1. I agree BP. I truly think that if Karen had been a victim of MK-ultra, Neil would have actually felt sorry for her at some level. But I’ve never heard him say a word about it. I also believe that if this were true, and had she quit blabbing about things she didn’t know , then consulted with Neil, he probably would have had her go there with him to collect more intel.

  2. Dee says:

    wishing she would just. go. away. already.

  3. Charles Magus says:

    Well, I knew Hudes was a Shill for the last two months, but I had an arguement with her prior to that about why she wasn’t mentioning the Elephant in the Room, Rothschilds!!!! She tried to squirm her way around the Issue, but she was trying to convince me that it was the Vatican that was controlling all the Banks! I know that not to be true! I told her she had to Tell the World that the Rothschilds had control of the Banking system, they may take some orders from the Vatican but they run the banks. I waited for her to do a post about the Rothschilds and Nothing!!! I let sleeping dogs lay until the Evidence against began to Surface. I confronted her on Face book about the Rothschilds again and she had one or two trolls defending her, I unfriended her but when I tried to send a post about her on her own page, she made sure I could not leave any more messages there.

  4. Dan W says:

    How much crazier can all this crap get? This is seriously all getting out of control, sometimes I wish I would have kept my head in the sand and never woken up to all this mayhem.

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