David Vose 5-5-14… “It has begun – Illuminati ELITE being JAILED – Babylon Falling Right Now” VIDEO

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illuminati_are_being_taken_down_video_snip David Vose has assembled what I feel is a marvelous collection of video clips and news items from the recent few years about what has really been occurring, and how the Illuminati are being taken out and “defeated”. Flor myself, this is a video of hope, and affirmation for all Light Workers and Light Activists, that we have done our jobs well, and continue to do them well.

You’ll see everyone here, including Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, Max Keiser, various RT clips, and so on. Thanks to Alexandra who posted it here.

I loved watching this!!

[Kp note: when I snipped the video image above, note that the views were 22200. Synchronicity, anyone?]


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